The Rally in Columbus

(Jimmy Hagan for The Oberlin Review)

Maybe I have a warped perception because I grew up in a liberal college town in Massachusetts and now I am attending Oberlin College, but SB-5 and the similar pending changes in Wisconsin seem like a huge step backwards. I know conservatives are never big on what I consider progress, but does the November election switch from blue to red really mean that we need to move backwards? So far all the signs I have seen are pointing towards yes, yes we are taking huge steps back to an era where workers had limited rights, before progress made this an area of our countries practices that people were proud of.

On Tuesday I went to the rally in Columbus to stand in solidarity with the union workers who are facing the SB-5 bill that will eliminate most of their collective bargaining rights. These people are public servants, and yet the government that they work for is ready to strip teachers, firefighters and other public servants of their union rights. The details of SB-5 are in the news article on the subject. At the rally we — about 50 Oberlin students — stood alongside firefighters holding signs that said “firefighters should be in charge of their own safety” and teachers with amusing signs that read something along the lines of “fyre the teechers, we don’t nead them!”  There were security guards who simultaneously kept us out of the state house and offered their sympathy for our cause. I was very caught up in the group dynamic. I waved a sign that said “against SB-5” with as much enthusiasm as I could while also chanting, texting updates and taking notes on my surroundings. Some signs were much more amusing than mine, my personal favorite being “off with his head”, directed at Governor John Kasich. There was a homemade “United we Bargain Divided we Beg” sign, a “wall street took the money don’t blame the workers” sign that I found poignant, lots of official red white and blue “stop war on workers” signs, an overwhelming number of “Kill the Bill”, and one family holding an “SB-5 hurts families”. However, the signs were not nearly as motivating as the chants. There was an ongoing “kill the bill” chant to go along with the sign, as well as “What’s Disgusting? Union Busting!”, “The People United Will Never Be Defeated” and my personal favorite, a call and response of “Tell me what democracy looks like? This is what democracy looks like! Show me what democracy looks like? This is what democracy looks like!”

(Jimmy Hagan for The Oberlin Review)

Overall it was crowded and people were showing lots of enthusiasm but there was not a clearly identified plan or leader. The only time everyone was focused together, truly united chanting “Teddy” was when Ted Strickland took center stage, a.k.a. center steps.  He took hold of the megaphone and articulated what the union workers were looking for: respect. He shouted the message to the state: “Hell no, we won’t go”, and ended his speech with a rousing “Power to the people.”

It was the biggest rally/protest at the Ohio state house since 1966, but this rally didn’t have a 60’s vibe.  This was evident in many ways: there was but one musician with a guitar in the entire crowd, no art, and no detectable recreational drug use. This is not a social revolution. At this point we are not even idealistic enough to try to move things forward, it is enough, for now, to keep them from moving in reverse.

I was happy to chant and wave a sign for this cause, even though my emotional connection to labor unions comes second hand — through the classes I have taken and the books I have read. This bill will not directly affect my life the way that some of the other aspects of progress the conservatives are trying to reverse will. 

At one point some Oberlin students entertained the idea of getting arrested for this cause but personally I am not close enough to the issue. It is appropriate and good for us to be there, bringing fresh energy and our opinions to the rally but I know that many students at Oberlin still don’t feel like Ohioans, myself included. I think it is important for us to show where our allegiances lie in a way that allows us to support and follow the lead of the people SB-5 is really affecting: the public servants of Ohio, and the permanent residents.

-Tzipora Lederman

(Jimmy Hagan for The Oberlin Review)

Any of you guys at Oberlin tomorrow?

Well, so are we! Our second performance of this fine Halloween season will be tomorrow night: Friday, October 12, at midnight at the fabulous Apollo Theatre in Oberlin, OH!

So come and join us, Simply His Servants, once again for a night of absolute pleasure! You won’t regret it!

