Home From War | you never meant to start a war; you were just trying to get home. for Harry James Potter’s future happiness. [8tracks] [spotify] 

I. Let Your Heart Hold Fast - Fort Atlantic | II. Timshel - Mumford & Sons | III. Any Lighter - Maeve Kelly | IV. Spent Gladiator 2 - The Mountain Goats | V. Those You’ve Known - Spring Awakening OBC | VI. Outer Scorpian Squad - The Mountain Goats | VII. The Road - Nick Cave and Warren Ellis | VIII. Against the Grain - City and Colour | IX. July - BOY | X. Ghosts That We Knew - Mumford & Sons | XI. Home From War - Fightened Rabbit | XII. Eclippse - Radical Face

first week of school: I am young, scrappy and hungry and I’m not throwing away my shot!

second week of school: I imagined death so much it feels more like a memory

one of my favorite things about listening to Hamilton is the transition between Dear Theodosia and Non-Stop because since I haven’t seen it my vision of the staging is Burr and Hamilton carefully cradling their babies and then just tossing them in the air with “AF-ter the war”

Can we just acknowledge all the amazing things happening at once in this? Oak’s little jig, Anthony’s fancy moves, Thayne’s facial expressions, Leslie hurrying by with his pants only half-on, and Jon Rua just jumping up and dabbing. 

These silly boys give me life <3

boys in 2017: send nudes

boys in 1779: Cold in my professions, warm in [my] friendships, I wish, my Dear Laurens, it m[ight] be in my power, by action rather than words, [to] convince you that I love you.

Jefferson was actually v soft-spoken. He didn’t like speaking in front of crowds, but when he did, no one could ever hear him and by the end of his speech no one even knew what he said. THEN you look at Daveed Diggs,,

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  • Friend: Hey what kind of music do you have on your phone?
  • Me: Oh, um, nothing out of the ordinary *actually has 162791 original broadway cast albums saved*