Here we go.

I present to you: Act 1 of Next to Normal, the epic OBC version. This video is cut together from several others, to hopefully give you the best viewing experience. I do not intend for this to be the final version, because I want to edit it some more according to what people want - so if there’s anything you don’t like or think could be improved, please do not hesitate to tell me!

Have fun watching <3

housetohalf asked:

Price it's 1:30am and I'm not even halfway through watching Chess In Concert (for the first time), I'm trash.

Oh my god you’re my hero. Watching that Great Performances broadcast was one of my first obsessions in musical theatre and it’s how I discovered the OBC and Judy Kuhn and for that it is Important.


“Long term was never really on the table here.” - Cosima Niehaus

Check out this exclusive sneak peek from Issue #4 of the orphanblack comic book, in stores and available digitally TOMORROW, June 24th! 

Orphan Black #4

John Fawcett, Graeme Manson & Jody Houser (w) • Cat Staggs (a & c)

A scientist with a mysterious illness, Cosima must use every ounce of her her bravery and intellect to save her clone sisters and herself.

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