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*Adults aren't stupid* Yet the most grammar and word obbessed women falls for a disguised name Captain SHAM. While failing to recognize this being a habit of a friend she knew for countless years,

i mean, for one thing, i said the story isn’t always about adults being “stupid.” i’m not denying that many of the adults make poor and seemingly oblivious decisions– they do, and aunt josephine is obviously no exception 

but here’s the thing– the narrative does not frame this as something shameful on the adults’ parts. the fact that people who have either not seen olaf in years or have never met them don’t immediately see his through disguise is never supposed to be the frustrating part of the books. the part that they are supposed to be condemned for is always, always, always either not listening to the children, willfully seeing only what they want to see, or throwing up their hands and saying, “i’m sorry, this is the way it is, nothing i can do,” when the children demand better treatment. 

i feel like the book is about willful ignorance more than just “stupidity,” and that many of the adults probably suspected something was up but denied it because it was easier to, because they didn’t want to rock the boat, or something similar. josephine, for example, pretty obviously was kindhearted, but was also obviously selfish and desperate by the way her death was framed in the books– betraying the children to save her skin– so was it really that “stupid” for her to simply see what she wanted to see and ignore the cues that should have tipped her off? no, not really, she was being flattered and courted. it wasn’t stupidity, i don’t think, it was selfishness, desperation, and willful ignorance

of course it’s ridiculous that olaf’s disguises always work, but i think that says more about how adults confronted with child abuse will tend to excuse or dismiss it, than the interpretation that all the adults are actually completely certain that nothing is wrong. it is so much easier to believe that traumatized children are being paranoid and seeing bad guys everywhere, and to see just what you want to see, than to actually step up and look the bad guy in his shiny, shiny eyes 

if wonwoo is your brother...
  • the brother that lends u his sweater anytime anyday anywhere cuz he is that caring /sobs
  • “oppa i am not cold gosh”
  • “just take it!”
  • the mysterious oppa that every girls is curious about 
  • and girls r secretly jealous of you, why? because he is cutie pie
  • yeah and basically girls try to befriend you for wonwoo
  • he would basically send you to school or go to school with you every single day
  • sometimes mingyu tag along
  • because wonwoo has a weird obbession with him, u would assume ofc
  • and pick you up from school too cuz he loves u too much & afraid u get kidnaps ur smth /sighs
  • will try cooking just for you but fails
  • “let’s just call take out, i’m not feeling it today”
  • check up on you everynight before he sleeps
  • “not sleeping yet?” /pops his head into your room/
  • “sleep early okay! i am warning youuuu girl”
  • he is gonna be more like a mother than a brother and sometimes it bothers you that u just yell at him without much thinking
  • he would feel hurt for a while
  • he would wait for to calm down and approach you with your favourite bread or drink basically ur fav food
  • “oppa is sorry, forgive me?” 
  • and he gives u that stupid puppy dog eyes that u can’t take it everytime
  • oh and when he sees u getting close to any guy oh daaayuuuum
  • he is gonna analyse ur actions everyday like frickin sherlock
  • tries to be subtle but fails again
  • asks u many questions after any outings with guys involved even if u told him its not a date
  • “oh so what did u guys do today?”
  • “did u come home alone?”
  • “i am not trying to pry, but are u guys rlly just friends?”
  • the sweet & caring brother basically
Greetings [Undertale Spoilers]
  • Greetings [Undertale Spoilers]
  • TheCrystalRing

Seeing as I’m obsessed with Undertale now, I decided I’d record a certain someone’s monologue from a certain path’s ending.

This was horrible to edit, and I think I killed my mic. Enjoy! XD

(And seriously, turn down the volume near the end)

FNaF 4 General Disscussions 23/04/2016  16:46

Talking about how if people don’t like the game, they don’t have to play it *glares at PewDiePie*

Thanking some fandom members for their support, as well as saying that this game is different

Will the fan be in the game or not? (the fan is responsible for everything)

Talking about haters again, and how they are more obbessed over the game than the fandom (i think at least!)

Scott is basically preparing for the avalanche of hate he’s gonna get (huggles4scoot)

‘Haters Gonna Hate’ *deal with it glasses*

Basically Scott is saying that we shouldn’t feel bad for the hate that he’ll get. He’s old enough to be most of the people in the fandom’s dads, so obviously he’s got more experience than us. Don’t feel scared for him, guys! :D (sorry scott! But…like…you’re at least…35, right?)


I might do these over the next few days as I bet that there’s gonna be a lot of posts about it!

-Mod MLG

You know just a thought but…

We know Kageyama used to be really aggresive back in junior high, that why they called him King and everything…

But I get the feeling he was like that because he was REALLY obbessed with volleyball and just wanted everyone to take it a seriously as he did. 

And the reason why he’s no longer so pushy and aggresive?

Easy, because he now has someone who takes it as seriously as he does, Hinata.