9 headcanons: Courfeyrac

1. really loves nicki minaj. (“MY ANACONDA D-” “Courfeyrac I swear if the next word out of your mouth is ‘don’t’ you will no longer HAVE an anaconda”)

2. has dimples. I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules

3. DEFINITELY has a Vespa. somehow his curls are never crushed by his helmet, but he never shares his secret, much to enjolras’ dismay

4. has an emoji which he associates with each of his friends (Enjolras 🔥 Combeferre 👽 Grantaire 🍻 Joly 🃏 Bossuet ⚠️ marius ⛄️ Bahorel 👊🏼 Feuilly 🌻 musichetta 💃🏽 Gavroche 🐒 Éponine 🐾 Jehan 🍉 Cosette 🎀 )

5. his laptop is covered in stickers. his rucksack is covered in pins and patches. all of his notebooks and folders for uni are covered in doodles, quotes, thoughts, reminders to get the milk. his bedroom walls are covered in photos, posters, flyers he likes the look of

6. he looks really great in black but he never wears it because he thinks life is too short and too depressing, he likes to wear colours and patterns and shirts with smiley faces and cheap puns to make people happy

7. courf is very touchy feely with friends but doesn’t really like to be touched by people who haven’t reached that friendship level yet

8. he plays the violin like it’s an extension of his body and he’s being moved by a wind no one else can feel. unfortunately one of his favourite times to practice is in the middle of the night when he can’t sleep. it used to drive Enjolras mad, but now that he lives with Marius it’s fine, because Marius sleeps like the dead (or that’s what Marius says, but he likes hearing courf play so he doesn’t mind)

9. feels like snakes have an undeserved reputation and will literally fight anyone who starts talking shit did you know that flying snakes GLIDE THROUGH THE AIR, JUMPING from tree to tree?? HOW COOL IS THAT FERRE I LOVE MY SNAKE BOOK THANK YOU SO MUCH by the way have you seen those pictures of snakes in hats??????? THEY ARE SO CUTE I LOVE SNAKES

Friends - Bechloe Fanfic

Chapter: 1/?


Inspired by what I imagine/wish happens in scenes that we don’t see in Pitch Perfect 2, slightly alternate storylines perhaps. Also inspired by the song Friends by Ed Sheeran

‘You’re making me sexually confused.’

Beca had failed multiple times at intimidating their opposition, but that one line specifically hung around in Chloe’s mind for the rest of that day. She wasn’t really sure why. It was almost like having a song stuck in her head.

All the way home from the riff off house she would just randomly hear Beca’s voice saying it again.

She caught herself staring at Beca a few times when this happened. Something about it was odd, maybe just because it didn’t seem like something Beca would say. Maybe it was something else though.

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9 Headcanons: Cosette

1. Never has a hair out of place. Her socks are always matching, she has a colour coordination system for study notes, her nails always match her accessories. This makes it all the more terrifying when she adjusts her specs right before absolutely smashing someone’s opinion to pieces. Cosette once had a tutor who made a transmisogynistic remark. Once.

2. Cosette is the only person on the planet who still has those dangly things that you attach to your phone.

3. Cosette has a load of friend groups- she is a social butterfly. She has friends from her mosque; from cooking club; from classes; friends she has met at events… This is partly because she is very friendly, and partly because she is very organised (see #1) and so manages to fit in more social appointments into her weekly calendar than most of us mere mortals.

4. Cosette and Jehan teamed up one Christmas to knit everyone Weasley-style letter jumpers in their favourite colours (except Bahorel, they had to make do for him because they couldn’t find any “alien green” wool and sorry but what does alien green even mean what if aliens aren’t even GREEN what if they are PURPLE that doesn’t even make any sense- actually, let’s give him purple")

5. Valjean has obviously made sure whenever he can that she wants for nothing, but of all the jewellery she owns, her favourite is a small, battered heart shaped locket that she has polished to a shine. it’s the only thing she has of her mother’s that she was able to keep throughout the years, and it makes her smile to have it.