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in various but interlocking states of breathlessness and wonderment, here are the last eight shows of mallory’s winter tour:

sat feb 21 @ the good girls club, bloomington, in
sun feb 22 @ trumbullplex, detroit, mi
mon feb 23 @ cat in the cream, oberlin, oh
tue feb 24 @ roboto project, pittsburgh, pa
wed feb 25 @ lava space, philadelphia, pa
thu feb 26 @ purchase food coop, purchase, ny
fri feb 27 @ mysterious island, troy, ny
sat feb 28 @ flywheel arts, easthampton, ma


Big Ups announce tour

Along with their show at Stony Brook this friday (the 27th) with Cymbals Eat guitars, wearebigups have announced a small weekend tour happening this spring!




Going on tour with my new friend Jordaan Mason!

2/15- Shea Stadium, Brooklyn NY

2/16- Eris Temple Arts, Philly PA

2/17- Spider House, Pittsburgh PA

2/18- Oberlin College, Oberlin OH

2/19- Ol’wondermouth, Buffalo NY

2/20- Worcester MA

2/21- Ground Zero, Troy NY

2/22- Suny Purchase, Purchase NY

2/23- MVP, Rochester NY

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After some debating, I’ve decided to go ahead and make this blog. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to stay on top of it as I’d like, but I think it’s worth a shot.

So hi. I’m Gabi (possibly pending change). I use ze/zem/zer or they/them/their pronouns, I’m 21, and I play/coach quidditch.

I’m new to the quidditch scene. Allow me to give you an origin story:

Like the giant nerd I am, I’ve been super into Harry Potter since I was young. When I learned quidditch was a thing (I use quidditch, lowercase, because that’s the spelling for Muggle quidditch), I really wanted to play! I asked about it on all my college visits, and when I enrolled at Oberlin College in Oberlin, OH I was very pleased to know we had a quidditch team.

That was the fall of 2012. I believe the original team chartered in 2009, and my first semester of college I did get to play a little bit of quidditch. However, the team “died off” for some reason—lack of communication, the captains got busy, whatever it was. By my second semester, there was nothing, and I was an overwhelmed and mentally ill freshman who certainly wasn’t up to figuring it out. 

Fast forward to spring semester 2014, the end of my sophomore/second year. We had a “fair” event through our school’s Harry Potter Alliance chapter to raise money, and one of the activities was pick-up quidditch. A freshman member of our HPA had run quidditch in high school, and we knew we still had the equipment in the basement of the gym here (we just needed to find someone with the locker combos). So we gave it a shot.

Despite a not great turn out and plenty of chaos, that freshman was really excited and I was really excited. The games were fun. We joked throughout the event how much we really wanted to re-start quidditch at our school, how much we wanted to play, and how much we wanted to bring it back. The more we joked, the more serious we became. Later that week, literally with two days until the end of semester deadline, the two of us filled out the paperwork to re-charter quidditch as a student organization and ~restarted~ quidditch.

Because of that late timing, we really got our start in September 2014. It’s almost March now, and it feels like it’s been both ages and no time at all. 

I know I’m very new to quidditch. I know I’m very fresh. I know I don’t know a lot of things. 

The purpose of this blog is hopefully to document the way we started to help other teams just starting out. There are a lot of teams that seem to just Have Everything, who are very much at the SPORTS stage that a lot of us hope to achieve. Quidditch community resources tend to be written for them.

And then there are the non-quidditch community resources. These tend to be written by outsiders, by people who want to play quidditch “for a party” (which is fine, but not helpful!) or something similar. They give you quick, inaccurate lists written on wikihow on what you need or how to play. 

In between resources are hard to find. And in between resources for someone like me—someone who is captaining/coaching, but someone who has never played a sport with balls before—are impossible to find. (Okay, giggle at my wording. Now that you’re done: I routinely say “I’ve never played landsports” because I swam competitively year-round from 7-18, but that was my only sport.)

So my goal here is to write a blog that’s accessible. That helps beginners. That compiles resources for people just starting out, but doesn’t treat us like we’re just pinterest moms or camp counselors. 

Hopefully, you’ll embark on this great adventure with me.

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