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A complete @orphanblack family tree updated to include both the final season and the Helsinki comics. I’m sorry it took me so long, I was collecting stool samples in Sardinia (actually malaria data in Rwanda, but same idea) and now I’m finally caught up. Please let me know if you see any major errors.

There is a full sized version available over here.

A huge thank you to @adherantnerdhi, @afrenchclone, and @spotlesssky for fact checking and their input!

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Rachel having complicated feelings about parental figures. Rachel distrusting and hating people with power over her but at the same time continually attaching to parental figures who show up in her life. Rachel fixating on Sarah and Sarah’s motherhood. Rachel hating Sarah because of jealously over her fertility and her ability to run, run, and keep running, and also because of Rachel’s negative experience with parents. Rachel to save Kira from what she grew up with. Rachel wanting a chance to do better than she was given, because she is better. From the beginning, she was made to be better, and so she will be.

      One of my favourite things about the Orphan Black finale is that, despite the happy ending, Sarah is still not completely alright. She doesn’t have Mrs. S anymore and without the constant life-threatening situations, is scared of things going back to the way they were before she found Beth and stole her identity. The adrenaline has worn off and she no longer knows what to do and fears going back to her old bad habits. She skips out on her high school exam, tries to sell the house, and isolates herself. 

       She sees other people being happy with the lives they could go back to but doesn’t know how to do that and doesn’t want to burden them. And it’s painful to watch but it’s realistic. So often on television we see characters go on traumatic journeys and be perfectly alright once they’re over. We see the credits roll and assume all is well. But that’s not always the case in real life. Trauma follows you sometimes, like a shadow from another room. It’s not all consuming, but it never quite leaves and it wears you down over time. Often to the point where you feel like a hollow shell. You force yourself to be happy for others but quietly resenting them because they don’t understand what you’re going through and you’re too exhausted to reach out to them so you get caught in a vicious, often destructive, cycle. And we see this here with Sarah. Not only that, but we see her start to break out of it as well.

      Sarah has an excellent support network of her sisters. Not only are they there, but they reach out to her. They listen to her, share their stories, help each other. While she always had Felix and Mrs. S, Sarah didn’t really have any good friends and was kind of a drifter. But now she’s more grounded. She has people who she can reach out to and who will always be there for her. And in real life, having a good support network can make an incredible difference in how a person is able to recover from traumatic events and situations. I love this show, all five seasons of it, but those last twenty minutes of Sarah trying to rebuild her life mean more to me than I can put into words right now. Thank you Orphan Black.

lilian-cho  asked:

Dear forcearama, I just realized today that we can see Obi-Wan's collarbones in Phantom Menace, but not in AotC and RotS. Did Obi-Wan look at himself in the mirror one day and goes, "Nope, too sexy" and decide to deprive the galaxy of his collarbones forever? Is Anakin going to look at Obi-Wan's old padawan pictures and feel ROBBED?

Oh, this is a Quality Ask. Thank you. 

Let’s take a look at this a bit closer, shall we? 

1. The Phantom Menace (I mostly just wanted an excuse to post this picture because it makes me laugh. LOOK AT THE BRAID. Even Obi-Wan looks mildly embarrassed.) 

This is like…Shockingly Revealing Clothing Territory here. Is this getup Jedi Order-Approved, Padawan Kenobi?! I see chest hair! I, for one, am scandalized. Deeply. The Duchess of Mandalore agrees with me. Someone get me my smelling salts. Collarbones and chest hair: the path to the Dark Side. (And yes, Anakin totally feels robbed.) 

2. Attack of the Clones

I’m just going to presume that he realized that he couldn’t have the Wild Wolfman Hair AND his earlier outfit situation going on at the same time or people would just be too distracted to even speak to him, so he’s brought the neckline up a bit here. (But you also know Obi-Wan was slowly revealing more of the collarbones during High Stakes Negotiating. It’s part of his ~Method~.) 

