Kate Obenshain spoke tonight...

And besides the fact that her speech was dismissive, poorly cited, and lacking a clear and continuous argument, she also plagerized material from this very blog. Ms Obenshain, upon notification that this work is filed under a creative non-copy claus in copyright laws and thus needed my consent to be used (which I did not give), proceeded to tell me she would still be using my work and then called me a bully and accused me of cutting off the ability of the public to have a conversation. Not only that, but I have been notified that Ms Obenshain has tweeted a link to this piece and my blog - unbeknownst to me - on her official twitter, effectively sending her conservative attack dogs against an 18 year old college freshman.
This is incredibly unprofessional behavior, and while I did not expect much from the speech, I expected Ms Obenshain to at the very least be professional and understand what proper citations are.