Honestly, the best thing about cast recordings is that every time you listen to them, you discover something new. Something as simple as “woah, those hard-to-hear violins are maybe the coolest thing on this whole album,” or “wait a minute, in this song, there’s an underlying melody from a previous one that adds another layer and another message.” It’s really amazing how much detail songwriters and lyricists and orchestrators pay attention to, even when they’re not even sure that anyone will notice.


professional recording of “Totally fucked” scene in Spring Awakening obc


This is a LONG outstanding book commission. Technically this is version 2.0 as the Post Office ate the original. 

Commissioner requested a book with “Say No to This” on one side and “Take a Break” on the other. I had such a fun time trying to draw the likenesses of the OBC for this. 

Ink, Watercolor, and gel pen on Moleskine book cover. :)

NEWSIES: LIVE if you look closely you’ll see... #18

Ben Fankhauser talking to Kara, and if you listen closely when the spoon fight starts he says “but Katherine that’s not fair, I mean he’s got things in his mouth”. referring to Ben Cook’s cigar.