3. Revenge of the Sith 

I’m dying. He’s practically wearing a turtleneck under there! This is his most Demure Ensemble ever. Keeping in mind that his main collaborators during this time were Episode 3-Era Anakin Skywalker and His Hair, I am assuming that he covered up even more because the combined Handsome involved was flagged as a legitimate threat to the Galaxy, so he’s just going to hide 90% of his body under several ridiculously long layers of clothing most of the time. (This also makes the Dramatic Disrobe extra effective.) 

Just think: if the war had continued much longer, he’d probably have started wearing a ski mask. 

On the plus side, the high neckline probably helped minimize sunburn during his Desert Hermit Years. 

So Rachel’s clothes...

I think that Rachel’s clothes show us where her loyalties lie or at least where we’re supposed to think they lie. So far, she has worn pure white in episode 2 in her full oB zen mode when all she wanted was to appear like she wanted to help.

Then in episode 3, while she was talking to Kira, she wore black and white. White because Kira trusted her and black because we were still supposed to think that her intentions were rather shady.

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5x08 review Guillotines Decide

How do you start writing about Guillotines Decide.

Highly anticipated.Murderous.Bittersweet. Emotional.

Some people hated it.Some people got upset.The majority has mixed feelings.

Personally i loved it.

Way too many things happened in only 42 minutes.I felt the episode was 1 hour and a half, not 40+ minutes.All the major ob characters made an appearance and that was lovely. I’m happy to see another female writer getting to tell her story.After 5x05 ( Jenn Engels ) and 5x07( Renée St. Cyr ), 5x08 came with Aisha Porter-Christie .

We’re 2 episodes before the end and 5x08 needed to be the episode that bridges the conclusion of this story with what each character has accomplished so far. Episodes 9 & 10 are gonna be a 2 parter (Graeme confirmed) so Ep 8 was the prelude of the ending.

Guillotines Decide, was more than a farewell to an amazing character. It was an episode about family- the family you choose to be a part of. In the constant battle between  nature and nurture it’s our choices that define who we are and who we want  next to us.

That’s why if i had to pick one quote from this episode that ultimately defines the whole series,it would be this:

We are all mysterious works of chance, of choice, of nature vs. nurture. So, to my galaxy of women, thank you for the nurture.

Fee’s speech was everything.Full of love, support and generosity. His brush  always a doorway through  expression and musing.


It was always about Sarah.His gallery-his own house- full of different versions of her.

She was the key of analyzing how liquidable identity trully is, how the same face can have  multiple personalities and traits, how social labels destroy our own complexity , restraining us from cherishing life the way we want to.

Felix’s art night brought Cosima,Sarah and Alison together as one person.The whole 1 person-multiple personas performance was a brilliant way  of getting the sisters together in one night and watching them happy and more importantly free.

-Alison, carefree, happy to help Fee and trying to wake her inner artistic self. Donnie always with her, supporting her, happy to be a part of this extraordinary family.

-Cosima  back in her own joyous self, more dashing than ever. Laughing,dancing having Delphine with her.

-Sarah, finally realizing that DYAD is going down once and for all, getting to chill and enjoy the night.

It was a well deserved night for them and for us the viewers.After all this angst and pain this joy was much needed and justified.After all, they are so close to freedom.


  • Helena


i loooooved this line, so utterly Helena!

Thank god Gracie didn’t betray Helena again even tho she was that close..

when i saw the gun pointed at G i kinda knew she’s a gonner. So the spoiler source was right 3 persons died in 5x08 indeed.

they’re gonna gag Helena with the Hannibal mask in the next ep jfc

i’m really hoping her character/centric episode will be as intense as Rachel’s was…also her journal and memoirs are gonna be a testimony of courage throughout the next generation of sisters…

  • Rachel

god Rachel Rachel Rachel…i was so scared about the way they’re gonna handle her…i was afraid about her backstabbing S but THANK GOD they did it the right way…

Rachel’s “Be careful” to Siobhan was so broken and authentic, like there was a micro/tiny-possiblity of her subconsiously believing S’s words…

-We do everything we can, each of us in our way

-And we do it for each other.

if you look closely to this scene Rachel is crying in here…jfc she’s a mess of emotions…

… is there a chance for her to be a part of this sisterhood after everything she’s done? Does she really wants to? Will she ever be accepted? Is Siobhan her only hope of ever feeling that she belongs to something??

