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In a month, the Trump family has cost taxpayers almost as much as the Obamas did in a year
Donald Trump’s family’s trips have cost taxpayers nearly as much in a month as Barack Obama’s cost in an entire year. The US President’s three visits to his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida since his presidential inauguration, combined with his sons’ business trips, reportedly cost $11.3m (£9.1m).

“This is an expensive way to conduct business, and the President should recognise that,” said conservative watchdog Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton, speaking to the Washington Post.

“The unique thing about President Trump is that he knows what it costs to run a plane.

“Going down [to Mar-a-Lago] ain’t free.”

The three Mar-a-Lago trips in Palm Beach cost the federal treasury around $10m, based on figures used in an October government report analysing White House travel.

This includes cash for coast guards to patrol the exposed shoreline. Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw also says it has cost local taxpayers $360,000 in police overtime for his three weekends in Florida since 20 January.

Judicial Watch estimated Mr Obama’s travel expenses totalled an average $12.1m in each of his eight years in the White House.

For the Love of Pizza, Enough with the Term “Alt-Right”

As we knew he would, President Obama categorically denies DJT’s allegations of wiretapping. Because, you know, President Obama didn’t wiretap DJT or Trump Tower or Ivanka’s dead conscience or whatever the hell DJT’s addled brain will “think” of next.

FBI director James Comey, who has been extremely friendly with DJT and his administration, has stopped just short of calling DJT a liar on this one. 

By the time I finish this sentence, we’ll get another breaking news alert on this story, so I’m tabling it for the moment.

What I find particularly astounding today: that I’m still encountering the term “alt-right”. 

I understand libel, slander, and defamation laws. 

So, I get the reluctance of publications or pundits to deem anyone–such as Steve Bannon, for instance–”a Nazi” or “a neo-Nazi”. 

But when he keeps invoking the hideous and genocidal novel “The Camp of the Saints”–Huffington Post’s feature on this is outstanding–what term is more accurate? Everything he says about persons of color and Muslims is exactly what Hitler said about Jews, gays, Gypsies, and the disabled. And Bannon’s hate and position of power have given rise to people who target all those groups, too. 

Yes, I’ve heard “But Ivanka and Jared are Jewish!” So was Hitler’s mom. Why don’t we discuss Putin calling Jews “rats” when he was head of the KGB? And DJT and his administration have repeatedly colluded with Putin. (The latest: on Tuesday DJT promised the Keystone Pipeline would be built with American steel. Yesterday we learned roughly 30% of the steel will be Russian.) 

Here are the groups this administration has either targeted directly or allowed to be targeted by its supporters:



The LGBTQ community

The disabled

Trans kids

Disabled public school students

Black Americans 


Refugees from Muslim majority nations

Native Americans


Anyone Latinix, American or foreign born


Any representatives of the media or free press

Intellectuals (”Elites!”)

The intelligence community (bizarrely, comparing them to “Nazis” and DJT himself as the persecuted) 


Persons of East Indian descent, such as the man in Kansas shot and killed in last week’s hate crime

Climate scientists

All scientists

If I omitted anyone targeted, it’s an oversight. 

But read that list again. It comprises over half the United States and over half the planet.

Who does it shield?

White males of European descent who are purportedly Christian. (Actual Christians want nothing to do this administration.) 

My family lived under Nazi occupation in Greece.

Does “alt-right” feel sufficient? Isn’t it a ridiculous pseudonym? 

Today is Day #45, Sunday March 5. 

The past six and a half weeks have seen a cavalcade of hate. 

This isn’t the time to pull punches: Nazis are Nazis are Nazis.

The alt-right doesn’t exist.

The [2009 Copenhagen climate change] summit had developed into another grudge match between the developed and developing worlds. China, India, and Brazil were refusing to sign an agreement that would commit them to even incremental steps to curb emissions. Diplomats from 193 countries wandered the bright hallways of the Bella Center in a state of fretful energy.