6. If you give Cosette a friendship bracelet, she will wear it forever. no joke. until it wears away to nothing, it will stay on her wrist. (she has a special box dedicated to keeping these sort of mementoes so that she can look back and think of all the people she’s had the good fortune to cross paths with)

7. She has a bunny, and her lock screen is a photo of it eating some lettuce. (she always wanted one, but Valjean said no until they were living somewhere stable and without fear of having to leave in the middle of the night and risk having to leave it behind, so she got one when she moved away to uni)

8. She is really great at swimming. She likes to go at least once a week, normally in the early morning on a Friday when the pool is quite empty and she can be alone with her thoughts and just process things. It always makes her quite energised for the rest of the day and the weekend too, as a bonus. :)

9. She is extremely terrifying and dangerous in a snowball fight. If you are not in Cosette’s team, you’d better start praying now. frankly it’s unfair. Les Amis once did an all v 1 snowball fight and Cosette still won. Courfeyrac, who was the snowball supreme before Cosette’s addition to the group, still occasionally mutters to himself about witchcraft every winter.

9 Headcanons: Joly

1. His cane is bedazzled, covered in colourful tape and stickers, has definitely at more than one point in time been sufficient to trip Bossuet over.

2. He loves animals but from afar, he likes to see pictures of cats and dogs where they can’t slobber all over him. He especially likes lizards and fish because they don’t shed fur all over the place and don’t make his allergies act up etc.

3. He has a gap in his two front teeth. it is adorable.

4. Very very terrible doctor’s handwriting. only musichetta can read it. (no one knows how she came to possess this superpower)

5. When he’s excited about something he beams and also bounces. being near Joly is the best possible thing for bad days because it is literally impossible to feel morose when you’re around him. He really helps Grantaire on bad days.

6. He is shy but also loves to meet new people, which sounds like a contradiction but it’s not. This means he blushes quite a lot when meeting new friends, and always likes to have one of his friends nearby, just as a safety net.

7. Joly’s flat is always impeccable. He doesn’t like carpet because it’s harder to clean, and he never leaves his dishes out to be washed later, later becoming never. (he’s a great flatmate)

8. Joly doesn’t like kisses that much, but whenever he’s near any of his friends, he will always reach out for a point of contact- touch their arm, rest his head on their shoulder, curl his hand into their jumper or whatever. This started just as an anchoring thing for when he got an anxiety attack, and then he started doing it to ward them off, and now it’s just so natural that he does it whenever someone is within arm’s reach.

9. He is the reason Éponine now wears one of those diabetes identifier bracelets. He always sees Gavroche gets fed. He bandages Bossuet up (more often than he would like, let’s be clear). He texts Grantaire every night to make sure he’s fine. If he sees you shiver, he’ll have turned up the thermostat, whipped four blankets around your shoulders and got a cup of tea in your hands before you have time to say “what the heck?” He is the mother hen of the group that’s what I’m saying.

La scuola mi sta stressando tantissimo, sono stanca. Vorrei avere più tenpo ler fare tutto con calma e invece di tempo non c’ è. Ad ogni modo sono ripagata dei miei sforzi ultimamente, e ne sono molto felice.
Spero sará così anche con il mio corpo, sta andando abbastanza bene per ora e sono positiva, non mi permetterò più di restare grassa, devo dimagrire una volta per tutte.

Per molto tempo crediamo di conoscere la natura dei nostri desideri, delle nostre inclinazioni e dei nostri stati d’animo. Ma poi arriva un attimo in cui un’esplosione assordante ci avverte che viviamo in luoghi diversi da quelli in cui vorremmo vivere, che non ci occupiamo delle cose per cui abbiamo attitudine, che cerchiamo i favori o suscitiamo la collera di persone con cui non abbiamo nulla in comune, mentre ci manteniamo distanti, sordi e indifferenti nei confronti delle persone di cui proviamo nostalgia e a cui siamo legati da un vincolo profondo. Chi non presta ascolto a un tale avvertimento rischia di vivere una vita goffa e dimezzata, senza mai essere veramente se stesso. Non è un sogno, e neanche un “sogno a occhi aperti”: è uno strano, rapinoso stato d’animo quello che ci rivela quali siano i nostri compiti, i nostri obblighi e il nostro destino, e che cosa, nella nostra vita, appartenga esclusivamente a noi; questi istanti ci mostrano ciò che vi è di personale nella nostra esistenza, quello che entro i limiti angusti della condizione umana costituisce l’essenza specifica dell’individualità. In tali momenti non mi sono mai attardato a riflettere, ho sempre obbedito al segnale senza la minima esitazione, con la placidità di un sonnambulo.
—  Sándor Márai, Confessioni di un borghese, 1934-35