“State Sen. Mark Obenshain ® will request a recount in the Virginia attorney general race on Wednesday.

“Obenshain’s campaign released an advisory Tuesday afternoon that the state senator would formally request a recount the next day.”

No real surprise here. With the margin this tight (less than 200 votes), a recount request was a foregone conclusion. I would be surprised, though, if it amounted to anything.

I am at the Fairfax County Government Center assisting people coming in to plead our case for their provisional ballots.
The Board of Elections passed 3 motions. In the first, they strongly disagreed with the ruling by the State Board of Elections which did not allow an attorney to represent the voter without a voter being present. The second motion, now please sit down when you read this, is to request an opinion from the attorney general.
—  Virginia Voting Rights Attorney, showing how the board of elections in Fairfax County (2 GOP, 1 Dem) is trying to avoid democracy.
Attorney General candidate faces Cuccinelli backlash


By: Sam Haywood

RICHMOND, Va. (MASC 460) – With Election Day approaching, many Virginians and political analysts are comparing Senator Mark Obenshain to Gubernatorial Candidate Ken Cuccinelli.

Obenshain is running for Cuccinelli’s current position of attorney general, and his conservative past may cost him votes, specifically among women.

CBS 6 Political Analyst Bob Holsworth believes the resemblance between the two candidates isn’t far off.

“Obenshain has a background as both a fiscal and a social conservative. Democrats believe that Cuccinelli’s background as a social conservative could be a lightning rod in this campaign,” said Holsworth.

Read the full story here: Attorney General Candidate Faces Cuccinelli Backlash

Virginia GOP Introducing Bill that requires Women to Report Miscarriages to the Police

If a woman in Virginia has a miscarriage without a doctor present, they must report it within 24 hours to the police or risk going to jail for a full year. At least, that’s what would have happened if a bill introduced by Virginia state Sen. Mark Obenshain ® had become law…

Under Virginia law, a Class 1 misdemeanor carries a maximum sentence of “confinement in jail for not more than twelve months and a fine of not more than $2,500,” so Obenshain’s bill could lead to a woman who decides to take a day to grieve the loss of a pregnancy she’d hoped to carry to term spending a year of her life in jail for that decision.


A federal judge on Monday heard arguments from Albemarle County business owners who believe the government forwent proper environmental impact studies to fast-track plans for a grade-separated interchange at Rio Road and other U.S. 29 projects “virtually overnight.” If successful, the plaintiffs in the case, Mimosa LLC and Rio Associations, would bring Route 29 Solutions at least to a temporary halt.

Mark D. Obenshain, the attorney representing the plaintiffs, argued in favor of an injunction on the $84 million intersection project. Obenshain told Judge Norman K. Moon that, instead of looking at environmental impacts comprehensively, the Virginia Department of Transportation violated the National Environmental Protection Act by dividing portions the series of highway improvement projects on U.S. 29 into segments.

Obenshain, a Republican state senator, also argued that certain segments of the project should not have been granted categorical exclusion from an environmental study the Federal Highway Administration conducted.

Click on the headline to read the full story.
~ The Charlottesville Daily Progress

April Moore: Baseless? Show me

April Moore: Baseless? Show me

I have said that Mark Obenshain has been serving Big Money – like Dominion Power, and the other big corporations behind the lobbying organization called ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council) – rather than the citizens he’s been elected to represent. Mr. Obenshain has called my charges ‘baseless,’ without ever responding to the substance.

I challenge Mr. Obenshain to demonstrate that…

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ALEC's threatened SLAPP suit against the LCV: Another part of the assault on our democracy

ALEC’s threatened SLAPP suit against the LCV: Another part of the assault on our democracy

By Andy Schmookler

Some thoughts about would-be-Virginia’s Scott Walker, Mark Obenshain – to condemn the suit threatened by corporate powerhouse ALEC against the League of Conservation Voters.

ALEC’s attempt to intimidate the LCV represents should be understood as part of the larger picture of how the Big Money Power is subverting American democracy.

This particular abuse of money power is not di…

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