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Jesus you act like Donald trump is the worst thing that happened to America. What about the bombs that Obama dropped every 20 minutes during his 8 years? Like trump is pretty shitty but def not the worst

Barack Obama didn’t brag about sexually assaulting people. 

Barack Obama didn’t instate this many controversial ~unconstitutional~ executive orders within his first two weeks in office. 

Barack Obama didn’t gaslight the entire country by lying about the size of his inauguration, which will surely progress into lying about much, much more important things.

Barack Obama’s election didn’t lead to swastikas being drawn - and normalized - all over the country. 

Barack Obama didn’t have over a million people take to the streets on one given day to protest him.

Barack Obama didn’t have every news outlet except for fucking Fox and Breitbart bashing him.

Barack Obama didn’t violate the law by pushing forward with the Keystone pipeline. 

Barack Obama didn’t have the Pope comparing him to Hitler. 

Barack Obama didn’t win through a rigged election. 

Barack Obama didn’t silence the EPA and the National Park Service from communicating with the public - which is literally their job. 

Barack Obama didn’t reinstate the Global Gag Rule, which will lead to hundreds of thousands of pregnancy and abortion related deaths. 

Barack Obama didn’t deny that climate change existed, for the sake of his own business interests. 

Barack Obama didn’t have his spokesperson promoting his daughter’s clothing line while he was serving in public office. 

Barack Obama didn’t issue a Muslim ban in 7 countries, yet failed to include the 2 countries with the highest number of terrorist attacks 

Barack Obama wasn’t best buds with fucking Vladimir Putin. 

Barack Obama didn’t forbid legal residents from entering their own country. 

Barack Obama didn’t nominate a Secretary of Education who was so unpopular that a tiebreaker vote had to be issued by the VP. 

Barack Obama didn’t nominate an Attorney General who was deemed too racist to be a federal judge, and who thinks grabbing people by their genitals isn’t sexual assault. 

Barack Obama wasn’t perfect, but he sure as hell wasn’t Trump. 

Bumper to Bumper

When you live in a red state, you’re gonna see some offensive bumper stickers. Several times I’ve had to sit behind a “person” who has bumper stickers bashing Obama and the Affordable Care Act, while likening Ronald Reagan to some kind of god figure. Not to mention pro-Trump stickers that make me vomit in my mouth. This happened today, and I got pretty salty about it. 

Then I got an idea. 

An awful idea. 

I got a wonderful awful idea. 

Wouldn’t it be hilarious to get a whole bunch of bumper stickers that say “I’m a piece of shit racist” then follow these cars around. Then when the car is unattended, slap one of those stickers on it. These cars usually have at least ten tacky bumper stickers on them anyway. It’s likely that they wouldn’t even notice until it was too late. 

Because that’s what those bumper stickers say about them. They’re racist, homophobic, sexist assholes who assume all poor people are lazy. 

Maybe it’s a stupid idea and, hell, maybe someone has already done it. But damn, it would be a glorious shenanigan.

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What are your thoughts on both Trump supporters who were bashing Obama and Hillary for literally everything Trump has done in his first 100 days (but 10x worse) and the liberals who were equating Hillary and Trump because she didn't agree with them on literally every topic. I can't imagine either of those groups are holding their heads high right now...

You would think but not really. Bernie bros are still being Bernie Bros and the conservatives that voted for him because they were scared of Clinton are all still scared of the big bad liberal boogie man. If you watch fox news, trump really isn’t doing that bad.

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I am so sick of hearing about how we need to respect Trump, when he tried to insinuate the former pres was an illegal. Wtf.

I know. He’s a hypocrite. Bashed Obama for things he’s currently doing. Committing the kinds of acts he called illegal during the election. My reply was simple. “I don’t support criminals or racists, no matter what office they hold.” This BS that he deserves respect just because he won an election–that doesn’t qualify him to outright earn my respect.

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Is there a way you can block people on FB. I’m sorry for you troubles and I hope the guy loses interest.

I think there is, but I’m trying not to be a closed-minded bitch, or at least that’s how he’d characterize me for blocking him. Not that I honestly care what he thinks. 

