I love Michelle Obama, I truly do. But I hate, hate, hate the whole “when they go low, we go high” because it is just reductive bullshit. It didn’t work. It’s never worked. We can go as high as we want, but Trump and his Klan will continue to wallow in filth and by not fighting it we lend it validity. Yes, we can conduct ourselves with grace, but when you have a candidate on a radio show bragging about how he used to “accidentally” barge in on teenage girls changing, you fucking bring that up. You use it. You fight dirty if you have to. Because when your candidate takes your quote out of context, you don’t gain any points apologizing. You charge head first and ask why he won’t call out those deplorable white supremacists in his movement. You call him out for using deceptive editing to play his supporters for chumps and you make him eat that dirt. We can’t go high anymore, because it doesn’t make us look good, it makes us look like we’re admitting fault.

i like obama and michelle being potus and flotus on twitter i kno its just like. president and first lady of the us but its cute it reminds me of whn couples match twitter @s

Colorado doctor who called Michelle Obama ‘monkey face’ resigns from hospital job
The Colorado doctor who came under fire this week for calling First Lady Michelle Obama a “monkey face” who speaks “poor ebonic English” has resigned from her job as a pediatric anesthesiologist.

The New York Daily News reported Saturday that Dr. Michelle Herren stepped down from her position at Denver Health Medical Center after her racist comments on Facebook kicked off a firestorm of controversy.

This is the second post she has lost since the remarks became public. Earlier this week, she was fired from her teaching position at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine.


Michelle Obama and Ina Garten shooting the shit about Barack over a vegetable tart is the OTP we’ve been waiting for

Since we’re not the beloved first lady or the most skilled home entertainer of our generation, we’ll just have to settle for a video of the two snacking and making small talk. The clip comes from an upcoming Food Network special called Barefoot in Washington, which includes an invitation to an Obama/Barefoot Contessa dinner party. 

Gifs: Entertainment Tonight