I haven’t seen Rachel as vulnerable and soft as in 5x08…

and i am DREADING the 2 parter cause after Graeme’s newest interview he confirms that there’s a confrontation coming between Sarah and Rachel…

can you imagine the triumvirate  Sarah,,Helena and Rachel in one scene?

omg IT’S COMING AND IT WILL BE GLORIOUS… i wonder if Helena’s “i’m gonna kill Rachel” is foreshadowing or not…


ok i really wanna set some things straight..

Ferdinand never loved Rachel..neither do i believe that the show is trying to sell us that Fernisshole deeply loved her…i don’t know what the writers have said for him in interviews- and i don’t care tbh , cause from the show itself it’s clear to  me that this isn’t love, it’s just a  game of dominance and nothing more…if the writers wanted to glorify him then he would have helped Rachel bring down DYAD because the only thing she wants is freedom…and Ferdinand never listened to her..

what’s really REALLY sad- and that’s where people should focus- is the fact that poor Rachel thinks that’s real love.

imagine how fucking mentally abused  she was all her life that she believes this is love…can you actually imagine it? How distorted is her image about love because she has never experienced it? And when a human being (let’s pretend F/asshole is human being ) doesn’t betray her then she thinks that’s love…PROTECT RACHEL FUCKIN’ DUNCAN 

the struggling attemp…i read posts saying that Rachel is crying about Ferdinand?

i mean

?????/ whAT???

Rachel hit rock bottom she doesn’t give 2 shits about Ferd

at this point,she just wants so fucking HARD to die that F is literally doing her a favor…and the reason he left her live is because HE KNOWS HOW MUCH SHE WANTS TO DIE…so he punishes her that way…not even giving her the redemption she desperately seeks in death… it’s literally freedom or death for her..jesus Rachel’s story arc is one of the most beautiful things in season 5….

there’s only one thing that trully disturbed me in ep 8 and that was the “who’s your daddy” dialogue… i choose to believe that Rachel was just playing his game, leting him say whatever makes him feel good in order to continue with the plan and set herself free..especially the “go go ahead, daddy”..she really needed him to kill her jfc


at fucking LLLAAAAaaAAAaaast

about bloody time…this episode kept giving and giving i mean?!! I never thought we would have so many Delphine moments jfc

a lot of firsts…first skype call with the ledas…first time that someone openly acknowledged her worth in protecting the ledas in front of others (Ms S in the skypecall)


for YOU, especially you Cos babe..this girl is screaming her love to you for 5 seasons…

she gave everything…her body, her life, her safety,your relationship, EVERYTHING just to keep you safe- is there anything more pure than that?

and not only that even Adele that doesn’t know Delphine at all said it!!

And Delphine, all she did was whatever Siobhan told her too…

However strong and powerful Delphine might seem, in reality she was craving to hear those words and to feel accepted…imagine living in the shadows of doubt and accusations all this time..trying to ignore everyone’s distrust because you fucking love this girl that much..her smile says it all

Cophine was glorious in this episode.And it’s not about the cuteness or fluffiness.What really got me is the sentimentality of their moments. They were finally free.

To talk,to fool around,to stupidly dance  or to do nothing at all.Things that were ruthelessly taken away from them.Things that normal couples do.And now their life together is so palpable they can almost taste it.

-you like it that much?

Cosima darling , after all this time you still don’t have a clue huh?

what really does it for me in this scene, is how Delphine is lost in the painting and her realisation while Cosima’s whole world at this moment is Del..they’re in a crowded place only breathing for each other..at this point i can’t even tell who’s  more in love

and of fucking course she would buy the painting i mean D-U-H

totally loved the

-you own me

joke in regards to the painting.. it’s a too-soon-bad-kind-of-joke aka exactly so utterly Cosima-thing to say

however the ultimate cophine scene for me in 5x08 will be this

unscripted,bittersweet and so very intimate…tears of joy is something that ob doesn’t give us very often and i wanna thank Tatiana for that…i’m in awe with that girl and her performances…she is so.freakingly.good.and.so.devoted.to.her.characters that i have MAD respect for her….and Ebro totally went for it uplifting the scene even more….they are amazing together, their chemistry is magnetic.

imagine for how long did poor Cosima bottled up all those feelings and fears…she didn’t even dare to dream how it would be like to be free..and now it’s happening and she’s not alone, and she gets to share this moment  with the person she needed the most.