He pops up, criticizes my choice in news outlets as liberal. He accuses me of not having an opinion–said I’d believe that Willy Wonka was giving away golden tickets if it appeared in “liberal” media. Then made a sarcastic comment when I posted a Rolling Stone article, even going so far as to call it an “independent” source. 

He’s just one shining example that you can’t even pay for a good education. While I read every article I post, he just seems to reply to the headlines or the place it was published. I called him on it once. His stumbling was beautiful.

Like the ‘president’ he supports, he’s got his head in the sand where he makes up his own reality, while his ass is hanging in the breeze with a big damn target on it as the shit just keeps piling up.

Painting those concerned with social issues such as racism, homophobia, and misogyny as being too easily “offended” is a common sight among reactionaries. Of course the people you see invoking this argument, which is usually dripping with patronizing sarcasm, are most often white, straight, and have just posted an article bashing Obama for not drinking his coffee the right way in weeks prior. Although these people try to convey an image of themselves as being too rational and pragmatic for “political correctness,” they are nonetheless advocating a specific brand of politics whether they realize it or not. When someone brings up the way race, sexuality, and/or gender regulate our relation to society, making the world more hostile to some and more comfortable for others, and you reframe that sentiment as them being “offended” there is a very specific political motive there: You are trying to discredit those movements by associating their protestors and political actors with an overly-sensitive infantile or feminine state of mind. Other than showing that you’ve internalized masculinity’s devaluation of empathy and sensitivity, it also highlights your inability to see the way seemingly minute aspects of everyday life add up to create structures that cause friction with certain identities more than others. Rather than thinking “perhaps I’m not offended by this or perhaps I don’t see the political relevance of this because I fit the dominant norms shaping our society” you settled with “black activists, homosexuals, and feminists get offended too easily”. Furthermore this portrays acts of resistance as a response to hurt feelings rather than a response to coordinated murder, inequality, and structural hierarchy. This is one example of how oppressive patriarchal attitudes get carried over from one generation to the next, by pretending our problems have already been resolved, that the worst is behind us, and any contemporary discussion of them is divisive and inherently violent. Pretending our communities are egalitarian by ignoring/silencing any views that would suggest otherwise, does nothing but reinforce the current power structures. You are an obstacle to change, and shouldn’t be surprised if one day the violence you have supported against others is returned to you.

Hillary Clinton thinks it’s an advantage for her to talk about the fact that Bernie has been critical of Obama at times, even comparing him to the Republicans who seem to live off of bashing Obama as if it were oxygen. 

But guess what? A lot of people, even Democrats and others on the Left, myself included, are disappointed by some of the things that Obama has done, or failed to do, and it is our civic duty to call for better. 

I’ve said before that those who have been completely satisfied with Obama should probably vote for Clinton because her Presidency would be very similar to his. But for people who want to take a shot at something better, vote for Bernie. 

Bernie’s response:

“Madame Secretary, that is a low blow. […] You know what, last I heard we lived in a democratic society. Last I heard, a United States Senator had the right to disagree with the President, including a President who’s done such an extraordinary job. So I have voiced criticisms, you’re right. Maybe you haven’t. I have.”

George Clooney, Paul McCartney, Meryl Streep Among Stars at Obamas’ Farewell Bash
George and Amal Clooney, Paul McCartney, and Meryl Streep were among the celebrities who trekked to Washington, D.C., on Friday for President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s farewell celebration at the White House.
By Ted Johnson

They were among those spotted arriving at the White House for the late-evening event, along with Gloria Estefan, Magic Johnson, Anna Wintour, Bradley Cooper, Harvey Weinstein, Lorne Michaels, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Kelly Rowland, Tracee Ellis Ross, David Letterman, Gloria Estefan, Tyler Perry, Robert De Niro, Jon Hamm, Ken Burns, Stevie Wonder, Al Roker, Chris Rock, and Lena Dunham. Photos of the arrivals were posted on social media by reporters, including CNN’s Betsy Klein, staked out near the White House entrance.

Many of the Obamas’ friends who attended were donors and supporters throughout their White House years and two presidential campaigns.

The event was private, and in the past the Obamas have picked up the tab for such parties.

The party followed Michelle Obama’s final speech, which she delivered in the East Room earlier on Friday to commemorate the 2017 School Counselor of the Year. President Obama is scheduled to deliver a farewell address in Chicago on Tuesday.

