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cnn took this gp inauguration pic and im SCREAMING

  • joe looks like he’s abt to cry
  • george is literally making The Office face
  • hil babe i’m sorry babe bc this should have been your day
  • bill sending his fucking laser eyes
  • obama closing his eyes imaging those uncle joe memes 
  • the secret service guys 
  • michele & jill communicating is this for real? telepathically
  • the guy in the cowboy hat fast asleep????
  • even laura bush is like tf?????
Can you fucking imagine if Michelle Obama lied about her college education and wanted to remain in Chicago for “her kids”?

White privilege at its finest. Michelle and her TWO kids moved to DC when the time called and adjusted. Republicans have been bitching about her security for years. Melania Trump can’t make her ONE (TEN YEAR OLD) kid change prep schools and is going to cost us all a fortune as a result. Trump spent years claiming Obama wasn’t even American, meanwhile his wife worked here illegally. And she lied about her education. Yet everyone insists on treating her with kid gloves while her husband preaches anti-immigration and paints immigrants as moochers and criminals. BUT SHE IS LITERALLY GOING TO COST THE TAX PAYERS A SHIT LOAD TO REMAIN IN HER LITERAL FUCKING GOLD TOWER. SHE EVEN SPONGES HER FUCKING SPEECHES OFF AMERICANS.

The Obamas literally had to turn in multiple birth certificates to prove Barack is an American. Meanwhile, there’s all this ACTUAL EVIDENCE that Melania came and worked here illegally. And she just removed any mention of her claims of having a degree from her bio (you know, because contrary to her prior claims, she never got a degree).