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Report: Obama released Iranian prisoners for nuke deal - 25 April 2017

American political website Politico has published an investigation revealing that as part of his efforts to advance the nuclear deal with Iran, former United States President Barack Obama released seven Iranians - six of them American citizens - as part of a prisoner exchange deal.
According to the report, Obama carried out the move despite the Justice Department’s clarification that some of those released were a threat to US national security.

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US abstains as UN demands end to Israeli settlements
The United States on Friday allowed a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement construction to be adopted, defying extraordinary pressure from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government in alliance with President-elect Donald Trump.
By Stephen Collinson, David Wright and Elise Labott, CNN

Better Late Than Never

Oh, no need to thank me for sending Russian troops and planes to help you out in Syria, Bashar. I would never turn down an opportunity to bomb Islamic terrorists while punching America directly in the dick at the exact same time.

please provide evidence for your claim that tax cuts help the economy rather than lining the pockets of people with six and seven figure incomes. you know what does help the economy? building infrastructure, raising the minimum wage, helping people get education and training. 

please provide evidence for your claim that Tr*mp, whose administration is full of anti-Semites and routinely uses very thinly veiled anti-Semitic rhetoric, is better than Obama. additionally, if holding Israel accountable with a tiny little wrist slap every once in a while for breaking international law with illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian land damages the bond, maybe it’s a bond that needs rethinking. the policies of the state of Israel toward Palestinians are inhumane.  

please provide evidence that Tr*mp’s blowhard posturing will improve anything with Iran. (and frankly, you really want to put pressure on Iran? cut oil use. which requires those clean energy things y’all want to get rid of.)

Obamacare made healthcare more expensive for some people, true. however, particularly in states that have expanded Medicaid, it made healthcare accessible to many people who would not have had it and who will prematurely die if it is removed. nothing about Obamacare has caused a lack of competition in markets. oligopolies with very few sellers in a market and running healthcare as for-profit businesses (which creates perverse incentives) are the problem, which will continue to be true if it is gone.