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Schon aufgefallen? Das bleibt beim Look der Queen immer gleich

Die Queen mag es knallig! Egal ob blau, gelb, pink oder türkis – die englische Königin liebt farbenprächtige und auffällige Outfits. Einzig bei ihrem Nagellack darf es etwas zurückhaltender sein. Laut einer britischen Zeitung lässt die 87-Jährige nur eine Marke und den immer gleichen Farbton an ihre royalen Nägel.

What the dickens?

We all know our favorite suburban soccer mom is going through hell right now. She also has a big show coming up. So in celebration of her big shining moment and to show her some love she deserves, we are throwing yet another clone-party!

And we will sing, sing, sing away the hours. Shout ‘til our throats are sore. OK I’m in when is this?

Next Friday, just before her show 2nd of May.

And we will wipe, wipe, wipe away the plasma. Scrub off every stain. Since I cannot control my asthma, I’ll stand by to entertain. Got it, what are we going to do?

Just be extra nice to Alison, post Alison gifs, fan fics, poems, fan art, you name it. Most hardcore can change their icons PINK because lets be honest, Alison would make it look pink.

Let’s show some love to the clone who thinks no one truly loves her.


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