With failure looming, [Secretary of State Hillary] Clinton telephoned [President] Obama and urged him to fly to Copenhagen to try to break the deadlock. His political advisers were opposed, not wanting to pull the boss away from a crowded domestic agenda for a diplomatic caper that looked as if it was going to end badly. Obama, though, had promised, like Clinton, to get serious about climate change. He trusted her diagnosis: that only the American President could broker a compromise. So on the evening of December 3, 2009, he ordered Air Force One fueled up for a flight to Denmark.

Twenty-four hours later, he was being briefed by an exasperated Clinton inside a small coffee bar in a shopping mall adjacent to the conference center that had been closed for the meeting. When it became clear that the Chinese delegation was trying to water down any agreement, holing up in a conference room with windows taped over to conceal their dealings from the Americans, Obama and Clinton decided to take matters into their own hands. They set off to confront the Chinese in person, fast-walking down a hallway and up a flight of stairs, panicked aides in chase, before they ran into a Chinese official in the doorway, waving his arms and shouting, “Not ready yet.”

Confusion swirled as Clinton and Obama tried to find out who was in the room with the Chinese. An advance person told them it was the Indians, the Brazilians, and the South Africans. Now Clinton was mad: The Indians had told American officials they had already left for the airport. A major developing country was lying to avoid dealing with the United States on climate change? She and Obama looked at each other in disbelief. “C’mon, let’s just do this,” he said to Clinton. She moved first, ducking under the outstretched arm of a Chinese security guard and barging into the room, which drew a collective gasp from the leaders huddled around a conference table. Obama was right behind her. “Hi, everybody!” he bellowed, like a dad coming home early to find his teenage kids throwing a keg party in the backyard. “Mr. Prime Minister, are you ready to see me now?” he said, turning to face the nonplussed Chinese premier, Wen Jiabao, who was anything but.

– Mark Landler, Alter Egos: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the Twilight Struggle Over American Power (BOOK | KINDLE).

This story about President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton teaming up like they were in a buddy-cop movie and crashing a meeting at the Copenhagen climate change summit is one of my favorite anecdotes from the Obama Administration.

In the middle of a phone call with Putin, Trump had to take a break for a lesson in nuclear arms

  • On Jan. 28, Trump got on his first phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin. They reportedly had a positive hour-long discussion about improving relations between their two countries.
  • New details about the call, however, reveal a disturbing move by Trump to rebuff Putin’s attempts to extend the latest nuclear arms treaty between the world’s two nuclear weapons superpowers. 
  • According to Reuters, Putin raised with Trump the possibility of extending New START, a treaty signed by the U.S. and Russia and ratified by the Senate in 2010.
  • Then Trump, who had apparently never heard of the Obama-era treaty before, had to pause the call, sources told Reuters:
    • “When Putin raised the possibility of extending the 2010 treaty, known as New START, Trump paused to ask his aides in an aside what the treaty was, these sources said.”
  • The treaty pledges both countries to reducing the number of both of the nations’ deployed nuclear warheads, and will remain in effect until 2021 — but can be extended by five years with mutual agreement.
  • After conferring with his aides, according to Reuters, Trump “denounced” the treaty — and threw in some self-congratulations: 
    • “Trump then told Putin the treaty was one of several bad deals negotiated by the Obama administration, saying that New START favored Russia. Trump also talked about his own popularity, the sources said.” Read more (2/9/17 5:01 PM)

i miss feeling safe in my country

i miss feeling represented in my government

i miss having a president with a soothing voice

i miss having a president that says rational things

i miss having a fatherly president

i miss the obama-biden memes

i miss michelle’s inspirational speeches

i miss constantly being updated on how goals the obamas are

i miss having a president that people all over the world weren’t ashamed of

i miss having a president(ial family) that kicks ass [in the good way]

i miss obama

I swear we need to create a political master’s degree that is impossible to bypass to become an official in any and every elected office throughout america. 6 to 8 years of intensive schooling more so than it is to become a doctor.

Oh, that’s only offered and accredited through public state schools that depend on government funding instead of screwing the fuck out of the students.

