Report Reveals What Obamacare Does To Hospital Bills

Report Reveals What Obamacare Does To Hospital Bills

Every time new information comes out, it looks more and more like the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare,” is going to be a complete disaster — for its Republican opponents. For the rest of America, the law appears to be an unbridled success. A new report in Forbes, by Bruce Japsen, who has covered healthcare and healthcare policies for over 20 years, says that as the law begins to help more and…

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The girls' guide to getting some privacy on your parents' health insurance: Bedsider
I am 24 years old and lucky enough to be on my parents’ insurance—but that doesn’t mean I want them following my every health-related move.

We recently received a question about getting sexual health services while under a parent’s insurance coverage. “Will my family see the [birth control] prescription under our insurance plan?”

Thanks for your question. Check out this helpful guide “to getting some privacy on your parents’ health insurance” from our friends at Bedsider. The author breaks down ways to talk to your insurance provider.

For example:

  •  "Hi, I am __ years old and still on my parents’ insurance plan. I’d like to have my [Explanation of Benefits] EOBs sent only to me.“
  • "Can I change my address on the plan so that my EOBs go there instead of to my parents’ house?”
  • “Please change who can access my information. I would like to have all of my information private unless I ask for it to be released.”

Laws about minor confidentiality differ by state. If you live in California, here is a helpful resource from the ACLU to find out how to ensure confidentiality from your insurance provider. You can also call your local Planned Parenthood at 1-800-230-PLAN to ask about insurance coverage and your rights.

Finally, as Laura Covarrubias from Bedsider points out “If your insurance company won’t help out, you might want to reconsider having “the talk” with your parents. Sure, you might think that your mom will have an aneurysm if you broach the topic, but sometimes parents can be more open and understanding than you’d imagine. After all, taking control of your sexual health is something to be proud of, and protecting yourself from unplanned pregnancies and STIs is one of the most grown-up things you can do.

Obamacare: May cost government 1.2 trillion by 2025 & saves countless lives.
Iraq War: Already cost us over 1.7 trillion & ended over one million lives.

Which do Republicans complain about?

The Supreme Court is expected to issue a decision in a major new lawsuit against Obamacare this June, and the health coverage for millions hangs in the balance.

This challenge to the Affordable Care Act, called King v. Burwell, came from longtime Obamacare opponents who claim that, because of a key phrase in the law, the federal government may provide tax credit subsidies only in states that operate their own health insurance exchanges. Thirty-four states declined to establish these marketplaces, and instead left that responsibility in the hands of the federal government.

If the Supreme Court rules for the plaintiffs in this case, it would eliminate health insurance subsidies for 7.5 million low- and moderate-income people in those states, causing most of them to become uninsured when their premiums become unaffordable without financial assistance.

Click here to view the interactive map.

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  • Liberals:unless she chooses not to have healthcare
  • Liberals:unless she chooses not to serve someone at her business
  • Liberals:unless she chooses to be a Republican or pro-life
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