obama war criminal

@ leftists I’m gonna need y’all to stop being like “but you didn’t say anything when OBAMA did [insert thing here]!” and “Obama was a literal war criminal lmao.” false equivalences got us into this mess and I’m not gonna let them get in the way of getting out of it. thanx. 

President Obama has become the first sitting president to visit a federal prison
By Mic

President Obama is making history, again. His visit to El Reno federal prison in Oklahoma on July 16 is part of his administration’s focus on criminal justice reform. On Monday, the President announced he would be commuting the sentences of 46 people convicted for nonviolent drug offenses. And on Wednesday, the White House released a fact sheet detailing the various efforts  to make the United States’ criminal justice system fairer and more effective. It’s clear that Obama is taking a different approach to criminal justice reform than his predecessors.

Read the Letter the President Wrote to a Non-Violent Drug Offender

These commutations come as the president and his administration have highlighted the need to address outdated drug laws that are contributing to overcrowded prisons. The White House announced last year that it would begin commuting the sentences of non-violent drug offenders. Thousands of inmates have applied, and the government has turned towards non-profit organizations to help them sort through the cases. Two of the inmates granted clemency yesterday were aided by the Clemency Project 2014, reported Politico.