Nyck Caution next up for the pros and I’m very excited for this project. I’ve listened to The Pursuit countless times and he was dumb young back then. Can only picture the growth as an artist we gonna get through this project. Not your typical white rapper lmao.
Live for the highs, live through the lows

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@nerdbird-chani‘s questions

1. An OTP? You must choose a single one.


2. Have any Mundane every-day objects that you love (Rocks, Bouncy Balls, etc)?

Pencils/erasers? Especially kneaded erasers…also I collect bookmarks but never use them.

3. Fantasy or Sci-fi?

Difficult D: …probably sci-fi?

4. Play Pokemon? If so, what’s your fav pokemon?

Not really…I’m kinda clueless about pokemon

5. Do you have a favorite piece of merch?

I like my fandom t-shirts, I have percy jackson, doctor who, and supernatural ones…also I have a trenchcoat :D

6. What super power would you have?

Telekinesis, ‘cuz it’s cool.

7. Favorite villain in any media?

So many choices…I love all the supernatural villains.

8. Video game of choice?

Not much of a gamer, but I do love to play minecraft.

9. Do you have any OCs? Do you have a favorite? (◕‿◕✿)

Umm sometimes I draw cartoon people. I like this one named Clem.

10. Can you dance?


11. dark side or light side? Bonus points if you say why

Light, because they have Rey and Finn

1. Fandoms? What’s you’re main one?

SO MANY. Main ones are doctor who, supernatural, sherlock, and whatever book I’m obsessed with atm (currently red rising)

2. Books or Movies/Tv shows? Why?

Books, because I can read anywhere, they’re easily transported, and I generally prefer text to screen (though I love a lot of shows too)

3. Tea or Coffee? If tea Iced or hot?

Well neither really, I like water and fruit juice

4. Do you think it’s possible for the movies to be as good as the books? (for any books)

Yea, though this is a vy subjective thing. Often changes are a matter of opinion, and it’s difficult to match the readers’ vision. BUuuut it happens! I second @the-immortal-goddess-of-sealions‘s example of Coraline, and the Shadowhunters TV show is also pretty great.

5. Percy Jackson(greek) or Jason Grace(roman)?

No offense to Jason and the Romans (seriously I love those guys too), but I prefer Percy/Greek.

6. Do you have any pets?

Yup, a dog.

7. Do you not like anything most people would like? (Cake, Ice cream, Pizza, Cheese, etc)

Pizza (sort of, not so much anymore) and chocolate cake.

8. If you could live in any fictional universe what one would it be? Bonus points if you say why.

Ooh…honestly not many are desirable places for me to live xD

I could say HP, maybe Percy Jackson? Shadowhunters world is pretty cool too.

9. What is your Zodiac sign (idk)?


10. If you had a year to live and a small loan of a million dollars( sorry) what would you do?

Give away some of the money and guilt-trip my favorite authors into letting me read their new books :)

11. Are there any songs that make you want to cry, remind you of something sad, remind you of a fictional character?

Sure! Centuries by FOB - Day and June of Legend, Fight Song - Ruby of the Darkest Minds, My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark by FOB - Supernatural.

1. Are you more of a dog or cat person?

Cat person (but I have a dog)

2.How often do you procrastinate?  

Often, though not in an extreme way. I.E, there’s a 90% chance I’ll put off a big project to the week before it’s due, but I won’t wait any longer than that.

3. What was the last book/movie/T.V show that made you cry?

Ehhhm I don’t actually cry that much about books, last one was maybe supernatural (when I was watching S10 when it came out on netflix), that said I JUST FINISHED GOLDEN SON (sequel to red rising) AND I’M STILL IN SHOCK

4.What was the last thing you ate?

Pasta for dinner

5. Would you rather be a fish or a bird?

Umm a fish?

6. What mythical creature would you like to be?

Demigod? Or a valkyrie (hopefully I spelled that right) from Magnus Chase

7.What is your favorite theme song?

CARRY ON MY WAYWARD SON or the dw theme song

8.Batman or Superman?


9. What is your favorite thing to drink?

Lemonade or fruit juice

10.  What is your favorite superhero group?

The only one I really know is the avengers xD (unless the squad from the girl who could fly counts?)

11. Fish Figures and Custard?

I’m assuming you mean fish fingers xD, I’ve never tried it (or tried custard) but I would if presented the opportunity

My questions

1. Favorite candy at the movie theater?

2. Open the last book you read - what’s the first line that catches your eye? (Alternately, pick a random line from the last tv show/movie/video you watched)

3. Are you artistic? If so, what’s your favorite medium?

4. Do you have a favorite constellation?

5. What’s your MBTI type (if you know)?

6. Time of day you are most productive?

7. Have any weird/interesting nicknames?

8. What position are you sitting in right now? (At desk, sitting on bed, etc)

9. Gloves or mittens (or cold bare hands)?

10. Do you need glasses, or have you? Do you wear them or contacts?

11. How’s your handwriting? Loopy, really light, messy, neat?

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I was doing some googling on Matt. Nothing juicy, but I found some pics of him in 2001 on a Boston baseball team.




Well this pretty much proves he was never an addict. You can’t play sports even semi pro on drugs. Many teams drug test.


From Paris with love von Adde Adesokan
Über Flickr:
About this shot In Paris I always wanted to shoot pictures that might not be so typical like the Eiffel Tower, Arch de Triomphe etc. … you know what I mean and you might have seen it on most stuff in this series. This might not be a picture everyone admires. But let’s face the facts it’s part of every city and from my experience especially in Paris. That’s why I chose not to ignore this … About this stranger Nothing … I might do better next time ♫ Rob Dougan - There’s Only Me – — sets Paris or Strangers | this pic bigger or black