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People like Alex Jones will believe Sandy Hook was completely 100% faked and Obama was a secret communist Muslim Kenyan agent who hated America all along. But they never think twice about body camera footage strangely disappearing after cops kill an unarmed black dude.

I wonder about that.


The gun control debate in America, basically. 

Because America will always have guns. Goes without saying.

But, eh, they could at least be like Canada, Iceland or Switzerland and have guns but be, um, sensible about things.

“Maybe an insane person…um.. shouldn’t have a gun? Do you need a semi-automatic to shoot a dear?”


anonymous asked:

Do you think it is possible for the descendants of enslaved Africans have a real future in America or do we need to escape?

No, there is no real future for Africans in America, but there is no escape either.

There’s not futures for Americans in America either, they are just too pathological to accept this; this System is Omincidal, meaning it is killing everything, not just Black people, but all people, all animals, even bacterial life forms, it is killing all of the world’s ecosystems and disrupting the very atmosphere of the planet.  So there’s no future for any living thing in America.

America is not just limited to the borders of the United States, it’s not even a physical place; America is a construct of Western Culture, it exists in the minds, the mentalities, the value systems, the world view of people.  The land mass we call the United States was here millions of years before America and will be here long after America is gone.

All nations exists in the mind, the State is the physical apparatus of the nation, but the nation is psychological.  That’s way all nations need flags, rallies, holidays, patriotic songs, founding fathers, and other propagandistic shit to indoctrinate people into accepting this artificial construct of the Nation.  The nation is not a natural or fully real thing.

So America will have to be dismantled in the minds of people, and the State; the Systems and Institutions of America will have to be dismantled or re-purposed in the world.

There is no escape because as I said, America is not limited within the borders of the United States.  The media, the weapons, the pollution, the military, the economic system, the genocide, and omnicide of America is global, there isn’t one ecosystem, on population of people who are not impacted by America, directly, negatively.  Not one creature that dosen’t have toxic pollutants in their organs and bloodstream, not one mother who doesn’t have Dioxin in her breast milk, not no one human being that isn’t impacted by the US military, not one on this planet.  There is no escaping America.

America is merely the inheritor of the Crown of Global White Domination, it got it from the Imperialism States of Western Europe.  So if America did fall, or achieved the virtually impossible task of abandoning it’s imperial rule over the world, and abandoning Industrial Capitalism before it totally collapsed, there’s a strong change that another nation would take the Crown of Global White Domination. 

What’s even worse is that Obama and the Chinese Communist Party have shown the world that you don’t even have to be White to Advance Global White Domination or Omnicidal Industrial Capitalism; so the nation that inherits the crown of Global White Domination will not even have to be a European or White nation!  That’s because even though this Omncidal mentality and way of organizing human social and economic relations was birth in Europe, the Europeans have spent the last 500 year infecting the world with it.  So there are many White “Supremacist” who are not White; a White Supremacist in this day and age is anyone who holds White culture, values, ideology, agendas as supreme. 

So where the hell you gonna go to escape America, the American mentality, the American agenda?  You will find more White Supremacist in Africa than Pan-Africanist.  Africans praying to White Gods, pursing the “American Dream,” trying to Americanize African cultures and nations. 

There’s no escape, escape is not an option.  What is an option is finding a better vantage point in which to mount effective opposition to the Omicide being imposed on the world by the West and their followers.

If African, Latin America, or some place outside of the US would provide you with what you need to be a better person, a better Revolutionist, a better father, mother, community member; then by all means go there.  But don’t go there with the intent to escape, go there with the intent to be more effective in your Resistance, no matter what form your resistance may take.

An article on Forbes.com today talks about how my approval rating has been at 65% for the last two years. But that is clearly an error. The 35% of Russians who do not approve are in prison for not approving. So, really, I have 100% approval rating from everybody else.

The signs evil egos
  • Aries: Kristin Stewart (Vampire)
  • Taurus: Chris Brown (Violent)
  • Gemini: Iggy Azalea (Scares small children)
  • Cancer: Ariana Grande (Tricks people into thinking they 10)
  • Leo: Barrack Obama (Communist)
  • Virgo: Cameron Dallas (Not even from Dallas)
  • Libra: Kim Kardashian (Butt uses up natural resources)
  • Scorpio: Josh Pech (Ran over Oprah)
  • Sagittarius: Britney Spears (She always does "it" again)
  • Capricorn: Nash Grier (Literal Trash)
  • Aquarius: Shakira (Her hips actually lie)
  • Pisces: Justin Bieber (ANNOYING!!!)
Let that sink in

Our president is currently off getting lectured by a third world communist dictator about climate change, human rights and “equal pay”. That is currently happening. This is why I will get behind #NeverHillary long before I get behind #NeverTrump. Say what you will but I don’t see Trump spinelessly kissing commie ass.

President Obama represents an imperialist government and policy. So if you were to say to me, “Do you prefer him? Would you like him as a president?” I would say I would prefer a president who responds to the interests of the American people, who protects the poor from the arbitrary actions of the rich, and that respects international law.
—  Mariela Castro-Espin, director of the Cuban National Center for Sex Education and advocate for Gay, Lesbian and Transgender rights in socialist Cuba, interviewed in 2012

It’s been difficult to stop thinking about Obama’s choice to include “communists” in his speech at the 2016 DNC. “That’s why anyone who threatens our values, whether fascists or communists or jihadists or homegrown demagogues, will always fail in the end.”

Over 150 years ago in the Communist Manifesto, Marx used the term Gespenst (meaning “specter” or  “ghost”) to describe the imaginary fictional entity - this tale of communism that obscures reality - that reactionaries utilized in their efforts to dismiss and control opposition to their established political power. They materialized this ghost out of both fear of internal weaknesses within their own ranks and the desire to inspire fear in others. 

In an introduction to the Manifesto, John E. Towes writes that the ghost haunting old Europe is in actuality the ghost of its future. Hiding within the specter of communism is an actual communist movement that possess the power to assert its own reality; that the imaginary stories circulating in the minds of the ruling powers hide a reality that will be soon brought to light.

With Obama’s mention of the threat communists (among others) pose to the imperialistic neoliberal ideology (that is somehow in ways that I do not have the capacity to understand - a good?? thing?? to value?????) that is currently plaguing any significant developments in actual societal progress, its difficult to see past the way “communists” was used in his DNC speech. 

“… will always fail in the end.”

Seems to me…. like an effort to
control opposition…

Okay, what the fuck, you guys? I totally understand the sanctions against Russia for taking over Crimea. But banning me from all 23 locations of Mighty Taco in New York State?! That is taking this shit too fucking far.