Look I drew Kaiba and Obelisk in VR to commemorate the Yu-Gi-Oh! movie DVD going on sale 3/8! Please watch the movie by all means-! 😁 Also it is often being asked so for VR doodles the application I am using is called Oculus Quill. It’s fun but gets tiring after a long period of time 😵 LOL

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With money you can do anything! From space elevators to resisting magical powers and summoning impossible monsters!


Scattered Stuff from temple of Isis and Serapis, Rome

The double temple was built originally in 43 BCE and repaired a couple of times during following centuries. Nowadays there is not much left of the the actual temple, but several artefacts have withstood the ravages of time. They are scattered here and there around the city though.

1. Vatican museum pine cone, originally from a fountain near the temple. 1st century CE. Peacock statues are believed to be from Hadrian’s mausoleum.

2. Cat statuette, Via della Gatta.

3. Madame Lucrezia, one of the talking statues of Rome. According to scholars statue depicts a priestess of Isis. Piazza San Marco.

4. A foot of God Serapis, Via del Pie Marmo.

5-6. Two Egyptian obelisks from temple. “Macuteo” stands now in front of Pantheon whereas Bernini’s elephant obelisk guards church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva (actually the name should be “Sopra Isis”)

7. The temple was rebuilt during Domitian’s reign  and a coin was issued to commemorate this. Rather interesting reverse side, since one can see what the temple looked like.

Rome, July & October 2007 and July 2012


Finally finished 💖❤💖💗❤ Will post a better photo tomorrow because it is already dark here xD I really hope that you like this @vesperlionheart ❤❤❤ Tbh this is really one of my fave stories (already reread it god knows how many times) 😂 Thank you for all the inspiration 🐧❤💗💐 . .

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