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“"Why do we continue looking inwards? Why?! Why do we fight each other about this piece or that piece of land? Why are we not looking outwards to the West? If we raided together, we would not need to fight amongst ourselves. We would not need to kill anymore of our young folk. But instead, offer them land, land that they can farm.” [x]

Semi obbsessing over the idea of Adrien getting used to having friends like yeah hed be over eager at first and at school but like what about the stuff he never thought about like just simple shit like Nino texting him at 3 am like “do you think dogs are racist to other breeds of dogs would that be fucked up or what?” and adrien just sitting there like ???????????? And googling what he should do

Tyrael Lannister - Eldest son of Tyrion. Has his father’s dirty blond curls, and pale blue eyes. He is his father’s pride. Skilled in combat, by Bronn, and educated thoroughly by his father. He takes leadership well and is always seeking to prove himself. As he ages, Sansa is often reminded of Robb when she sees him.

Rickard Lannister - Second eldest. Has his father’s curls but his mother’s memorable Tully red color. He’s more into warrior training than reading, and is often found sparring with Bronn or other various guards. When he’s not fighting he’s a clever prankster and most often annoys his older brother by playing tricks on him. 

Lyanna & Catelyn Lannister - The twins. Upon their birth Tyrion jokingly thought of naming them Cersei and Jaime. Sansa didn’t find it too amusing, and eventually they settled with Lyanna and Catelyn. The twins and Rickard are very close in age. Only being 11 months apart. When all three are together, they’re often mistaken for triplets, with their Tully red hair. Both Lannister girls are similar in personality. They enjoy being little rebels, and often play fighting with Rickard and joining him in his pranks. However the younger, Catelyn can be more reserved than her older twin Lyanna. Catelyn gets along better with Tyrael, and Lyanna is more often seen with Rickard. 

Joanna Lannister - The youngest of the Lannister children. She’s a good eight years younger than Lyanna and Catelyn. After the twins, Sansa had trouble conceiving again for nearly four years. When she did conceive by the fifth year, she miscarried, and by the sixth year she birthed a stillborn. Afterwards there was a rift between Tyrion and Sansa’s relationship for nearly a year. When the two eventually worked hard through the tragedy, and reunited, Sansa finally conceived Joanna. A blonde haired,  blue eyed little girl. Out of all the children Tyrion is closest to her, as Joanna is a “little person” just like her father. Naturally, all of her older siblings are fiercely protective of her, as they know of the cruelty that society puts on little people.