Artist Gunduz Agayev “Transforms” World Leaders Into Transformers

Illustrator Gunduz Agayev in his latest series of graphic art depicts world leaders as different “Transformers” characters. The artist has previously published other sets of acclaimed work, such as,  “Just Leaders”,“War and Peace” and “Imagine”. He is known for creating satirical illustrations under the theme of  world politics and social and humanitarian issues that plague the world.

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1st pics of my latest painting. I’m posting 7 pics of the new piece. Each picture is one panel and the whole artwork has the 7 panels flush to each other.

It’s a narrative showing the transition of power from 90s Democrats to Republicans and then back to Democrats with the election of Barack Obama.

This painting also celebrates the rise to power of Obama and the positive images of the Obama First Family.

Painting titled “Ascension”
18 inches x 14 feet (7 adjacent panels. Each panel is 18 x 24 inches)
oil on board
by Zeal Harris

Bernie has “CHANGE” b/c he calls for a total political revolution. Hillary’s holding “HOPE” b/c she claims she’s the candidate with a hope of winning or getting stuff done. but with 5/6 last prez elections going to Dems I think we gotta rally to push the Power-To-The-People candidate over the Power-To-Corporate-Interests one. The Democrat will win so let’s dream big. #voteforBernie


Here are some stills from a cartoon I made 5 years ago. It’s so strange to see my horrible humour back then. There’s Spongebob, a Team Edward reference, Justin Bieber, end of the world 2012!!!11, one donut to rule them all, Voldermort steals Squidward’s nose and the “not bad” Obama meme (he was my screenwriter).

2011 feels like the epitome of bad jokes. And I was part of it…
The donut is cool though, it had some nice fire animations.

Snowmaggedon 2016

External image

I hate weather cartoons. But this is a bit beyond weather since it’s the only thing anyone is talking about on the East Coast. It’s also very dangerous and it threatens lives. On top of all that, my dog won’t poop outside.

I might have used this idea before. Maybe someone else did too. I figured it was quite appropriate since Sarah Palin blamed Obama for her son’s PTSD. No word yet if she blames…

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