Weird stuff OCD makes you do:
  • Not eat or drink in certain places no matter how hungry or thirsty you are
  • Change your breathing pattern in certain places and not talk around certain people
  • Not sit on public seating or in a stranger’s home
  • Repeat yourself, ask questions about things you already know, or ask for reassurance repeatedly 
  • Move things around, such as evening up leaflets in a shop, moving ornaments in a persons house, or stand in a certain place
  • Repeatedly check your pockets and/or bag
  • Avoid certain places or people

Please be attentive and accepting of unusual behaviour and don’t point it out or laugh about it! 


- Believes sticks are the answer for everything in life

- Likes to flirt

- Believes flirting is the second answer for everything in life

- Peace and Love

- Can be REALLY stuborn

- Can make extreme meme faces

- Really, the meme faces, fear them

- Dipper pines voice

- Is obcessed about space, galaxies, aliens and stars


I uploaded this tiny 10 sec clip just for you all :)  I had set my DVR to record this show just in case this happened lol


“Does under that grizzly and icy exterior does a warm heart beat?”


“Only time will tell.”

“No, time won’t.”

“Yes, time will.”

and time did!