So. Miss Saigon.

I finished listening to the obc: conclusion: It is soooooo pretty and sooooo sad. I would love to see this one live, but I probably wouldn’t pay several hundred in order to do so. I suppose the fact that it’s made by the same folks who largely put together Les Mis that it sounds and feels very similar to that production, but they are both good. I don’t really favor tragedies, honestly.

Going to be re-listening soon for favorite songs. ^_^

anonymous asked:

You can make a movie out of one musical! Which do you pick, and who do you cast?

i got this ask and i literally had to sit down and think about it.

jokingly i’d say “wicked but everyone is ben platt”

and i feel some people would expect “be more chill” or “dear evan hansen” with the obc

but honestly? i’d really love a new movie for something like pippin

idk about casting because honestly, i’m terrible at casting stuff, so im just gonna say the 2013 revival cast.

Honestly, the best thing about cast recordings is that every time you listen to them, you discover something new. Something as simple as “woah, those hard-to-hear violins are maybe the coolest thing on this whole album,” or “wait a minute, in this song, there’s an underlying melody from a previous one that adds another layer and another message.” It’s really amazing how much detail songwriters and lyricists and orchestrators pay attention to, even when they’re not even sure that anyone will notice.


professional recording of “Totally fucked” scene in Spring Awakening obc

Okay so I just need to rant a little bit so someone said Colton is on for Ben tonight so I went on twitter to confirm and some people send Ben the rudest tweets about missing the show! Like okay I get it you’re disappointed because you spent money on tickets to specifically see Ben but he’s only human! He deserves days off too! The only person who has performed every show is Mike Faist and yes props to him because Connor is an emotionally draining role but he’s only on stage for 25 minutes while Ben is on stage the entire duration of the show.

Not only is the role of Evan physically and emotionally demanding but vocally it’s super challenging. Ben makes it look and sound easy but there’s no denying he’s exhausted. I get that Ben’s performance is a major part of the show’s appeal and why people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to see it but performing eight shows a week at the capacity he does is no easy feat. His health comes first.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t be disappointed if I was seeing the show for the first time and arrived only to learn Ben isn’t going on. Of course I’d be upset but I wouldn’t send Ben rude tweets. I’d get over it and be excited to see Colton. If he was hired as the understudy he must be super talented. Although he isn’t Ben I’m sure his performance is great too. They wouldn’t have hired him if it isn’t.

Lastly, the other part of what makes the show so great is the story! No matter who is performing it, it’s captivating and special and will be able to stand on its own once Ben and the rest of the OBC leave. I just hope the audience seeing the show tonight and future performances with Colton or other understudies will appreciate the show for its message despite who’s delivering it.