I’m wondering…how random was the fact that in both the flashback and the dressing room scenes, cosima and delphine were somehow undressing?

How accidental is the fact that cosima undresses herself in the flashback-in what seems to be one of the most vulnerable moments in her life…she’s exposed to Delphine-body and soul.. so small and sad and desperate..so utterly real..she is sick and alone and eagerly tries to find someone to hold onto

On the other hand we have Delphine undressing after the dinner.. she’s the vulnerable one in this scene…she’s risking to lose everything by letting Cosima decide the future of their relationship..she feels small and weak and needs Cosima to believe in them..it’s not in her hands anymore

I love the connection of both scenes and the shift of dynamic between the couple..it was beautiful to see them exposed in both a lyrical and physical way..

also: i’m v. confused about orphan black’s actual continuity. previous seasons indicated neolution had recruited susan, but s5 showed us she revived it with john/pt and was the mastermind behind it, using him as a figurehead because of the ~patriarchy~ so why raise rachel at all?

also, if coady was there from the early ‘70s onwards, why didn’t she seem to know about neolution at all in s3? 

why was ethan working on rebooting castor in ‘92 when we know he wanted nothing to do with neolution and take rachel away?

… and then there’s the fact rachel returned to dyad in s5 even though she was legally dead.

idk, idk, idk.

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Welcome back muse! And again a marvelous review of an episode. I love piggy-backing on your analyzes :) Visual infinity, and they layers upon layers in the epi got me thinking, that Rachel's story arc seems to slowly begin to mirror helena's. What was that convo Helena had with pupok in S3, first you have to escape the first box to know what's in the next box? (smth like that). I think Rachel did escape the first box in 5x07. And as always much love from Germany ;-)

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Muse?? Aww duuude you’re making me blush ty <3 <3

Ah Helena’s pupok , nice catch!

Helena and Rachel are basically two sides of the same coin. Sarah is what you get when you mix both of them. Emotion ,compulsion,logic and intuition.

It’s fascinating how the things that separate Helena and Rachel, also bring them together.

Both children of abuse, used as weapons.Both desperate for affection, searching for their identity ( re: “Who/what are you?”). Rachel, the facet of Science. Helena, the facet or Religion. 

You’re totally right about their mirroring journeys.Helena also began as an antihero,an extremist massive murderer that won through time the empathy of the audience. She’s a passionate, impulsive person, so  it was easier for us–the viewers- to see through her cause she wears her heart on her sleeve.

Rachel on the other hand always plans and schemes, bottling up her emotions cause she’s afraid of them.It totally makes sense that Rachel would need more time to finally make her stand in comparison to Helena.

But they’re finally getting there step by step. Let’s hope we’re  finally going to see Rachel and Helena acknowledging each other.