day 223: bad habits of yours.

I talk too much. I really do. I know it pushes people away but I don’t know if it’s something I’m ever going to be able to help. I’ve been talkative since I learned to talk and my mom always jokes that she should have never taught me to speak and that if I were ever kidnapped they’d send me back because I could talk the enemy to death, she’s also said I’d make a good court filibuster because I can out talk anyone she knows and if talking were an Olympic sport I’d probably win and so on… I blame it on genetics, EVERYONE in my family talks too much… luckily my friends are also pretty talkative and anyone who loves me knows this about me and tries to be patient.


Another one is forgiving people too easily, even when they don’t deserve it. I hate burning bridges and losing relationships more than anything so I put up with a lot just to not lose people which I’m trying very hard not to do anymore.


I also have a nasty habit of always wanting the last word in an argument which sounds awful but I can’t help it when I feel insulted or if I feel like someone’s lying to me I always have to call them on it. I’ve gotten a bit better at holding things like that in but I still catch myself slipping.


Oh yeah I also eat too much and worry about mundane bullshit without looking at the bigger picture. 

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recently i got really obcessed with stephen and youre the first blog dedicated to him i'm following. just wanna say everything here is really cute and i loved it :D xx

Thank you so much! :) 

Yes, is my blog’s 1st anniversary (June 27th) and I know I said I would do something special, but I couldn’t remember anything so I just decided to make a review of this amazing year.

I decided to create this blog a year ago, because I wanted to share my love for Disney and specially Frozen. I already had a blog at the time. It was a personal blog where I posted wathever I wanted, but I started to see some amazing Disney accounts and I wanted to create my own Disney blog. At time I was obcessed with Frozen (and I still be), so I decided to create a space where I could share my love for it without being judged by my friends or people I know in real life. It was a problem for me at the time, but now my closest friends know my passion for Disney.

And surprisingly I was really well-received by the fandom and gained some followers right in the second day, and I was really, really happy. All the people here were so nice and always supported my work.

Some time after I decided to start doing my own edits, because I always liked to do these kind of things, so I thought it would be a great idea. My first edits were nothing special and I’m still ashamed for some of them, but then I started to improve my skills and I’m quite proud of my last ones. I still have lots of them reserved in my computer and I’m going to start posting them more often.

I have some really good memories from here, but specially from the people, so I want to thank to all of you for still supporting me and for all the nice comments and messages. Every single one is important and special for me. But I think I need to highlight some of you That have been extremely nice and kind for me: lizeth916, chocolate-geometry, blossomtiger, queenofbooksandsnow, disneydreamsariel, anna-freckles (of course, my little sister!), fly-to-a-dream and so many more! This are only a few that I remembered right now and that have been amazing peope that I knew here!

And last but not the least, snow-queens-sister, my closest friend here. <3 You are a wonderful person, and a really strong girl. Even though life doesn’t smile to you very often lately, you still fight and you keep on trying. And I’m proud of you for that. I’m really happy that I knew you and that we are friends. I know I can count on you and you know that you can count on me. And I hope we continue being friends for long. You always support me too, so thank you for that! <3

To finish I want to say that I’m going to try improving my blog, specially during this summer holidays. I’m going to post more edits and more often. Thank you to all the fandom, all my followers and evryone for giving me an amazing experience on Tumblr this year. I hope there will be much more to come! :)

this boy obcessed with me i tell him: I cant sleep  i wanna die

he says: “Warm milk? XD”

What a way to end my #NewyorkCity2015 trip. Got to tattoo one of the all time greatest graffiti writers and a great friend. @wish4ces and just for all u smart people. It’s spelled the way on purpose. obCESsed #allday #yeaaaaaaaaaaa (at Central Park)

Create a playlist based on your Tumblr name

i was tagged by N4raku :3 <3 

M - My Love

y - Youth

D - Drop The Poptart

R - Red

U - Umbreakable

M - Medicine

N - New Obcession

B - Black Pearl

A - All Yours

S - Shadow of The Sun

S - Saravejo

haha , it was hard to find with the letter B , but could make a playlist, all songs that have been put drum'n'bass ehehe ( omg what a surprise ) 


This music is my new earworm, ‘cause last week I found the music sheet of it and became obcessed with the idea of playing it on my flute. Since I don’t have the money to book a class anytime soon, I thought I should give a try by myself. 

Well, the last time I read a music sheet I was a teenager (18 years ago! :O) and I’m so rusty that didn’t pass throught the first musical phrase yet, although I’m pround of myself that I still remember the basic of how to play and read music. 

I wish I had more time during the week to pratice more, because I realized that play music makes me really happy. 

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