Required courses in biology, psychology, women’s studies, wide spread inclusive cultural studies, economics, math, science oh my fuqing gawd science! Religious studies that focus on everything not just Christianity. And a hell of a lot more.

If President Trump announces that North Korea launched a missile that landed within 100 miles of Hawaii, would most Americans believe him? Would the rest of the world? We’re not sure, which speaks to the damage that Mr. Trump is doing to his Presidency with his seemingly endless stream of exaggerations, evidence-free accusations, implausible denials and other falsehoods.

The latest example is Mr. Trump’s refusal to back off his Saturday morning tweet of three weeks ago that he had “found out that [Barack] Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory” on Election Day. He has offered no evidence for his claim, and a parade of intelligence officials, senior Republicans and Democrats have since said they have seen no such evidence.

Yet the President clings to his assertion like a drunk to an empty gin bottle, rolling out his press spokesman to make more dubious claims. Sean Spicer—who doesn’t deserve this treatment—was dispatched last week to repeat an assertion by a Fox News commentator that perhaps the Obama Administration had subcontracted the wiretap to British intelligence.

That bungle led to a public denial from the British Government Communications Headquarters, and British news reports said the U.S. apologized. But then the White House claimed there was no apology. For the sake of grasping for any evidence to back up his original tweet, and the sin of pride in not admitting error, Mr. Trump had his spokesman repeat an unchecked TV claim that insulted an ally.

The wiretap tweet is also costing Mr. Trump politically as he hands his opponents a sword. Mr. Trump has a legitimate question about why the U.S. was listening to his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, and who leaked news of his meeting with the Russian ambassador. But that question never gets a hearing because the near-daily repudiation of his false tweet is a bigger media story.

FBI director James Comey also took revenge on Monday by joining the queue of those saying the bureau has no evidence to back up the wiretap tweet. Mr. Comey even took the unusual step of confirming that the FBI is investigating ties between the Trump election campaign and Russia.

Mr. Comey said he could make such a public admission only in “unusual circumstances,” but why now? Could the wiretap tweet have made Mr. Comey angry because it implied the FBI was involved in illegal surveillance? Mr. Trump blundered in keeping Mr. Comey in the job after the election, but now the President can’t fire the man leading an investigation into his campaign even if he wants to.

All of this continues the pattern from the campaign that Mr. Trump is his own worst political enemy. He survived his many false claims as a candidate because his core supporters treated it as mere hyperbole and his opponent was “untrustworthy” Hillary Clinton. But now he’s President, and he needs support beyond the Breitbart cheering section that will excuse anything. As he is learning with the health-care bill, Mr. Trump needs partners in his own party to pass his agenda. He also needs friends abroad who are willing to trust him when he asks for support, not least in a crisis.

This week should be dominated by the smooth political sailing for Mr. Trump’s Supreme Court nominee and the progress of health-care reform on Capitol Hill. These are historic events, and success will show he can deliver on his promises. But instead the week has been dominated by the news that he was repudiated by his own FBI director.

Two months into his Presidency, Gallup has Mr. Trump’s approval rating at 39%. No doubt Mr. Trump considers that fake news, but if he doesn’t show more respect for the truth most Americans may conclude he’s a fake President.


Wall Street Journal Editorial Board on “President” Trump’s (lack of) credibility and his repeated lies (03.21.2017)

Tonight’s The Wall Street Journal​ Editorial nails our serial lying “President” who is currently under FBI investigation very good for the untruths that he’s uttered over the course of his “Presidency” and beforehand.

Republican Senate. Republican House. Republican President. 

Can’t even get their shit together long enough to vote on their own plan after spending seven fucking years in the writing.

- - - - -

You know who didn’t FAIL spectacularly with his healthcare reform? 

Barack Hussein Obama.

