As a girl geek, I have learned to differentiate between *nice* male nerds and, well, the *bad* male nerds.

Nice nerds are the types who want to talk about Star Wars, Lovecraft, DC Comics, what the best version of Blade Runner is and are, well, polite and nice with you. They tend to be better and more considerate in bed, too, IMO. 

They’re smart and educated.They’re very cute and endearing. In their own way.

Bad nerds, however, just tend to be angry at women all the time, are bitter, get pissed off on the internet 24/7, keep harping on about Obama’s birth certificate and think maybe the alt-right aren’t so bad. 

The difference is crucial. 

Still no evidence of Russian hacking except that the Liar-In-Chief and toddler Obama said so.  This is the same guy who’s birth certificate is a proven fake and tried to convince you Benghazi was based on an obscure YouTube video.

Obama is trying everything to start World War III on his way out the door.

Now he’s trying to ban Russian intelligence people from the US to help fit his fake narrative.  Shall we talk about Obama interfering in other country’s elections and overthrowing democracies for the last eight years??  Egypt, Syria, Libya, Israel, etc. to name a few.

Obama and the Democrats want the American people stupid, because they know if they keep telling a lie long enough, the stupid people will believe it is the truth.

the same people telling you to “respect your future president” are the same ones who demanded obama’s birth certificate, and even after receiving the confirmation that he’s a US citizen and they’re just blatant racists, they still refused to acknowledge him as our president in the 8 years he ran this country. so yeah fuck that. and fuck trump. he’s not my president

Sandy Hook truthers are some of the worst people in the world. I truly believe that.

It’s not like the JFK or Obama’s birth certificate or the “Bush did 9/11!” theories where, eh, it’s all a bit silly, but at least no one is actively being hurt by it.

“Jet fuel can’t burn steel beams!” “But he was born in Kenya!” It’s laughable.

However, these poor people lost their children under the most horrific, cruelly random circumstances ever. What a nightmare they’ve been through.

And those sick, dumbass excuses for human beings insist on making things even worse for them by suggesting: “Hey, you’re faking this.”

Hideous beyond words.

Let's put an end to the "Bernie would have won" narrative:

There is no evidence Bernie would have won besides polling that was done when the right-wing was propping up Bernie to hurt Hillary during the primaries.

Imagine Bernie’s poll numbers after Fox News talked about Bernie’s socialism 24/7 just like they did with Hillary’s e-mails or Obama’s birth certificate.

RANT: bro-gressive white male privilege bubble

Not so sure a socialist Jewish man who wants to raise taxes on everyone to pay for free college would have faired in Middle America, either. Fox News would have had a field-day with the S-O-C-I-A-L-I-S-M scare tactics. Bernie’s poll numbers would have quickly tanked once the right-wing machine kicked into high-gear against him.

But watching the Benghazi hearings and the Presidential debates between Hillary and Trump confirmed my belief that Hillary, not Bernie, was best equipped to fight the Republican machine. She’s a pro and made of steel. And the GOP knew it, which is why during the primaries, Repubs propped up Bernie to hurt Hillary. Divide your enemy is politics 101. Worked with Nader, why not Bernie?

Point is – the GOP would have treated Bernie’s socialism like they did Obama’s birth certificate or Hillary’s e-mails. Two issues Trump harped on endlessly (he’s a great manipulator/propaganda artist).

Sadly, according to Nate Silver, Hillary wins the electoral college if the election had been held before Russia hacking/fake news/FBI/Comey. And yet Hillary still won the popular vote by 3 million. “Unpresidented” in almost every way possible. Too many abuses of power that undermined our democracy to prevail through.

At the end of the day, it’s always hard for a party to win after 8 years in power [Gore/Bush/Nader]. But I have a special thanks to the almost 8 million 3rd party voters that could have made all the difference in swing states Trump won by with less than 1%.

You just couldn’t vote for the most progressive platform in history, could you?

PS: Hillary won the popular vote in the primaries as well so STFU.


Sherrif Joe Arpaio has been the elected sherriff of Maricopa County, Arizona since 1993. Arpaio has manufactured a public persona of “America’s toughest Sherriff” and a hero to the American Right Wing by way of his outspoken hard line stance against illegal immigration, his tough treatment of inmates in Maricopa county, and his investigation of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, and his claims that it is forged. Sherriff Joe’s tenure has been plagued with a troubling array of charges. His abuse of power and misappropriation of funds, failure to investigate/prosecute sexual assaults in facilities he oversees, and unlawful/abusive enforcement of immigration laws is quite disturbing. He was found guilty of racial profiling in federal court, and the U.S. Department of Justice was concerned enough that they declared his jails as unconstitutional on two separate occasions, and concluded that his office perpetuated the worst pattern of racial profiling in American history. A federal monitor is appointed to oversee his office’s operations. As of 2015, The county of Maricopa has paid over $140 million in legal expenses and settlements related to Sherriff Joe and his official practices.

