1st pics of my latest painting. I’m posting 7 pics of the new piece. Each picture is one panel and the whole artwork has the 7 panels flush to each other.

It’s a narrative showing the transition of power from 90s Democrats to Republicans and then back to Democrats with the election of Barack Obama.

This painting also celebrates the rise to power of Obama and the positive images of the Obama First Family.

Painting titled “Ascension”
18 inches x 14 feet (7 adjacent panels. Each panel is 18 x 24 inches)
oil on board
by Zeal Harris

The federal debt has already grown more during Obama’s first six years than under all previous U.S. presidents combined, at least in nominal dollars with no adjustment for inflation. The debt owed to the public stands at about $13 trillion, an increase of 106 percent since Obama first took office. 

And 500 companies are not paying taxes!! WTF??  


I’ve been told before I have a cartoon face. I have a big character defining nose like Fred Flinstone, a big mouth like Fred Flinstone, and itty-bitty little ears like… Fred Flinstone… holy shit am I Fred Flinstone? My best friend does have blond hair and soulless eyes…
Anyway, cartoon faces are the best! And I love drawing them. This is really the page where I feel like I perfected the appearance of our main characters.
Also, other cartoonist may relate to this, a tiny detail on this page that I feel proud of that no one else probably would even think to take note of, but when I see it I think, “hell ya!”… Panel 4. The slight raise in the guards mustache. That to me, is some good cartoon face.

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