Delphine is cocooning her, always the rock and shoulder to cry on.Imagine the sex after this moment (cough COPHINE WRITERS U KNOW WHAT TO DO)



A glorious farewell to a badass character.A bittersweet goodbye to a woman of multiple roles. Warrior, mother, daughter, ally,  the head of the family .The person that glued the Manning household. The invisible pillar.

It fucking broke me that S is dead. But she did it on her terms. Her death was not meaningless.It wasn’t just a “someone had to die” fiasco. Ferdinad needed to die from her hands cause they had unsettled business.I even took pleasure that he died first.Siobhan won in every way possible.She achieved what was the most important task for her : keep Kira safe, her kids alive and bring DYAD down. She did everything she was supposed to do.Killed Ferdinand to get revenge for MK and even gave Rachel a chance to reevaluate her choices/ reengage with her sisters.

S needed to to die cause Sarah needed that final push to transform to the sisterhood’s savior.

Remember episode 4? It was 200% foreshadowing

of what it means to become you.

this is it.That is the moment of Sarah’s transformation. This is how she’s going to take responsibility for everything that’s to come. Her  bonding with S will finally make her realize how is she going to save her sisters and the next generations.

Cause if we go back to s5 ep 1 and Cosima-Sarah’s exchange, Sarah didn’t care about PT or  the implications of his plan to the future generations..she just wanted her family and sisters to be ok…now tho..she knows what’s at stake..she will be stronger,bolder and more ready to fight.She will carry on her mother’s plan.

And i can’t wait to see her arise from her ashes of sorrow and make Beth and Siobhan proud.

last night i noticed two things:

1. there’s a freaking mirror behind delphine auisjaks 

2. isn’t cosima too tall here? she’s almost delphine’s height and, i’m probably very wrong but i just pictured cosima standing on something and now i wanna find a way to hug this scene i swear 🙈

i mean i might be seeing things and delphine’s probably just wearing high heels here bUT

ps: cosima is not wearing her bowtie here anymore and not to be extra or anything but i really wanna see who takes it and her tuxedo jacket off kbyye

Una espiral llamada cophine

De las relaciones que existen en Orphan Black, cophine es probablemente la más compleja e intensa de todas, por el grado de amor y devoción que Delphine profesa hacia Cosima. ¿Hay un desbalance de fuerzas?, por supuesto, desde el momento en que la Dra. Cormier entra a la vida de Cosima como su monitora, y por eso en un principio no creía mucho en Delphine, pero sus acciones me convencieron de que era sincera, no solo porque ama a Cosima, sino porque busca proteger a todo el clone club, aunque casi le cueste la vida.

1x10 fue un capítulo importante para mí desde el punto de vista fan porque me hizo reconocer que estaba frente a un ship totalmente distinto a lo que había visto antes: Delphine y Cosima quizá son opuestas, pero intelectualmente (y emocionalmente) están hechas la una para la otra. Lo mejor de todo esto es que funciona a favor de la historia y no algo que se agrega para cumplir una cuota de fanservice. Como todo el mundo, estaba muy emocionada por ver 5x05 con ese flashback que llenaría la pequeña laguna entre las escenas cophine de 1x10 y 2x01, pero tratándose de OB, intenté no tener tantas expectativas al respecto (los efectos del desastre de S3), pero quedé gratamente sorprendida por el planteamiento de todo el capítulo.

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I love how the way they handled Krystal basically paralleled how traditionally (hyper)feminine women are treated in our society. The narrative during the episode literally went from “look at this vapid beauty queen” to “she is conducting her own investigation into the clonespiracy and knows a lot more than she lets on”.

