A new one for me: someone needing to sneeze while singing. Their voice starts shaking slightly, so it sounds like they ran out of air or they’re straining to reach a note just out of their range. The notes falter, fading in and out erratically. Then their pitch wavers, before suddenly swooping upward (almost like an orgasm sound) then breaking completely and collapsing into a sneeze.


“Is there anything else you like about me Yuuri?” he joked as he set Yuuri gently down on the bed, unwinding the other man’s arms from around his neck and trying to make sure that Yuuri wasn’t going to roll straight off the moment he let go. As soon as his arms were free Yuuri reached up again, not wrapping them around Viktor’s neck this time but cupping his cheeks, running his thumbs over the skin there and staring up at Viktor, gaze intense.

“Your eyes.” he said, the words slurred but clearly audible all the same. “You have…pretty eyes.” Viktor nearly tripped over the bed in surprise but Yuuri didn’t seem to notice. “I’ve always liked your eyes…”

I read chapter two of the brilliant @kazliin’s Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts and as always it destroyed me, especially finding out what really happened at the Olympics. Couldn’t help but try and draw a quick something for it. ;;;; Bless you for this brilliant fic. ♥


at the bar, on TV
they were talking about the casualties
four hundred and counting, and my only question was, how would you feel if one was me?
would you wish we made love again?
would you want to revisit the marks on my skin?

everything’s about you to me
everything’s about you

Sill trying to wrap my head around Helena, who is:

- A trained assassin 

- Capable of hacking into a cop’s computer

- Proficient with various weapons such as a sniper’s rifle, bow and arrow, etc

- Intelligent enough to plan a prison break and skilled enough to carry it out

- Suceeds eventually in evading both military soldiers and religious fanatics

- Probably knows 101 ways to kill you

- Knows who’s who and what’s up despite appearances and often shows up in the nick of time to save her sisters 

Is also someone who:

- Exibits a childlike innocence and curiosity as well as the ability to show mercy despite a history of being constantly abused

- Has a thing for sweets and jello with sugar

- Is captivated by fish in a tank

- Makes shadow puppets while camping with her sister to make her laugh

- Sticks her tongue out at children

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That podium scene
  • <p> <b>Yuuri:</b> Enjoying the view?<p/><b>Yuuri thinking:</b> hell yeah nikiforov, I'm finally on top of you in this fucking podium. Wooo, look at me win gold while you have fucking silver. What you gonna do about it, huh? Nothing because I'm the champion here while you're just a loser looking at me from below.<p/><b>Viktor thinking:</b> oh my god he caught me staring at him. He caught me staring at him! Shit, this is so embarrassing *blush* but wait, he's flirting with me. HE'S FLIRTING WITH ME!!! Oh shut up Chris, stop laughing. This is so embarrassing uwaaah!<p/></p>
The past three weeks...

OB promo team: Ok, they have begged long enough. Let’s finally throw the Cophine shippers a bone.

Cophine fans: WE’RE DEAD!!

(days of discussion, fan fic, fan art created)

OB promo team: Hmmm, maybe something more?

Cophine fans: GAK!!! WE’RE DEADER!!

(days of discussion, fan fic, fan art created)

OB promo team: *grins* How about this?!

  Cophine shippers’ hearts flatline.

(incoming days of discussion, fan fic, fan art created)