The Bellhowell Coalition

The Bellhowell Coalition is a collection of scholars, treasure hunters, and business aficionados who shoulder the more obscurely natured vocations asked of them from the many faces littering Azeroth and beyond. Bellhowell provides a myriad of opportunity for the weathered and seasoned traveler whose primary initiative steams along the shores of self-edification and strenuous adventure.

The Bellhowell Coalition is overseen by Ottavia Cress of Lordaeron alongside with her two associates Sihdiel Itzal of Tanaris and Obedia M Malak of South Shore. Together Bellhowell provides business opportunities to members of the Alliance scattered throughout Azeroth stemming from the mundane daily task to vigorous ventures taking them as far as Northrend and Pandaria. Members and Clients of the Bellhowell Coalition are assigned weekly contracts of varying tasks all of which as issued at the start of the week and are to be concluded upon their DOF. (Date of finality) Payments are discussed via private assembly followed by a contract agreement. 

The Bellhowell Coalition’s in city establishment is located within The Mage District of Stormwind at the Ancient Curios. There you will find either of the trio if any questions pertaining to recruitment or job associations strike your intrigue. 

All other inquires may be mailed to Ottavia Cress. (Ottavia (Priest) or Ottaviâ (rogue) in game)

Guild Masters: Erudite, Cursed, Director. 

Conclave: This rank is extended to the most proven of the Bellhowell Coalition. These candidates have worked tirelessly among the company and improved their abilities of their own volition or with other higher ranking members of the establishment. Conclave members gain access to recruitment files and have a strong sense of judgement, do not act on emotional prodding and carry a level head to their shoulders. These members are charged with a slew of tasks and aim to further progress the success of the company.

Probationary: Brand new members, right off the boat. Promotions of this rank are determined by the GM’s on an IC and an OOC level. They’re welcome to choose which path they’d like to go to whether it be in acquisitions, field work, or working with dangerous items/people.

Operative: Operatives are promoted from Probationary. These members are on their way to their sect of choice though they must undergo trial periods to prove their worth/ability to fully transition into the BC. Full promotions into secs are to be determined by the sect operator. If at any time the sect operator finds their candidate inadequate to their position they will undergo inspection to see where they best fit.

Cabalists: Ideal candidates carry exemplary knowledge on taboo magic stemming from Phylactery, Hemomancy, Necromancy, Lichdom, possession, cursed artifacts, extraction of malevolent spirits, Light and Shadow manipulation, and void magic. Candidates posses no criminal record up from the past 10-15 years and if acquitted of any changes must provide information documentation.

Hunters:  Applicants interested in the Hunter’s field are seasoned individuals who enjoy challenging obstacles and are adaptable to strenuous climate change. Skills of interest stem from archaeology, physical fitness, and must possess no criminal record up from the past 10-15 years and if acquitted of any changes must provide information documentation.

Agents: Claimants possess astute knowledge of the Alliance cities and have worked previous for non-profit organizations, SI:7 operations, or mercenary groups. Candidates excelle in private ventures and follow orders directly without being met with petulance or defiance. Must posses no criminal record up from the past 10-15 years and if acquitted of any changes must provide information documentation.

The Bellhowell Coalition is pleased to announce a cross-guild contract (CGC) opportunity for guilds interested in conducting events with us. These contracts will detail a particular event surrounding any person, item, or thing your guild wishes to find, extract, and so on. These contracts will be discussed heavily out of character to ensure all parties are pleased with the discussed proceedings/events.  Keep in mind that Bellhowell’s contract system isn’t always geared toward the good and that the final print must be heavily inspected before an agreement must be made. These guidelines are for in character and out of character purposes. We aim to see all parties on equal ground and understanding. The Bellhowell coalition also has the right to refuse any contract agreement without stipulating as to why. (This concept also applies to our associating guilds. If a contract/event was discussed and you find yourself at an impasse and wish to withdraw? We humbly respect that decision and hope for the same treatment in turn.) For more details on CGC’s please contact Ottavia. 

The Bellhowell Coalition is designed to appease the adventurer in all character types. We strive to give your OC’s an organic experience laden with character involving plots and story! Bellhowell’s multi-person/guild events are carried through a DND system with rolls which determine your characters fate in DM’d events coupled with a health/grading system which adds an entertaining flair! 

Player be warned
: The Bellhowell Coalition is designed to be a semi-dark/nefarious organization. Chaotic-Good/Lawful-Good characters are warned that patrons and events surrounding this association may not suite your forte. The Bellhowell Coalition prides itself on its extensive legal front to insure their extracurriculars don’t draw the attention of the watchful legal eye. All ‘underground’ events and activity are strictly conducted outside of city limits for the sake of cordial and proper immersion. 

The Bellhowell Coalition has an in game ‘station’ within the City of Stormwind detailed above. If either three of us are presently not near the shop please address us with a PM and we will surely get

The official location for Bellhowell guild assemblies is located within the uninstanced location of Surwich in the Badlands. The location comes equipped with guild workshops, guild halls, and guild barracks. We at Bellhowell recognize that we hold no in character or out of character jurisdiction to these locations and upon the event of the locale being in use of other Guilds/persons we will respect the ‘first come first serve’ courtesy. This concept applies to any and all locations our Guild happens to be in circulation of.

Please come visit us at our guild website.We request all applicants be twenty-one years old and over. If you have any questions please feel free to message either one of the Guild Masters.

Applicants must fill out a site application to be considered and then go through a small series of interviews before official guild invitation is extended. 

Their in game handles are: (Names include appropriate links to in character Tumblrs.)