Everyone underestimated her, including the audience (I know I did!) and it was a mistake. How’s that for social commentary? Orphan Black does this kind of thing all the time and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Thank you again, Orphan Black.

Helena's Convent Scene - Orphan Black first look at s5 Analysis/Theory (spoilers)

I have seen many people pondering about the newly released snippet of a season 5 scene…I’ve seen many people wondering whether it was a dream or a flashback, whether Helenas has gone back to her old ways…

I’m about 90% sure that it was a flashback. Why would Helena just go about killing a random Ukrainian clone?? I mean you’re right, it could also be a dream, but I think it’s real enough for a flashback. Also, just look at the church. This is what eastern European churches look like. Look at the other girl. Her plait, her clothes, her babushka headscarf…to me, it looks like typical attire in rural Ukraine. Also, Helena’s clothes is nothing like what she wears now. And her fish blade?

My theory is that this was Helenas first ever clone kill. It was just some random Ukrainian clone. And she already had to be under Tomas’ supervision because she speaks English in the beginning and she’d speak Ukrainian if it were someone else. Also I think Tomas always spoke about abominations and Helena didn’t realize that they looked just like her, that’s why she was so shocked to see her face.

Sure, they may be trolling us, it may be a dream, it can be whatever. It’s Orphan Black, we’re never safe. But this is what I think it is. Unless someone manipulated Helena again, but I don’t really think so. Fight me, discuss, I’m interested to see what you think!

P.S. Remember this? https://youtu.be/iGeprgqMFLo Maria pointed out that this was a scene in a convent. Look at Tatiana’s hand motions when she tries to describe the set up. I mean…this could be the scene?

5x04 ob review - 5x05 thoughts

oh boy oh boy oh boyy…what an episode…so much information, pure mythology arc..many questions were answered and a lot more were created after that…so let’s see what we’ve got here:


well it was kinda foreshadowing from the previous episode that kira would cut herself..i like the fact that the writing team took advantage of Kira’s adolescence..she couldn’t have a passive role anymore..after all she’s her mother’s child, curious and radical to learn and to know about herself..

2.this episode was about famliy,family,family

it felt more like a Manning episode rather than a Sarah episode….

Your daughter is struggling on the threshold of what it means to become you

now THAT is a very powerful line, and for me it sets the core of Sarah’s developemet throughout the whole series…

and to be perfectly clear i am really REALLY  worried about Sarah cause she began as a wild self-centered con girl that tried to  take advantage of the situation for her own good and look how far she’s come

she’s gonna sacrifice herself for her family it’s crystal clear to me..that’s what Ms S would do and that’s why their relationship was so important in this episode, apart from mythology and storyline reasons…


the twins will be the center of the mythology, this photoshoot wasn’t random at all

Kira and the miracle babies…the monkey stuffed animal and the scissor..the heart connection

they feel eachother

sarah, helena and on the background pictures and paintings of what it means to be a family

Apart from how beautiful this scene was there was a lot of symbolism in it

-miracle babies

-like you& me

oh god i really wish i wouldn’t worry about Sarah so much but it’s painfully obvious where all of this is going…

Helena was ‘killed’ once and i don’t think Sarah will let her get hurt ever again..Rachel and PT are after the babies..there’s possibly gonna be a confrontation in ep 7 (the rachel episode)

(i can’t get out of my head that Helena will name one of her babies after Sarah cause…you know why)

Helena writes her memoirs (which i do believe now that this is what Sarah is reading after Fee’s art exhibition in the 60secs teaser cap)

Also Felix said that his exhibition is in 3 weeks so we vaguely have a timeline for this season…s5 events happen during a month more or less

4. PT, Virginia,Susan

or the old fashioned story of Frankenstein’s monster 

PT Leda Castor and moral choices…Virginia was an interesting addition to the storyline even though her survival from the explosion is a little bit absurd..

