He’s trying to make the point that we’re all in this thing together… yet his solution is to penalize the “rich” i.e. compel by force, their contribution to “spreading the wealth around” - there are terms for this kind of thinking and it’s not “free market” - if we want to lift people out of poverty the logical question is “What system of government has done this best?” feel free to give all the glowing examples of where “spreading the wealth around” has made for a more free and prosperous society… history is littered with “compassion” as an ideology that then mutates to the forceful exercise of governmental power and control and the end results are always messy… always sticky and most definitely always less free …. and littered with gulags and killing fields, labor camps…. follow “spread the wealth around” to it’s conclusion in history and then argue that this President’s “Fundamental transformation” of our society is heading in the right direction… uh… NObama