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Obama: I handled the Russian hacks properly. It’s the media that didn’t.
When President Obama was asked at his year-end press conference Friday about a “perception” that he was “letting President Putin get away with interfering with the US election,” he responded with a condemnation of the media’s coverage of Democrats’ leaked emails. Obama argued that once his administration had “clarity and certainty about what in fact had happened, we publicly announced that Russia had hacked into the DNC” during the campaign — making sure the public was informed of Russia’s culpability before the election. “The truth is that there was nobody here who didn’t have some sense about what kind of effect it might have,” Obama said. Read more

october 21 // 3:37 am

today (technically yesterday) in review:
• I got a new fighter fish (his name is Eun!!)
• Presented my first Sociology project!
• (I’m pretending to be calm about this but I’m actually screaming) I emailed President Obama a while ago and today he actually REPLIED!!! I’m honestly so surprised because I know how rare it is to get my letter to his desk, much less get a reply (he only reads 10 out of 40K a night?!) so I’m so incredibly grateful that mines happened to be one of them. Did I mention how much I love Obama?

City of Ferguson Identifies Employees Connected To Racist Emails

The City of Ferguson, Mo., has confirmed that three of its employees have either been fired or have been resigned after they were connected to racist emails that were disclosed in the Justice Department’s report on civil rights violations in Ferguson’s police and court system. Two of the employees are police officers, Rich Henke and William Mudd, who resigned. The other employee is a court clerk, May Ann Twitty, who was fired. One of those emails, allegedly sent in November 2008, makes a racist joke about President Obama, saying that he would not be president for long because “what black man holds a steady job for four years?”

Hillary Clinton admits deleting over 30,000 emails

Hillary Clinton admitted today that she deleted more than half of her emails on the secret email server before disclosing it.  The State Department nor anyone else have any means of verifying the nature of those emails.

from Guardian:

Hillary Clinton failed to quell mounting criticism over her controversial private email account on Tuesday evening after her office suggested she had erased more than half of her emails before turning them over for release to the American public.

In a statement released after a press conference intended to end a week-long controversy, Clinton’s office said that she did not preserve 31,830 of the 62,320 emails she sent and received while serving as Barack Obama’s secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.

“After her work-related emails were identified and preserved, Secretary Clinton chose not to keep her private, personal emails that were not federal records,” her office said, in a defiant nine-page explanation for the unusual arrangement that has put her under political fire.

Republicans accused Clinton of blocking transparency. It could not be confirmed whether the deleted archives included messages sent and received by Clinton relating to her family’s philanthropic foundation. Donations to the foundation by foreign governments and corporations are the subject of a separate ongoing controversy.

Trey Gowdy, the Republican congressman leading a select committee inquiry into the deadly 2012 attack on a US diplomatic station in Benghazi, Libya, said Clinton had “created more questions than answers” with Tuesday’s intervention. Demanding that she appear before his committee “at least twice”, Gowdy said the former secretary should hand over her email server to a “neutral, detached third-party arbiter who can determine which documents should be public and which should remain private”.

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Today Hillary Clinton tried to deflect the scandal by addressing it head on, but she only raised more suspicions than she laid to rest.

The Obama Campaign's Tumblr Mobilization (Really)
The Obama campaign has the most sophisticated digital operation of any candidate in history, having built network of tens of millions of supporters reachable through email, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. In the final days of a campaign, all previous goals — fundraising, persuasion, media strategy — morph into one goal, mobilization. It’s no exception on Tumblr, where Obama’s aides are applying GOTV principles in the land of GIFs and listicles.  On Wednesday, the campaign released a remarkably detailed Tumblr post, tagged #ReallyLongLists, with 39 reasons to re-elect the President. The campaign asks supporters to “send” the list to persuadable voters, which is basically an appeal for reblogging. It’s another way the campaign is using social media — often viewed as a relatively passive entertainment forum — to actually drive enthusiasm and turnout. - Ari Melber


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  1. The first bill President Obama signed was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, to help women fight back when they don’t get equal pay for equal work.

  2. His Recovery Act supported millions of jobs and …

Hillary Clinton and Obama exchanged emails through her private account

Barack Obama emailed Hillary Clinton several times at her personal email address, the White House said on Monday, while insisting the US president did not realize his secretary of state was operating an independent email system detached from government servers.

A day after Obama told an interviewer that he first learned details of Clinton’s unusual email arrangements from media reports, his press secretary confirmed that the president had none the less communicated with Clinton through her @clintonemail.com address.

The State Department has said Clinton’s aides have turned over “55,000 pages” of emails for review by officials. But it is unclear what proportion of Clinton’s email archive this covers and how many messages, if any, have been held back.