i liked the fact that Leda Clones were less dehumanized in contrast to the Castor programm..the freaky mansion (the bloody props in the laboratory gave me Bioshock vibes lol) set the atmosphere and got me hyped about the story.. the ‘monster’ on the other hand….well i was underwhelmed from the bald dude, they could have done a better job imo

PT is oblivious about Virginia , he’s not gonna be happy about it when he finds out…i wonder if Ira is gonna protect Susan or not when the time comes..the Rachel episode is gonna be chaotic that’s for sure

5. Cos-Charlotte

i love them SO much…Cosima is always so protective, she’s a natural with kids - and people in general, definitely the most extrovert clone of the basic 4- (also Tatiana is a PRO with kids, seriously i melt everytime)

i hope Charlotte survives all this mess cause i’m gonna be devastated for the poor kid :(

so all in all that was a pretty straightforward episode that was much needed.

-Some things about the MUCH ANTICIPATED episode 5

1.A lot of us (including myself ) have made theories about cosima’s parents and had the Alison centric episode as a guide to how the Cosima one will be. Having seen the 5x5 trailer and teaser i‘ll have to say:

-This episode is gonna be much more heavy case related than we imagined so what i’m gonna say is

2. lower your expectations guys.Have in mind that at least 4-5 scenes will be with Sarah/Kira, Rachel/Susan,Ira/Susan etc…there’s no time for a lot of flashbacks now that they decided to interlace plot with character evolution…Alison was the clone that was the least engaged with the mythology arc that’s why her episode was more standalone-ish. Do not expect the same now

3.Expect angst. The teaser made it clear.We knew that in relation to Delphine/Cos there’s always angst but my estimation is that now things are more tensed  than ever.

4.the fact that we didn’t get to see a lot of cophine scenes on the teaser is a good thing.They keep things unseen on purpose. They have already overexposed this episode (-especially the cophine scenes) so it  make sense not to show a lot of things now.

5.Be prepared for strong performances.Keep in mind that a sex scene might be unlikely to happen.Trust me the less you expect the more rewarding the experience will be in the end.Especially if you have a wild imagination.It is way too easy to underwhelm yourself with what if scenarios.

enough with the rambling now let cophine rise XD

“We make a family, yes?”

My attempt at making a family tree for Orphan Black after the confusing revelations of 3.09. Let me know if you find any errors. I’m sure there are many, this was so confusing to make. Full sized version at my blog.

so i was thinking and Kira surviving being hit by a car without any significant injury could possibly be because of some amazing healing ability, which could be why Rachel (and DYAD/Neolution, as seen in the promo for s5e3) want to study her. her abilities could be relevent to their goal of improving human life expectancy?

anonymous asked:

does this quote from delphine hold any significance + whats the meaning of it? "you know, for someone of your income, the lease on this place is quite expensive."

Oh, dear. This is going to be fun. 

Orphan Black is a very sophisticated show with a clear idea of the meaning behind every single line of dialogue that every character speaks. “I’m French, we enjoy lovers,” for instance, was obviously an in-depth exposé on the very real problem of how the French government deals with alleged convictions of sexual assault in the twenty-first century. 

So, naturally, we are in a safe space where we can analyze this single line of dialogue for many hundreds of words and land on something that will enrich the story and open up new avenues of thought we may not have originally realized were present. 

Let’s start with breaking down the structure of the sentence. Delphine begins with “You know…” which is an effortless nod to the fact that Delphine Cormier is, in fact, one of the smartest characters on this show. According to her birth certificate, she is actually younger than the clones, and due to her position at the DYAD as well as her clinical experience, it’s clear that she would have had to complete a joint MD/PhD program that included copious amounts of research experience, which would put her timeline at graduating university somewhere around the age of sixteen. There is no way this is a mistake on the part of the always faithful props department. Delphine Cormier was a sixteen-year-old college graduate, and the beginning of this sentence is meant to help us remember this and fear her. 

Now, on to the latter part of this sentence: “for someone of your income, the lease on this place is quite expensive.” Things get a bit complicated here, because we start talking about interest rates and credit scores and financial ratios, but (lucky for you!) I am not only a master of narrative structure but I also happen to know quite a bit about blood money, so you’ve come to the right girl. 

