If you’re in an abusive situation & have your own vehicle check the OBD port in your vehicle. You can Google your specific model to find where it might be. There are now a lot of devices out there that can be used to track a vehicle location (T-Mobile’s Sync Up Drive is one example) that plug into this port, which is generally on the driver side under the steering wheel. I was legit just told to position an offer of this device to customers by playing up the tracking capabilities for partners/kids & this does have legit uses but they can also be so easily used to invade privacy and further control people in abusive situations. Be careful and stay safe out there.

"Dear Theodosia"/"Hey There Delilah" - Hamilton/Plain White T's (Acoustic Mash-Up)
I have been consumed by the black hole that is Hamilton. There is no escape. I'm sure I'm not the first person to notice that these two songs are sound simil...

Okay, so a lot of people have noted how similar these songs sound, so I decided to mash them up acoustically! I hope you like! (I’m really freakin’ proud of the bridge, bee-tee-dubs. PLEASE USE HEADPHONES.)

Yr. Obd. Svt., David.

[Now, excuse me while I whore myself out to a few blogs.]

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Smart Homes Meet Connected Cars: X Marks the Spot

Several factors have contributed to the sudden expansion of connected car services available or coming to the market, most notably the expansion of mobile broadband networks, high penetration of smartphones in the consumer market, and auto manufacturers’ re-evaluation of connected services as a competitive advantage and means to generate new revenues.

While the connected car and smart home ecosystems haven’t yet entered the mainstream, neither is in its infancy. Crossover between the two markets is evident and offers a unique opportunity for the ecosystem players.

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