It’s hard for people to remember this, but before Barack Obama won in 2004, there had been only two black people post-Reconstruction who had been in the Senate: Edward Brooke and Carol Moseley Braun, also from Illinois. So the idea that a black guy was running for Senate and might actually win, named Barack Obama — people overlook that all the time — named Barack Hussein Obama in 2004, three years after 9/11, was stunning.
Barack and Michelle Obama Sign Book Deals
Financial terms were not disclosed, although the deals are likely in the tens of millions of dollars.

“The former president and first lady have signed with Penguin Random House, the publisher announced Tuesday. Financial terms were not disclosed, although the deals are likely in the tens of millions of dollars. Earlier reports had the bidding above $60 million.

Both Obamas have published books through Crown, a Penguin Random House imprint.

“We are absolutely thrilled to continue our publishing partnership with President and Mrs. Obama,” Penguin Random House CEO Markus Dohle said in a statement.

“With their words and their leadership, they changed the world, and every day, with the books we publish at Penguin Random House, we strive to do the same. Now, we are very much looking forward to working together with President and Mrs. Obama to make each of their books global publishing events of unprecedented scope and significance.”

E.U. leader expresses ‘regret’ over Trump’s climate order, says ‘the world can count on Europe’
Trump's executive order could leave the U.S. isolated in international climate negotiations.
By https://www.facebook.com/chriscmooney

President Trump’s executive order rolling back President Barack Obama’s signature anti-global-warming measure stopped short of withdrawing from the historic Paris climate accord — but raised international concerns Tuesday about whether the United States will do its share to fight the global threat.

Europe’s top climate official, European commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete, expressed “regret” about Trump’s executive order rolling back what he called the “main pillar” of U.S. climate policy, the Clean Power Plan, in a statement to The Washington Post.

“Now, it remains to be seen by which other means the United States intends to meet its commitments under the Paris Agreement,” said Cañete.

“Despite all the current geopolitical uncertainties, the world can count on Europe to maintain global leadership in the fight against climate change. We will stand by Paris, we will defend Paris, and we will implement Paris.”

The words of Cañete, one of the most prominent global diplomatic figures yet to comment on Trump’s move, signal how the president’s executive order eviscerating Obama’s climate plan is raising international concerns, and they further suggest that the country could be left isolated as other nations push forward to curb emissions.

danny4xb  asked:

Hey, question re: the leader of the free world. What titles would are used in German / Germany for Angela Merkel? In the UK, Theresa May is styled "The Right Honourable Mrs Theresa May, Prime Minister" with Prime Minister as a job title, not a personal one. Do you use Chancellor in the same way, or as the Americans use President, as in "President Obama"? Would you use her titles of Doctor or Frau as well? Does Germany not really care about the titles, since it's a republic? Thanks :)

  • The formal address is “Frau Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel”.
  • In the news, she is shortly called “Bundeskanzlerin Merkel”, or just “Kanzlerin Merkel”.
  • Most people just say “die Merkel” or only “Merkel”.
  • A widespread nickname is “Mutti”, kind of ma, mom, mum, mommy, mummy. Another variant is “Bundesmutti”, “Federal mom”.
  • Her fans call her “Angie”.

After watching When We Rise, I clapped and then I cried. I sprinted around my house, screaming “we won!” And I woke up my brothers. I knew who Cleve Jones was before this show, but only because of Milk, and I can tell you all about HIV/AIDS, but only because of Rent, and I went and did research on Harvey milk and subsequently Cleve, and the aids epidemic, but these other mothers and fathers of the movement, I couldn’t say anything. This show is so important. I’ve never known a world where we didn’t have Obama, he was elected when I was 6. I didn’t know I had a reason to be upset that election night. My parents were ecstatic, a Chicago man as president! At that point I knew I was gay but all of this, this rich history, richer and more powerful and documented than most histories, is the next big moment. This has to be the turning point. When we’re under an administration that wants to take away everything we’ve fought for, we must rise again, for the gay kids. Everything we do is for them, and for us, and for me, a fifteen year old Jewish lesbian who’s already scared for my future. I want to get married one day, and I want kids. I’ve always wanted kids. I want them to be as proud as I am right now.