Top 10 Deleted/Changed Bits from the OB ep 1 Script

While searching up something for a fic I was working on I came across a pdf of Orphan Black’s pilot script. It didn’t take long to realize that there had been quite a few minor changes between paper and screen. These are some of my favourites. 

I guess this line got cut because they decided it would be too much of a spoiler…

In a cut scene where everyone’s scattering Sarah’s (Beth’s) ashes into the lake Vic just decides to wade right in and start throwing them in circles. 

Sarah is not impressed by Beth and Paul’s fashion sense. So decides this is the perfect insult to mutter while searching through their closets. 

Ok, this one is more serious and made me go off on a brain tangent thinking about how Sarah never cried growing up and it was all quite sad until I began to count the number of times she cries during the show. 

The original clone club initiation. Petition to make familyless a word! 

The Beth/Paul scene that ended up getting replaced by the marathon training one. 

Probably the most accurate description of Kira ever. Also, Kira is 9 for some reason. 


(Cosima was ‘the doctor’ instead of ‘the scientist’) 

Call back to the ‘you’re breaking my heart’ scene. Also Beth attitude. 


Orphan Black || 1x01 - “Natural Selection” || Webclip #2
To Air: March 30, 2013

‘Bad Girls’ Transformation….from Sarah to Beth