Let’s get some definitions out of the way first: 

income (noun): a gain or recurrent benefit usually measured in money that derives from capital or labor

lease (noun): a legal agreement that lets someone use a car, house, etc., for a period of time in return for payment

expensive (adjective): commanding a high price and especially one that is not based on intrinsic worth or is beyond a prospective buyer’s means

The first implication here is that while it has been canonically confirmed that Delphine has an MD in immunology, her PhD may be in financial investment analysis, or possibly even in corporate banking, asset pricing, or financial forecasting. We should be paying much closer attention to why Delphine is qualified to make these judgements about Shay’s financial status and what it means for her statistical knowledge of insurance coverage for gunshot wounds. 

The second thing to pay attention to here is that Shay is a character who mysteriously does not seem to attend work at all. She buys juice. She does yoga. She participates in online dating. But, does she ever participate in any activities of labor that might result in a monetary recurring benefit? Unsubstantiated. In fact, her attitude toward Cosima being late for her source of recurring monetary benefits seems rather suspiciously lax. The true conspiracy could, in fact, be that Shay is a sleeper agent who has been tasked with converting all of the Leda Project clones into a control group of unmotivated millennials, slowly turning the high-art of Orphan Black into a bad Buffy the Vampire Slayer demon of the week episode that never ends (think “The Pack” on lesbian steroids). 

Women, being a gender of entirely financially healthy humans, never rely on credit or spend outside of their means in order to obtain nice things or pay the rent on apartments with bath tubs in their living rooms, especially in this booming financial climate! The fact that Shay is one of these rare blonde butterfly women who spends “too much” money on rent (a species previously only known to exist in places like New York City, Los Angeles, and, strangely, rural Denmark) is something that the ever-brilliant writers of Orphan Black are clearly seeking to call our attention to, and we should not fail to heed their call. Could Shay be a replicant? A robot? A slayer? We must trust the writers, for only time will tell. 

ob spoilers below

ok i was randomly watching the 60sec screencaps again (lol) and just about 1 sec before the teaser ends we get to see these caps

it seems to me that  this  scene is set just before the show ends…BEFORE we get to see how each clone moved on individually and what freedom means to them

it’s like a dinner party/ chill zone where they drink and eat in a comfy sofa/chairs

helena is there, felix,sarah and cos

they read something (a journal or a book idk) and seem tired but chilled

we don’t get to see 4 persons:


2.Mrs S



now we can assume Donnie is fine because we get to see him in the next screencaps wearing a tennis outfit..

he seems happy to me so i don’t think Alison is in danger

now Krystal? i can’t see her getting hurt either…i mean if they’re going to kill off a clone i don’t think they would choose krystal

mk is another story and sadly i can see her getting hurt :(

i worry about mrs S the most….maybe that’s her journal they are reading…. Sarah seems very emotional too

now..to the important stuff lol

let’s talk about the shoulder next to cosima in the screencap below

well it could be Alison/S/Krystal

but i trully believe this is Delphine’s shoulder..it’s the kind of cloth she would wear..and the posture/height etc i think it’s her..

and if IT IS her then it’s SO BIG you guys…Delphine was never accepted in the clone family…no one ever trusted her -not even cosima-…and now she gets to be there

cherishing the moment, their victory with her gf..cosima seems happy and finaly at ease…

fingers crossed that this is legit!

This is what we do, I push too hard and you do things without my consent. That’s our relationship. Now we can end it or we can just accept it as it is. That felt like ‘accept it.’

Yeah, it’s not perfect—no one’s saying it isn’t. How could their relationship be anything other than messy when Cosima is in constant, inescapable peril and the only way Delphine knows how to deal with it is to devote everything she has to protecting her from the people who destroyed both their lives?

But I think the really important detail here is that neither of these characters know what we know. We know that they are in the middle of the last season of this show and all this shit’s all about to end. They have no idea, and that’s why these lines are so important.

