Whoa, ‘The Island of Dr. Moreau’.
It’s about a man who makes monsters.

S2/3 meta - The plausible keys to Cosima’s cure are revealed at the end of 2x08: Professor Duncan’s copy of 'The Island of Dr. Moreau’ which holds the key to his synthetic sequences, and the 'Angry Angel’ Helena who leaves her embryos in the liquid nitrogen canister in 2x10. (Human embryonic stem cells can be derived from preimplantation-stage embryos fertilized outside a woman’s body (in vitro)). 

Well obviously it was a lot of work. It was obviously extremely technical and it took a lot of preparation early on. That scene was just kind of this random card on the wall in the writers room that said “Clone Dance Party” that Graeme and I laughed a lot about because we never knew where it was going to land, or if it was going to land at all. We just through it was going to be a funny thing to do and as it turned out, we found out that it was really going to be something strong for the season finale. I think we are always about trying to be bigger and badder and better and we wanted to do something with four clones you know, we hadn’t done that just yet. It’s also very triumphant and it was a way for us to give the season and emotional climax and a triumph and a coming together of the sisters. So it took a lot of planning, it took two days to shoot that scene.