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President signs order rolling back Obama’s Clean Power Plan

  • As promised, President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Tuesday aimed at dismantling former President Barack Obama’s efforts to curb climate change.
  • Standing beside coal miners outside of the Environmental Protection Agency, the president debuted his “Energy Independence” executive order — a stark reversal of the goals of the previous administration primarily aimed at undoing the environmental protections known collectively as the Clean Power Plan. Read more. (3/28/17, 2:48 PM)
Climate Change Doesn’t Care if You’re a Rich Republican: It’ll Kill Your Grandkids, Too

DJT just surrounded himself with coal miners and signed a series of Executive Orders to roll back President Obama’s climate change initiatives and, also, EPA regulations. 

As all sentient beings know, DJT maintains climate change is “a hoax” created by the Chinese government to give them an upper hand in trade with the U.S. (ignoring that Bejing is literally choking on smog thicker than concrete). 

For (not so) good measure, he also wants the U.S. to withdraw from the Paris Accord, the worldwide climate treaty President Obama signed that promises the U.S. will lower its carbon emissions and take other such steps that try to preserve the planet and all life forms on it. 

I’m old enough to remember when the GOP valued education. Now it panders to the uneducated and, as such, both uses them as pawns and actively harms them. 

Do the Republicans who insist climate change is a hoax really believe it? Or do they say it to garner votes from the ignorant in order to further deregulate big business and keep it happy, rich, and, most importantly, donating? 

I think it’s a combination of willful stupidity and unfettered greed. 

But the scientific reality is that Republican climate change denial imperils not only our loved ones, but their own, too. 

Could you ever be selfish enough to risk the safety of your own kids and grandkids? 

It’s becoming increasing clear DJT isn’t the legitimate POTUS.

But the GOP will always be morally culpable for nominating a climate change denier in the first place. 

No party should get to risk the lives of anyone’s kids, including their own.