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5x05 Review-Part A

A special episode like this needs a special review.I’m gonna separate my thoughts into 2 parts.In the first part I’m going to share with you my thoughts about the plot and dig deeper into Cosima’s character development.

In the second part I’m going to (obviously) overanalyze Cosima x Delphine’s progress throughout the episode, my personal favorite moments and little easter eggs I noticed! Have fun kiddos!


1.The “Monster” + Kira

So..the whole purpose of the monster’s presence was to find a link into Kira’s regeneration ability.

From what I got PT and his team experimented onto this little kid and they altered his  gene.Then they messed with the leda clones and this mutation cured the twins Helena and Sarah…they weren’t infertile anymore.

This is ironic tho because papa Duncan made the leda clones infertile for a reason. What was the reason they changed their minds?Did they see that the leda clones was a successful experiment and suddenly wanted to cure them?Or did the cure happened by accident?

This still needs to be clarified cause we have a lot of questions unanswered.

2.Kira+ Sarah+Helena+ The Connection

The common link between these 3 is the protein lin28a. Maybe there lies the truth behind their connection and how they can feel each sister but the other sisters can’t feel them back (cause they aren’t cured).

3.Rachel and the Oedipus complex

It is crystal clear that Rachel has serious family issues .She is the shining contrast of all her sisters. Even tho all of them leda sisters are children of science and bad circumstances, -results of experimental mutations- it is important to emphasize that they have family.

And it doesn’t have to do with blood relation. Sarah, Alison,Cosima even Helena have people that love them, care about them and consider them as family. Sarah has Kira,Felix and Ms S, Cosima has her parents and Delphine, Alison has her children,Donnie and even her judgemental mother.Helena stopped her self harm after she found her own personal family-her beloved sisters.But even before that she had sister Irina that helped her escape the convent.

Rachel was a truly loveless child.Even tho she was raised in a wealthy and polished environment, she was always treated as an experiment with the exception of her father maybe (when it was way too late). Now she’s searching for her papa in every face. She has daddy issues and it shows in the way she worships everything PT says. I don’t even believe that she cares for the vision itself, she just needs acceptance and a way to feel that she matters. Episode 7 will be very interesting for her, especially how the writers are gonna handle her demise.

4.Ira + Glitching

Ira is probably gonna used as a plot tool.It is highly improbable for me that he’s gonna live, so his death is gonna make Susan furious and a lot of shit are going to happen.

5.PT+ Mortality

Of course PT is dying…I wonder if he was the first clone? That’s why they lost track of him back in the 1900s…and he reappeared saying that he’s ageless…guess we’ll find out soon


You gave me life, I know you can take that away.You can’t take away my humanity.

This line shows exactly who Cosima is and what she  stands for.This is the reason I love her so much. This is what makes her special. Cosima shares some common traits with her sisters- that’s DNA material. All ledas are passionate, stubborn, impulsive and love or hate unconditionally. High ideals and morality are the traits that make Cosima unique. Her strength is not in violence but rather in the prevention from it. Her mind is her biggest ally. Her emotions completely control her and guide her. She’s a truly honest and heartfelt character, totally  harmless cause she values human life and worships science knowing too well the limits that she would never personally overstep.

Cosima craves for love cause she grew up in a healthy environment watching her parents love and support eachother. It is not random that she’s so moral and ethical and loves with such great passion. Cos’ touchstone was and will always be Delphine. She was talking about her parents and was looking at her-only hoping that someday she will achieve sth so pure and fulfilling with her (notice the hopeful and proud way she says ‘they are in love’). 

This is very important cause her insecurity concerning Del’s trust was the only thing that made her weak and in need to re-evaluate things. When she -at the end of the episode- finally closed the gaps between her and Delphine and felt completed again then she was truly and utterly fearless.She had the means to fight for this , her heart was back where it was supposed to be, and she was fueled with a purpose and a reason to live for.

Cosima is a delicately beautiful and fragile clone that hides behind humor and her good nature while is totally incapable of controlling her feelings and is just doomed to always love fiercely.I wouldn’t change a thing about her tbh.

Part B is coming in a separate post , thanks for reading! 😉