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And while I’m fixing my hair, here’s some more thoughts on Trump.  Remember when he said if he’s elected, he’d appoint a special counsel to investigate Hillary?  Well, what happened to that promise?  Instead, guess who’s being investigated by a special counsel?  And guess who appointed him?  Yep, his own Justice Dept.  And guess who’s chairing the Senate Committee on Russian meddling?  Yep, it’s the Republicans.  So Trump is being investigated at the behest of other Republicans.  Hmmm….what’s with all this talk about a partisan ‘witch hunt’?  Do you think these Republicans are investigating him because they’re pissed that their candidate lost the election???  

I think it’s so incredibly interesting that Republicans tried in vain to nail the Obama administration with some sort of scandal, and the closest they got was Benghazi and Hillary’s private email server.  And that was over an 8-year period. Meanwhile, we’re only 7 months into a Trump administration and it’s riddled with scandal and controversy.  And they’re shooting themselves in the foot with all their lies and memory lapses.  Look, don’t just imagine this is the ‘failing liberal elite media’ pointing this out.  Give a listen to the reporting of FOX News journalists Shep Smith and Chris Wallace.  Yes, this is FOX NEWS getting steamed up about the persistent lying by Trump’s team.  Does FOX now have a ‘fake news’ branch I didn’t know about?



TITE VIDEO: Still Got A Crush On Obama by Leah Kauffman

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