obama smoking weed

I hope Malia Obama smokes all the weed in college. And graduates and finds a good job that she loves because of nepotism. And maybe marries a prince to become an actual bonafide princess because she deserves it.

I’ve never been so proud of a young lady that I didn’t actually know. Over the last eight years, we’ve had the opportunity to watch her grow before our very eyes and she has more than exceeded any expectation I could have had for her. It’s like watching your siblings grow up but with way less normalcy and way more pressure. She has become what Laverne Cox refers to as a “possibility model”. Sure she’s made some missteps but thanks to her parents protection, she’s someone that young girls can look at and see value in. I just want Malia Obama to have the world and I’m so happy our president was black because our first daughter was black.


These Influential Marijuana Users Defy The Stoner Stereotype

Now that nearly one out of every two Americans admits to having tried marijuana at some point in their lives, more than half of all states have moved away from draconian prohibition-style marijuana policies and the legal marijuana industry’s savvy entrepreneurs are running businesses that are generating billions in sales (and millions in taxes), the “stoner” stereotypes of the past seem more obsolete than ever before.

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