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Hey, question re: the leader of the free world. What titles would are used in German / Germany for Angela Merkel? In the UK, Theresa May is styled "The Right Honourable Mrs Theresa May, Prime Minister" with Prime Minister as a job title, not a personal one. Do you use Chancellor in the same way, or as the Americans use President, as in "President Obama"? Would you use her titles of Doctor or Frau as well? Does Germany not really care about the titles, since it's a republic? Thanks :)

  • The formal address is “Frau Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel”.
  • In the news, she is shortly called “Bundeskanzlerin Merkel”, or just “Kanzlerin Merkel”.
  • Most people just say “die Merkel” or only “Merkel”.
  • A widespread nickname is “Mutti”, kind of ma, mom, mum, mommy, mummy. Another variant is “Bundesmutti”, “Federal mom”.
  • Her fans call her “Angie”.
2016 in a nutshell
  • Trump ran for president AND ACTUALLY WON WHAT TF AMERICA
  • Harambe got shot, the world rioted through memes
  • Dicks out for Harambe
  • Leo finally won his oscar
  • Dat boi
  • Fucking murderous clowns everywhere
  • Suicide squad and civil war were definitely the two most highly anticipated films of 2016
  • I have a pen…
  • The age old question of ‘do pineapples go on pizza??’ caused much debate
  • Damn Daniel
  • Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer
  • Bernie Sanders, a blessing to this world
  • Usain bolt is fast as hell
  • After much anticipation, Frank Ocean finally dropped his new album
  • Blurry Mr Krabs
  • The Obama and Biden memes were what got us through the last couple of months of this horrific year
  • Arthur’s fist
  • The other Arthur memes  
  • We saw the end of Brangelina
  • Johnny Depp and Amber spilt up
  • Bush did 9/11
  • Richie fckn chose Alex instead of Nikki (it’s an Australia thing).
  • Love is dead
  • Me, an intellectual
  • Bone apple teeth memes
  • Vine is shutting down
  • iPhone 7 doesn’t have a headphone jack
  • Samsung phones blow up
  • The mannequin challenge
  • The inner voice Kermit the frog meme
  • Woaah we’re halfway there, woaahh- lizard on a chair, lipstick on a pear etc.
  • People went crazy over Pokemon Go for a short period of time, then it was uncool to play it after that
  • Brexit happened??!
  • The nut button
  • Dabbing became a thing. So did water bottle flipping
  • Fucking bee movie but each time the word bee is said…
  • So baby pull me closer…
  • Hold the hold, hold the door, hodor
  • The running man challenge
  • 2016 took too many good people: Alan Rickman, Prince, David Bowie, Muhammad Ali, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, George Michael, Gene Wilder and many many more. Rest in peace to those beautiful souls.  
  • Whilst there were highs and lows, overall, I think we can all agree that this year was pretty shitty and the world should have ended in 2012.
  • @2017 pls be gentle to us, we’ve been through a lot

I know Obama isn’t perfect. His foreign policy leaves a bit to be desired.

But, I’ll never forget 2005-2008, the dwindling era of Bush’s presidency. I’ll never forget my parents talking at night about how in the world they’d afford $5 a gallon gas and $6 a gallon milk. I’ll never forget them whispering to each other, thinking I won’t hear, about how the house has put too much economic pressure on them. They wanted to sell the house, yet they couldn’t, because under the Republicans the housing market had imploded. Wall Street was in ruins. The economy was in ruins. Tent cities were being erected.

And then Obama came. Obama (and the Democrats by extension) dug us out of the deepest pit since the Great Depression. Obama stabilized gas prices and is the reason why Americans are enjoying a stellar $2 a gallon instead of $5. He instituted healthcare for millions of children who were without it. Family income has grown by $2000 this year. The unemployment rate is at an average, healthy number (~6%). Michelle Obama transformed school lunches and worked her butt off to make sure it had fruit portions on it.

I feel honored to have grown up under the presidency of this man. He holds tremendous charisma and eloquence and represented the best side of America. I can not imagine having spent the last eight years of my life (from fourth grade to senior year) with any other president.

Thank you.

Obama Commutes Bulk of Chelsea Manning’s Sentence
The army intelligence analyst convicted in a massive 2010 leak of security documents is set to be freed in five months instead of in 2045.
By Charlie Savage


“President Obama on Tuesday largely commuted the remaining prison sentence of Chelsea Manning, the army intelligence analyst convicted of an enormous 2010 leak that revealed American military and diplomatic activities across the world, disrupted the administration, and made WikiLeaks, the recipient of those disclosures, famous.

The decision by Mr. Obama rescued Ms. Manning, who twice tried to commit suicide last year, from an uncertain future as a transgender woman incarcerated at the male military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kan. She has been jailed for nearly seven years, and her 35-year sentence was by far the longest punishment ever imposed in the United States for a leak conviction.

Now, under the terms of Mr. Obama’s commutation announced by the White House on Tuesday, Ms. Manning is set to be freed in five months, on May 17 of this year, rather than in 2045.”


Welcome, President Trump, to a world of shade

While our most celebrated practitioners of throwing shade tend to be entertainers like Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, RuPaul and Cher, several public and political figures from around the world have shown a talent for tactfully taking Trump down. The shade has only just begun. Read more

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the media: we didn’t actually think trump would get anywhere so we didn’t take him seriously and then we took him too seriously and made him out to be a normal presidential candidate and created false equivalencies between him and Hillary to make mismanaged emails out to be as bad as virulent bigotry and sexual assault which all seemed like a good idea at the time because ratings and viewership

me, hillary, the majority of the american electorate, anyone trump ever insulted, obama, the world, jesus fucking christ himself

“My days as your Commander in Chief are coming to an end. And as I reflect on the challenges we have faced together and on those to come, I believe that one of the greatest tasks before our armed forces is to retain the high confidence that the American people rightly place in you. This is a responsibility not simply for those of you in uniform, but for those who lead you. It’s the responsibility of our entire nation…We have to remember that as we meet the threats of our time, we cannot sacrifice our values or our way of life—the rule of law and openness and tolerance that define us as Americans. That is our greatest strength and makes us a beacon to the world. We cannot sacrifice the very freedoms we’re fighting for.” —President Obama saying farewell as Commander in Chief to America’s men and women in uniform

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in the face of casualties & sorrow, thinking past tomorrow [x v]


Now that President Obama’s term is almost over, we’re taking stock of one of the major terms dogging his legacy– “post-racial”

This conversation is a necessary intervention on the differences among us, what we should do about them, and how we can reimagine a world that doesn’t involve us embracing post-race, but rather a society that is “post-racist.”



“In the United States, and in every place I have visited these last eight years, I have met citizens, especially young people, who have chosen hope over fear, who believe that they can shape their own destiny, who refuse to accept the world as it is and are determined to remake it as it should be. They have inspired me. In every corner of the world, I have met people who, in their daily lives, demonstrate that despite differences of race or religion or creed or color, we have the capacity to see each other in ourselves.” —President Obama during his final trip abroad to Greece, Germany, and Peru. See the whole trip in photos: http://go.wh.gov/EoWZSu