Heimat - Wieder Ja!

New project from Cheveu’s Olivier Demeaux and Armelle Oberle of Badaboum and The Dreams. The previews of their forthcoming album feature some of the brilliant excesses and genuine weirdness of the last Cheveu album, but markedly darker, with definite middle eastern influences thrown into the mix. Using that particular Alexander Lobanov painting for the album cover was pretty on the money too.

Their S/T debut is due on Teenage Menopause (France) and Kill Shaman (US) in a couple weeks. I’m sure if you dig Maria Violenza’s solo work, or any of the otherworldly experimental psych pumping out of Italy through labels like Boring Machines and Yerevan Tapes, you’ll probably dig Heimat just as much.

VIVE LA GRANDE TRIPLE ALLIANCE! For about a decade this crew has tossed fully formed, completely unique albums around at a pretty staggering rate, rarely with any filler found, and half the time it seems like it’s just for kicks. I’ve yet to hear any project from them that came across as half-baked or uninspired, and you could play everything they’ve ever recorded in order and rarely hear them repeat themselves or lean too hard on any specific ideas.


The lead investigator in the Andrew Oberle case (the grad student attacked by chimps on Thursday) has ruled that the chimps will not be put down for the attack. Their violence was excusable as defending their territory and Oberle, a trained researcher, should have known better than to approach so closely. 

I think this is the right decision, and an important one. We can't vilify animals every time a human makes a mistake, and when they are doing what is natural and expected of them the punishment should not be death.

Music Time tag

Music on Shuffle Tag
Rules: Put your music on shuffle and answer these questions. When you are finished, tag 10 followers

J’ai été taguée par @rain-and-university…(d’ailleurs j’ai beaucoup aimé tes réponses) Je pensais avoir déjà fait un suffle music tag, mais apparemment celui est bien différent ^^ voyons voir ce que ça donne (j’espère que j’ai bien compris les consignes xD)

1. Title of the first song describes how you die:

Il pleut - Emilie Simon. Mm. ça va c’est zen.

2. Second song describes your love life:

Telemann - Largo - Dorothé Oberlinger. Encore une fois. On est tranquilles.

3. Third song will be played at your wedding:

Slave to the wage - Placebo. Coooool

4. Add in my pants to the title of the fourth song:

Firetruck - Smosh. Oh yeah. (et non, je n’expliquerai pas pourquoi j’ai du smosh dans mon ipod)

5. Fifth song will be played at your funeral:

Baby one more time - Britney Spear. Enterrée comme j’ai vécu.

6. Sixth song is your theme song

Cant stand losing you - Police. C’est vrai que ça ressemble à l’histoire de ma vie.

7. Seventh song will be played when you think about someone you love:

Rimski Korsakov - La mer et le vaisseau. Et voilà ♥

8. Add “With a Shovel and a Screwdriver” to the title of the eight song:

Starkids - Voldemort is going down with a shovel and a screwdriver. Ben j’ai hâte de voir ça.

9. Ninth song will describe your week:

Placebo - The bitter end. Depuis Kaboom, ça finit toujours comme ça.

10. Tenth song will play when you miss someone: 

Roméo et Juliette - et voilà qu’elle aime. ET VOILA QUEL BELLE FACON DE FINIR  

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