In 2011, due to overcrowding, Sherriff Joe oversaw the construction of a “Tent City” at Maricopa County Jail that was separate from the brick and mortar facility. When the temperature in Phoenix hit 118 degrees, the temperature inside the Tent City was measured at 145 degrees. Inmates reported that their fans were not working and their shoes were melting. Arpaio responded by stating that “It’s 120 degrees in Iraq and the soldiers are living in tents, have to wear full body armor, and they didn’t commit any crimes, so shut your mouths.“ Arpaio has repeatedly stated that only inmates who have been convicted of crimes are sent to the Tent City at Maricopa County Jail, implying that they deserve to be subjected to the extreme conditions. And the fact that he is continually elected would support that the voters in his district would agree.

One of the most notorious aspects of Sherriff Joe’s public actions as Sherriff was his mandating that all underwear issued to prisoners be pink. To this day, inmates in Maricopa County wear pink underwear. When news outlets started paying attention to the pink underwear program, Sherriff Joe started to sell customized pink boxers to the public, emblazoned with the Maricopa County Sherrif’s logo and “Go Joe” as a fund raiser for the Sherriff’s Posse association. When challenged to provide documentation for how funds from this program were spent, Apaio declined to provide accounting. He used the exposure of the practice to promote his book, “Sherriff Joe Arpaio, America’s Toughest Sherriff” and was quoted as saying “I can get elected on pink underwear. I’ve done it five times.”

So I just remembered my dream from last night, and I’m pretty sure it’s the most ridiculously real world current events-topical dream I’ve ever had.  

Someone (possibly Joe Biden?) had given me a top-secret mission to sneak into the (wraith-infested, for some reason) top level of the Library of Congress to find President Obama’s birth certificate, which would somehow bring about the final defeat of Lord Dampnut.

I apologize to my followers and the world that I woke up before I could fulfill this directive.

anonymous asked:

@anon: birthers was a term to describe the people (including Trump) who demanded Obama's birth certificate and when it was shown, said it was faked and that he was not of American birth (compulsory to run for President). We use it in this fandom because larries, too, think Freddie's birth certificate is faked.


In any other civilized, first-world country, people like Donald Trump, Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity would be laughed out of town for being the batshit insane racists they so obviously are. But it’s the US: So Trump is a top GOP nominee and Coulter and Hannity make millions on cable.  Denmark or Iceland would tell these obviously sick and mentally ill people to get help. America gives them a TV contract, legitimacy, and pretends getting Obama’s birth certificate is an actual fucking national concern. How sad.

being an undecided voter in october 2016 must be a fucking amazing way to live, bc i knew i was going to vote for hillary before any of the republican candidates in, like, 2014

and i voted bernie in the primary but even if oregon hadn’t been late enough to know at the time he wasn’t getting the nom, i still knew it was a protest vote intendrd to push hillary more left, not a real vote for a candidate in the general

and then nineteen republicans fell down on their fucking face just trying to get halfway, and trump somehow came out in the lead

and that was like six months ago, meanwhile trump has been running openly as a segregationist, a white supremacist, a misogynist, a plutocrat, a gangster, a fraud, and a snake oil salesman from DAY ONE

after five years of pushing for obama’s birth certificate and 35 years of being a notorious blowhard and huckster

and after all this AND a year plus of actual holacaust survivors telling us he reminds them of actual adolph hitler

there are still people, who are undecided, who think hillary is somehow just as bad or whatever?

idk, i can’t shake the feeling that, like how libertarians are just alt-right republicans who really hate paying taxes, ‘undecided’ voters are just indifferent

anyways i have been watching in increasing horror for a year plus as this orange dictator edges closer and closer to the actual presidency, and there are ppl still today all 'let’s hear him out’

—  Responding in the affirmative to moderator Lester Holt’s assertion that even though Barack Obama produced a birth certificate in 2011, Donald Trump continued pressing the birther issue in “2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, as recent as this January,” GOP presidential candidate and racist DONALD TRUMP