obama is god

Prince Harry hosted former President Barack Obama today at Kensington Palace.  They discussed support for veterans, mental health, conservation, empowering young people and the work of their respective foundations. Barack Obama  also offered his condolences to the victims of the Manchester attack and support for those recovering from injuries.


Bruuuhhh 😭😭😭


Trump, Bush, Obama are doing a job interview with God.

God asks Bush: “What do you believe in?”

Bush replies: “I believe in a free economy, a strong America, the American nation and so on …”

God is impressed by Bush and tells him: “Great, come sit on the chair on my right.”

God goes to Obama and asks: “What do you believe in?”

Obama replies: “I believe in democracy, helping the poor, world peace, etc. …”

God is really impressed by Obama and tells him: “Well done, come sit on the chair on my left.”

Finally, God asks Trump: “What do you believe in”?

Trump replies: “I believe you’re sitting on my chair.”

based on a true story
  • Chanyeol: Everybody say CHANBAEK!!
  • exo-ls: 0-0
  • exo-ls: Did he just-
  • exo-ls: oh my god
  • chanbaek shippers: *WRITES FANFICS FURIOUSLY*
  • exo-ls: oh my god
  • exo: oh my god
  • South Korea: oh my god
  • Asia: oh my god
  • The whole world: oh my god
  • youtube: oh my god
  • Gordon Ramsay: oh my god *still can't locate the lamb sauce*
  • Putin: oh my god
  • Obama: oh my god
  • BM: Cash me outside how 'bout da- oh my god
  • Trump: what *autistic screaming*
  • Birtish: Bloody hell
  • Vivi: oh my god
  • SM ent.: *makes lawsuit against Chanyeol*
  • Baekyhun: YAAAAS! *screams into the crowd*

i just want to say this before the chicken nugget asshole beats aimh that larry is more than a tweet, aimh is just a bonus like green and blue or the tattoos or rbb and sbb, etc. yes its so sad that it will be #3 and yes i never will eat wendys again but ! we are still in the top #3 and we did that !!! us !!! all by ourselves !!! BECAUSE WE LOVE AND SUPPORT THEM !!! we didnt do it to follow the hype or for a trend ~ it was all just to show them that we are here and that whole tweet is love from louis tweeting harry to us getting it to 2.4mil rts like bruh we beat obamas tweet lmao god we are still pretty close to hit 3mil and a few more rts after to pass ellen so i just want everyone to know to not be too mad just keep rting it if you want but know that its just a tweet and that dude is gonna have the runs from eating those nuggets everyday so welp.

Isak: sometimes I get caught up thinking about how hot Even is

Magnus: me too

Isak: what

Even: what

Jonas: what

Us: what

Julie: what

Obama: what

God: what