The presence of so many celebrities may contrast to the turnout for Donald Trump’s inauguration. His team has been trying to line up talent to perform at his inauguration festivities later this month. Performers like Elton John and Garth Brooks have declined.

The party went on until 4 a.m., with chicken and waffles served to the early morning attendees.

Sitting at Starbucks sneaking a picture on my laptop while having to overhear stupidity.  So far I’ve listened to how the government puts AIDS into the flu shot and and a ton of outlandish Obama bashing and more.  Sometimes people make my head hurt. 

I’m getting wings for lunch and hopefully getting to go back to the lawyer and try that all out again.  

Michelle Obama's 50th Birthday Bash: PEOPLE Gets the Inside Scoop

Michelle Obama danced into the morning hours with a glittery crowd of 500 that kept the White House’s East Room bumping at the First Lady’s 50th birthday bash Saturday night.

Sasha and Malia Obama watched in awe as Beyoncé sang, while elsewhere, Paul McCartney danced and Hillary Clinton schmoozed. “It was just an incredible party,” the guest told PEOPLE, “chock-full of celebrities.”

And, just as she wished for, the birthday girl danced. And danced. Wearing a long red jumpsuit reminiscent of her 2012 Inaugural gown, Mrs. Obama arrived laughing and never stopped beaming. “She was enthralled. You could tell she had a lot of fun,” says the guest.

Smokey Robinson greeted Hillary Clinton with a bear hug at the North Portico door where she’d been talking with Democratic Party donors, while Bill Clinton chatted with Jennifer Hudson. Top White House adviser Valerie Jarrett was on the arm of NFL veteran and sportscaster Ahmad Rashad. James Taylor held court with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who later tried to get a dance with McCartney, who only had eyes for his wife of two years, Nancy Shevell.

“Sir Paul didn’t allow many people to come between him and his bride. He came to party!” says the source. “He pulled his jacket off, put it at Valerie’s table and then danced away with his wife.”

To fuel all that partying, there were mini crab cakes, fried oysters on toast rounds, roast beef sliders and champagne. When the birthday cake was brought out, John Legend sang two different renditions of “Happy Birthday” – the standard-issue version, then a jazzier take.

Among the other stars spotted in the crowd were Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, Janelle Monae, Mary J. Blige, Angela Bassett, Courtney Vance, Herbie Hancock, Samuel L. Jackson, Grant Hill, Alonzo Mourning, Ledisi, Emmett Smith, Star Jones, Al Roker, Steve Harvey, Magic Johnson, Billie Jean King and Michael Jordan.

Vice President Biden worked the room, as did the Clintons, who avoided the dance floor, our source says.

“They said there were 500 people there, but it felt like more,” a second guest tells PEOPLE. “Still, it somehow felt so intimate. And everyone got teary when Barack spoke.”

The President gave a “moving tribute to his wife, recounting the first time he laid eyes on her, how he was soaking wet and had on bad shoes but she didn’t hold it against him,” the first source reported. “He thanked her for being patient with him. You could tell he had married his best friend.”

Beyoncé, who brought her mother with her and wore a cream-colored and feathered mini dress, performed a mini concert of a half-dozen hits, including All The Single Ladies.

DJ Cassidy took over around midnight, Bey changed into slippers to hit the floor herself, and Mrs. Obama slipped upstairs. “Around 1:15, she came back down. She’d taken off her heels and put her hair up and that’s when the party kicked into another gear. Every woman in that place took their shoes off!”

During DJ Cassidy’s set, Stevie Wonder got behind a keyboard and played an impromptu medley of songs.

“At 2 a.m., there were the President and First Lady on the dance floor with a circle around them,” says the first guest. “It was Beyoncé and some of her dancers and the Obamas were more than keeping up. It looked like they got briefed on all the new moves. The First Lady danced like she was one of her daughters’ generation.”

Guests had been greeted by a “cell phone check” table where they deposited their camera phones on arrival and it was understood that this was not an occasion for Tweeting party photos or Facebooking details. So Ledisi played it safe, posting an Instagram photo of her feet at 3 a.m. along with a message that summed it all up: “What a night! Our feet hurt! lol!”