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Stock market fluctuations are based purely off public perception as to the value of the stock. Very sensitive to monetary policy and international markets. Unemployment is measured differently. The rate at which people have jobs, the civilian labor force participation rate has fallen and not returned. “Ended two wars” he’s got a declaration of war for ISIS going to congress now, we still have troops in Afghanistan, bombed Libya, Yemen and comitted troops to ops in Nigeria. He cut the uninsured rate by making it illegal to not have insurance and penalizing people who don’t. Gas fell because Saudi oil producers flooded the market to artificially lower the price and beat Russian and US competition. The deficit is due to congress, they write the budget. The last Time we ran a surplus was the last time the GOP controlled both the house and the Senate, in the 1990’s.

The White HousePresident Obama deliver remarks at the White House Fourth of July Celebration honoring military families. 


7/4🇺🇸#FirstLady #Michelle #Obama, #PresidentObama attend the annual #FourthofJuly #Celebration at the #WhiteHouse which did not include the picnic for members of the #military and their #families due to weather #TheObamas were introduced by #BrunoMars who also performed at the #concert along with #BarryManilow #flotusnews (at The White House, South Lawn)

Is china spying on the US?

Previous hack attacks on US government

  • In November 2014 a hack compromised files belonging to 25,000 employees of the Department of Homeland Security, as well as thousands of other federal workers
  • In March 2014 hackers breached OPM networks, targeting government staff with security clearance, but the attempt was blocked before any data was stolen. The intrusion was reportedly traced to China
  • In 2006, hackers believed to be based in China breached the system of a sensitive bureau in the US Department of Commerce. Hundreds of workstations had to be replaced

Democratic candidate Martin O'Malley has called for better funding for cyber security.- And that is the best he could say. Instead of making china guilty in our loss of secret information, we should be better prepared and have opportunities  to fight hacker attacks. What are millions of taxpayers money spent for? What to we need CIA, NSA for? For protection, and they better do their job properly.