obama for nevada


Thank you to President Barack Obama​ for designating Nevada’s Basin and Range as a National Monument and protecting Michael Heizer’s City, one of the most significant works of American art of the last 50 years. And thanks to those of you who signed the petition to save City that we posted back in March. 

[All images of Michael Heizer’s City. © Triple Aught Foundation. Photos 2 and 3: Tom Vinetz]

Pres. Obama has set aside 2 new national monuments – 1,350,000-acre Bears Ears in Utah and 300,000-acre Gold Butte outside Las Vegas.

The moves mark major victories for Native American tribes and conservationists – and blows for state Republican leaders and many rural residents in Utah, who say the move will add another layer of unnecessary federal control and close the area to new energy development. http://nbcnews.to/2iukxLs

The Bundy Ranch Standoff Was Only the Beginning for America’s Right-Wing Militias

For two decades the US government has tried to get Cliven Bundy to remove his cows from federal land, and for two decades the Nevada rancher has steadfastly refused, defying court orders and attempts to negotiate a settlement for the $1.1 million he owes in federal grazing fees. Finally, last week, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) took matters into its own hands and started seizing cattle that had been illegally grazing on government property. Things went downhill from there.

What began as an arcane land dispute rapidly escalated into an armed standoff in the desert. A ragtag band of anti-government militants, Tea Party politicians, and Old West ranchers descended on the area, responding to a call to arms posted by the Bundy family on their blog and circulated throughout the internet by conservatives and libertarians. Spurred on by YouTube videos of physical altercations between federal agents and the Bundys, the protesters aggressively confronted law enforcement, which in turn escalated things by gathering a huge force of armed BLM rangers and FBI agents. On Friday, theFederal Aviation Administration placed a month-long flight restriction over the ranch after the Bundy family posted aerial photos of the assembled authorities.

For right-wing militias and paramilitary groups founded around a collective paranoid belief that the federal government is just looking for an excuse to impose martial law, images of armed federal agents forcibly seizing cows basically means it’s DEFCON 1. By Saturday, as many as 1,000 anti-BLM protestors from as far away as Virginia, New Hampshire, and Georgia had set up camp in Bunkerville, an arid patch of land where the BLM was rounding up the Bundy cattle. Packing handguns and assault rifles, the protesters carried signs featuring slogans like “Tyranny Is Alive,” “Where’s the Justice?” and “Militia Sighn In [sic],“ and many said they were prepared for a shoot-out with the federal government. The mood was such that even Glenn Beck was wary of the crowd, announcing on his show that “there’s about 10 or 15 percent of the people who are talking about this online that are truly frightening.”


Obama desperately wanted sensible gun control after Aurora, Sandy Hook and Orlando.

The GOP said no.

Now the GOP says: “But this is Obama’s fault for not passing gun control laws!”

Look, guys, If I wanted constant confusion, wackiness and nonsensical motives that needed hours to exam, I’d watch Twin Peaks The Return again. 

I still don’t get this whole “all these mass shootings are faked by the government to take MAH GUNZ” Alex Jones conspiracy thing.

Virginia tech occurred. Nothing happened and gun laws were not changed.  

Aurora occurred:  Nothing happened and gun laws were not changed

Sandy Hook occurred.  Nothing happened and gun laws were not changed.

Orlando Pulse Club occurred  Nothing happened and gun laws were not changed.

Las Vegas…well, who are we kidding?

If this is a top-level government conspiracy to steal your guns, it’s a rather shitty one, frankly.