obama is dumb

@Obama's last press conference
  • <p> <b>Reporter:</b> The Republicans have been calling Obamacare "a massive failure" and there are calls to immediately remove it. If they schedule it, the Democrats don't have the votes to stop them. Mr. President, your response?<p/><b>Obama:</b> <p/><b>Obama:</b> <p/><b>Obama:</b> <p/><b>Obama:</b> but they don't HAVE a plan, they just hate MINE.<p/></p>

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You gotta be dumb as hell to think trump is going to fix anything. Dumb. As. Hell

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hi okay im sorry i just found your blog and totally love it but i'm kinda confused about the whole harry/obama thing? like i find it hilarious but i was just wondering the origin of it? (sorry if this is something you get asked a lot or anything i hope this isnt super annoying)

ok so i’m gonna make a serious post and explain everthing because it’s kinda big now and idk

so it started when during 1d day obama appeared on screen and idk why but it was the funniest thing ever for me

and this year around september i decided that im gonna make a one direction blog and it was still funny and i started making post about obama being somehow connected to one direction

then i saw this on this blog - this is the original picture

and then i fucking made this post which i regret, it was kinda obvious for me that it’s photoshopped and i didn’t think that people would believe it’s real but guess what yahoo did and they wrote an article about it

also some other articles: x/x

and then yahoo interviewed one direction and you know the rest, rip me

also i have no idea why it happened, i didnt tag this post or anything and i dont have many followers but somehow people started talking about it on twitter and that’s probably how yahoo found it im so sorry this is so dumb

I don’t really know how politics work and I don’t want to sound stupid but isn’t there something Obama can do about ferguson? I mean he always seems to have a comment about things involving out of country problems. Can’t he do something or comment on ferguson? I mean there has to be something he can do in regards to the police officer being set free. I don’t know. Maybe he can’t. It’s just a thought.

Racist vandal targets Pinellas Park homeowners

A serial vandal has been spray painting racist messages on homes and cars in the Ciega Village neighborhood in Pinellas Park.

By Josh Rojas, Reporter
Last Updated: Tuesday, September 01, 2015, 10:06 PM


A serial vandal has been spray painting racist messages like “KKK”, “impeach Obama stupid n-word” and “dumb n-word black lives matter for target practice” on homes and cars in the Ciega Village neighborhood, according to Pinellas Park Police.

“It’s all about hate,” said Jamal Clark. “Some scary messages are being sent.”

The latest incident happened on Monday night to Clark’s neighbor, Wayne Scott, 51, a wounded veteran who’s out of town visiting his mother in Virginia. Clark said he was asked to watch Scott’s home and woke up Tuesday morning to find the message “dumb n-word black lives matter for target practice” spray painted across a wall.

Clark said back in May, the vandal spray painted “KKK” on his car. A month later, a black line was spray painted across his wife’s car. Both Clark and Scott are black and don’t believe the vandalism is a coincidence.

“We’re the only two mixed families that are on this block,” Clark said. “So, someone’s doing it on purpose.”

Clark said he wanted the racist message on his neighbor’s home to stay up for a few days.

“I think the message should stand. I think it should stay there for a little while so that the community knows what’s going on,“ he said. "So, it’s not just isolated to the few people… that are being targeted.”

Bay News 9 reached Scott over the phone and the veteran said at first he did not want the racist message painted over by the city.

“I want to prove to them that you can do this but this ain’t going to make me move,” Scott said. “It doesn’t scare me.”

Scott said he changed his mind after talking to Pinellas Park Police who told him that leaving the message up could add fuel to the fire and help spread the vandals racist narrative.

“Number one, we don’t want copy cats,” said Sgt. Mike Lynch. “Secondly, we wouldn’t want somebody else to become upset by what they’re seeing. We do have children and families that live in that neighborhood.”

The city sent a work crew to Scott’s home that quickly painted over the message by Tuesday afternoon.

“I greatly appreciate what they did,” Scott said. “I’m pretty sure they don’t want me coming home to something like that.”

Neighbor Kristen Gericke said she’s appalled by the racist graffiti and is also thankful the city cleaned it up.

“I’m glad it’s been fixed because right here is a bus stop with 20 kids and I don’t want my kids seeing those words,” she said. “I personally feel like it’s somebody that lives in our neighborhood that knows where everybody lives.”

Lynch said black homeowners aren’t the only ones being targeted by the serial vandal. Last week, a 60-year-old white homeowner found “impeach Obama stupid n-word” spray painted on his SUV door.

“So far, we’ve been able to identify a total of seven different incidents in that particular neighborhood,“ said Lynch. "They range from things like "clean up your yard” to the racial epithets.“

Clark said he hopes the community comes together to put a stop to the racist vandal.

"I feel like it should be everyone’s problem. We all live here together. We’re all neighbors,” he said. “We’re not going anywhere. This is our neighborhood.”

Lynch said they don’t have any suspects and he’s asking anyone with information about the serial vandal to call the Pinellas Park Police Department.