obama better win the next election

Memes and How They Could Die Differently
  • But her aim is getting better!: Gravity Falls airs an episode about Stan actually having an ex. Everyone on tumblr, facebook, twitter, 4chan and reddit makes this reference. The meme burns out in a blaze of glory, everyone immediately gets sick of it and we never speak of it again.
  • Stronger Than You lyrics: Steven Universe releases a soundtrack CD. There is a bonus track with Estelle performing an all-new single. The single absorbs Stronger Than You to defeat Freeza and take over western civilization.
  • Minions: When people stop outright proclaiming that they hate minions and go back to hating other things that are cool to hate.
  • Every single song, line and clip from Frozen: Oh wow, you thought this was already dead? HAHAHAHAA YOU ARE NOT READY FOR THE SEQUEL. WINTER IS COMING.
  • Thanks, Obama: Give it a year after Obama moves out of office. We'll be blaming the next president for our problems in no time.
  • Donald Trump bashing: Losing the election in 2016 will probably keep him in check, along with the rest of us. But on the off chance that he finds a genie bottle and wins, this meme becomes immortal. It would literally become history. Your great great grandchildren will be made fun of by other countries if we vote for Trump.
  • Illuminati confirmed: Never. Our quest for the truth is endless.