Gun used in draw Muhammad attack possibly linked to Fast and Furious scandal

Wow. Just wow.

From the NY Daily News:

A gunman killed during his attack on an Islamic prophet Muhammad art show in Garland, Texas, reportedly bought a pistol through a botched federal firearm sting.

Nadir Soofi bought a 9-mm pistol at a Phoenix gun shop in 2010, one report said, that sold illegal firearms through ATF’s heavily criticized Operation Fast and Furious to track firearms back to Mexican drug cartels.

The Senate Homeland Security Committee wants to know if that same pistol was used five years later in an alleged Islamic State-sanctioned shootout targeting right-wing blogger Pamela Geller’s event, according to a memo obtained by the Los Angeles Times.

The letter is addressed to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch from Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson.

Both shooters, Soofi and his roommate, Elton Simpson, were armed with assault rifles and killed in the May 3 gunfight that ensued with Garland police.

Since that attack, the FBI and DOJ has failed to produce serial numbers for the firearms used by Soofi and Simpson instilling the fear that the operation resulted in yet another instance of domestic violence, the LA Times reported.

A week-long hold was also placed on Soofi’s gun purchase, but authorities lifted it after only a day, the Times added.

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The FBI and DOJ refusing to release the serial numbers of the weapons? Nope. Nothing fishy there.

In case you’re not quite clear on what Fast and Furious is, we’ve written about it extensively. In short, it was a scheme dreamed up by the Obama administration to encourage gun dealers to sell weapons to violent drug cartel members, not in order to track them like previous operations (the guns had no tracking devices), rather, to push for gun control. And since the guns were not tracked, more than 1,400 of them have been lost – likely to some very bad people. To make matters worse, hundreds of people have been killed by those weapons.


Okay so I have to settle something because Grandma and my brother have no imagination. So if The president was talking to someone who wasn’t required to call him Mr president. Do you think they would call him Obama or Barack. They keep saying that either way they would call him Mr President. So I keep telling them what if they had to choose and they keep disagreeing. What is your opinion?


this is the 1968 equivalent of when obama makes jokes about memes

today’s winner of the GOP’s “who-can-say-the-most-stupid-and-offensive-thing’ competition is Mike Huckabee, who has claimed that in signing a nuclear peace-deal with Iran Obama will “take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven.”  Donald Trump is allegedly tearing off his wig in fury at being out-trumped and demanding his script-writers come up with something even more stupid and offensive pretty damn quick .. (story here)

Mic is sitting with President Obama to talk Iran — and we want you to ask him a question.

Do you want the chance to ask President Obama about Iran?

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Mic is heading to The White House next week for a sit-down interview with President Obama to discuss the Iran deal and what it means for young people.

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But we’re going to do it a little bit differently — we’re giving you the chance to address Obama directly.

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We’ll be accepting questions in the form of video submissions. Head to or click here to send us your question.

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Obama: “I could win” a third term as President if I wanted to

This certainly sends some shivers down my spine.

from ABC:

President Obama thinks he ‘could win’ a third term in the White House if term limits didn’t bar him from running in 2016.

“I actually think I’m pretty good president,” he said today in a speech before the African Union in Ethiopia. “I think if I ran, I could win. But I can’t.”

Even though he’s confident in his re-election abilities, Obama said he’s more interested in life after the presidency.

“I’ll be honest with you, I’m looking forward to life after being president. I won’t have such a big security detail all the time,” he said. “It means I can go take a walk, I can spend time with my family, I can find other ways to serve, I can visit Africa more often “

The president’s comments came as he explained he does “not understand” why some leaders are insistent they remain in power when their term limit ends.

“The point is I don’t understand why people want to stay so long. Especially when they’ve got a lot of money,” he said.

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That bit that I’ve bolded at the end is the real kicker here. As far as Obama is concerned, it’s personal mission accomplished.  He has used the White House to amass wealth an power to himself, and now he gets to retire on the taxpayer’s dime and live the life of luxury and influence.