i just saw a thing about how you can be born different races but not born “fat” and it’s awful and full of fat shaming but also hilarious because it ends with “obeastity: not a civil right” and i honestly don’t know if they were trying to make some kind of point or if they legitimately don’t know how to spell the word “obesity” I’m both laughing and crying over this send help

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So because you don't like something it should be banned? Well I don't like your blog, so if you could delete it that would be just great. See how stupid you sound now? :)

I don’t think those are really a good comparison. I was raised to believe that no matter what you believe, think or how you feel it is never okay to openly criticize someone based on their looks, background, ect. It’s one thing to dislike someone because of what they say or do, but the FPH blog is taking people’s pictures off their blogs to ridicule them (tbh this is a very common scenario found in anti bullying videos when they show you people bullying others or being bullied so that should tell you something right there). FPH dehumanizes people and it’s fucking disgusting. In the time I was there (about and hour) I saw those people referring to people as “It” (Does it think it actually looks good?) “Obeasts” (I hate Obeasts b/c…) “Fatties” (I work with a couple people and some fatties) they are actively dehumanizing these people because they are overweight and that is deplorable. No matter how much you hate a person, you have to remember they are still a person and deserve basic human respect. Especially when these people have done nothing to you except exist.
If I were going around dehumanizing people and harassing them on my blog, first my friends would fucking sit down and talk to me because they know I am a good person. My parents would kick my fucking ass because they raised me to a better person than that.
If I were doing that, I definitely would want someone to get my blog shut down so I can go back and realize how fucking shitty of a person I was being and reevaluate my life choices.

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If you really care about people's well being, you just want what's best, then why do you use terms like "obeast" and visit sites like FPH? Those sites aren't helpful for anyone and they're just dehumanizing and mean.

I have been thanked by obese people using those sites. You make it sound like that’s all I do, and it isn’t. I only do that for the people that already are on those sites, “self-hating fats”, that want help. I have all kinds of other ways that I reach out to people that have nothing to do with that.

As for “dehumanizing”, I disagree. As a former fat ass myself, I dehumanized myself with fat. Being fat is dehumanizing: it removes your human shape, it harms your own self.