obama re election

I am missing Berkeley so much right now 🙃I remember being there after voting in a presidential election for the first time and it was magical. We all watched CNN election results in huge crowds. When Obama was re-elected, it was a major celebration and there were a lot of happy years and dancing. We felt that we collectively accomplished something monumental. Through voting, we felt like active participants in the political system.

Fast forward to now where the United States has allowed fascism to take root. I feel saddened about the trump regime but it would be so much easier being on the Berkeley campus because I knew I wasn’t alone in my frustration and in my activism. Sometimes I just feel so fucking proud of Berkeley students. I’ve been apart of so many protests that I can’t keep track of just by wandering through sproul plaza after class. From protesting the Republican club’s bake sale (throwback to when mocking affirmative action through racism) to the occupy movement, Berkeley students always stand up and I appreciate to have been apart of that culture.

I’ve been tagged in the whole “six pictures I like of myself” tag. So here it is! 

1. Protesting anti-choicers 
2. Taking a boat ride in Switzerland
3. Being one with nature in Georgia
4. Helping run an Obama re-election campaign rally with Bill Clinton speaking
5. With Knightro (GO KNIGHTS!) my alma mater’s mascot
6. Playing with lighting