ob portraits

Cover painting for utterly amazing fic by angel person and incredibly good writer @sapphicqueens. No kidding, this fanfic is an actual treasure, writing goals. Check it out there, guys, you’re gonna love it! 

P.S.: No worries, I still remember of “Holding out for a hero”! Stay tuned, new page is coming ;)

I’ve been working on poster designs for a competition that the show Orphan Black is putting on. This show is my favorite so it was a no brainer that I would make an attempt. This one is the first of what I’m hoping will be five total for submitting. It was astounding to be able to feel the difference in each clone character played by Tatiana Maslany just by illustrating them. Each one started to develop it’s style and language based on who that person is in the show. I’ve really enjoyed the process thus far! Now I’m onto making some designs through screen printing techniques! Wish me luck!!!! - marystreepy.com