Weird stuff OCD makes you do:
  • Not eat or drink in certain places no matter how hungry or thirsty you are
  • Change your breathing pattern in certain places and not talk around certain people
  • Not sit on public seating or in a stranger’s home
  • Repeat yourself, ask questions about things you already know, or ask for reassurance repeatedly 
  • Move things around, such as evening up leaflets in a shop, moving ornaments in a persons house, or stand in a certain place
  • Repeatedly check your pockets and/or bag
  • Avoid certain places or people

Please be attentive and accepting of unusual behaviour and don’t point it out or laugh about it! 

Third day of the frans week: An AU

In this case Fairyfell who belongs to @fairyfell

This one is more detailed then the others because it was already done for a while and i just took the oportunity to post it as the 3rd day xD

(Also i am tots not obcessed with this au, shhhhhhhh)


I was thinking about pluto…a deep planet that we don’t pay much attention, he is far from the sun so it’s easy to forget about him but deep down, we notice him a lot in our life. What is the thing you must can’t lose? That is just so important to you that you’re obcessed with it? Does it connect to Pluto? It might does.

But in the daily life, we almost don’t notice him…he’s a secret that nobody is thinking about but he is there and you will feel it. You may feel it when he starts transiting another house or when either a transiting planet is apecting him or he is aspecting a natal placement or you may even feel him when he changes his sign. But as I was saying, in daily life, we take things easy and don’t go deep down so, we almost don’t notice him but sometimes he just hits you and make you suffer inside. Pluto is the pain we don’t tell, we’re afraid of exposing her, of burning her with the sun. But then it goes away but before he has made you stronger and he has changes you, deep down you know he has changed you but you don’t wanna tell anybody, is your secret and is there to remind you how strong you are. You may not know how all the pain has started but you certainly know how it finished like a battle and remember Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and once, Scorpio was ruled by Mars. And you remember even better how you are now and how this battle has changed you.

So, yes, Pluto is hard and people forget about him but you know he is always there for you and you want to keep him safe like the secret he is.

elegant-skittle  asked:

Hi so I'm a 15 year old girl but I've never had a crush on a boy. I can recognize when they have nice eyes or whatever but I don't LIKE them. But girls ... whenever I see a pretty one I just freeze up inside. I used to think it was just jealousy but then I started connecting the dots. When I was little, I envied the boys because they got to date girls. AND I'm mostly unable to talk to beautiful girls without stuttering. I think it might be something more. Could this mean I'm gay?

Yes, it is. You can just like how boys look, but not be interested in relationships with them or just being obcessed with one yk

Hey guys, I’m really curious to know one thing. Since you can clearly see how greatly I’m obcessed with the girl above and how much I love drawing her I wish I could try to do something serious involving her (well serious xD). Last spring I had an idea to make an additonal blog to post there a story about Karai after being reunited with the turtles. Though I like the idea it needs some corrections. The point is would you guys like an ask blog dedicated to Karai who is finally saved and living with her crazy family? 

I’m still greatly hesitating and can’t make any promises, I just want to know your opinion. 

The Hypocrisy at its finest (Part 1)

Season 4 fandom and actors :   We want Bonnie with Kol ( Kennet )

Julie Plec : Do you want Beautiful, Strong Bonnie to be with a murderous vampire like Kol. and Kills him.

Season 5 and above fandom and actors : We want Bonnie with Damon ( Bamon ) (fandom and actors).

Julie Plec & Dries : Not possible it will be out of character or some shit like that

Season 6 fandom and actors : We want Bonnie with Kai ( Bonkai )

Julie Plec : exactly the same reaction towards kennet. and Kills Kai.

Season 7: No one wants Bonenzo he was obcessed with lily and bon deserves better

Julie Plec : Let’s make it endgame.

I drew so much my hand hurts

Like, really, i’m drawing 24 hours per day, even when i’m on the bathroom (probably when im sleeping too). On papers, on the walls, on people’s faces and on the bus, literally everywhere, everytime, i think i have an obcession

And i think my hand is just tired, because i cant hold the pencil

But do you think im gonna stop

u wrong bc i wont

OMG!!!  I have a crush for this ship now!!!!

I’ve been reading and watching lots of this pairing….

It’s the first time I draw sizz lorr but I think he’s cute!

I was thinking in this situation where Sizz Lorr became all obcessed with Zim (some crazy stalker love) and Zim take advantage of this making Sizz lorr to do all he wants, Zim can’t escape because Sizz lorr won’t let him go but at least Zim wil have a good life.

I would imagine that for the people who only saw the movies it would be rather hard to see lily as anything other than Lily Potter, Harry’s dead mother. That’s, aside from Snapes obcession with her that gives no insight into her character, all you see of her

And thinking of this i pity those who miss out on the other Lily. Lily Evans.The strong fiery red haired girl who was in love with magic long before she fell for james.The girl who suffered with her sisters refusal of her.The gil who was top of her class, a genious at potions.The girl who found herself with a friend that didn’t fully accept her, that in ways abandoned her for the dark arts, who hurt her so much. The girl who could see past the social conventions and accept her friend, who just happened to be a werewolf, and loved him regardless. The girl who found herself falling in love with someone who used to be a prick, a cocky teenager, a girl who saw past that and saw the good, the growth, the kindness in James Potter. The woman who fought in the order of the phoenix, who strived for a better world, for equality. The woman who at such a young age saw her friends die in a war. The woman who somehow faced voldemort himself 3 times and came out on top, thus proving herself to be a strong talented skilled witch. The woman who loved her son fierceley, who died for him even though she was given an option. A woman who was never tempted by the dark arts even though the person who introduced her to magic had an incline for it.The woman who heard the love of her life die at the hands of the man who would kill her within minutes, who wanted to kill her son, but still stood strong The woman who died so young, so unfairly, so bravely.

and those people who think of her as Harry Potters dead mother are missing out