Weird stuff OCD makes you do:
  • Not eat or drink in certain places no matter how hungry or thirsty you are
  • Change your breathing pattern in certain places and not talk around certain people
  • Not sit on public seating or in a stranger’s home
  • Repeat yourself, ask questions about things you already know, or ask for reassurance repeatedly 
  • Move things around, such as evening up leaflets in a shop, moving ornaments in a persons house, or stand in a certain place
  • Repeatedly check your pockets and/or bag
  • Avoid certain places or people

Please be attentive and accepting of unusual behaviour and don’t point it out or laugh about it! 


I uploaded this tiny 10 sec clip just for you all :)  I had set my DVR to record this show just in case this happened lol

I drew so much my hand hurts

Like, really, i’m drawing 24 hours per day, even when i’m on the bathroom (probably when im sleeping too). On papers, on the walls, on people’s faces and on the bus, literally everywhere, everytime, i think i have an obcession

And i think my hand is just tired, because i cant hold the pencil

But do you think im gonna stop

u wrong bc i wont


“Does under that grizzly and icy exterior does a warm heart beat?”


“Only time will tell.”

“No, time won’t.”

“Yes, time will.”

and time did!