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Just remember my loves:

Death is nothing at all, I have only slipped into the next room. You can call me by my old familiar name, put no sorrow in your tone. I promise we will laugh at this difficult passing when we meet again.

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At PaleyFest, the host asked each cast member who their favorite clone is…

In typical Ebro fashion, she gushes over her personal fave and proceeds to be an adorable, awkward, swooning, marshmallow puppy. 
Easy now, Evelyne, your Delphine is showing. 

  • Rachel Duncan Level Feminism™: stabbing out your own biomechanical eye with a shattered martini glass stem to spite the patriarchy
OB season 5 Cophine flashback scenes: the plot is stirred (more).

Previously (on OB/cophine fandom dashboards), the wardrobe and scene setting (over)analysis about this S5 “hungry” Cophine scene:

The above scene has been suggested as a potential flashback Cophine scene between S1 and S2:

Why? Note Delphine’s hair style (let’s just leave comments about its length alone, k?), shirt, necklace, and the fact they are in Felix’s loft.

Oooh! Intriguing! Why a flashback? What purpose? Many awesome fandom posts and discussions ensued.

Ready for a potentially new hint to another flashback scene?!

A recent released Evelyne interview on the OB set:

And the “It’s French” OB s5 promo:

Note her shirt? Good. Me too. Looks great on Evelyne/Delphine.

But wait… I’ve seen this shirt before??! (WARNING, s3 trigger footage ahead)

The warm studio vs cold parkade lighting would change the hues of the shirt a bit, but same shirt yeah? Does this hint to a s3 flashback? 

Well a quibble about that: if this is a true s3 flashback, Delphine’s hairstyle would have to be straight and clearly on this s5 promo filming day Delphine’s hair (and all other parts of her) isn’t straight. That doesn’t discount the possibility of a s3 flashback as hair can be magically straighten so why reuse a specific s3 shirt? 

I don’t think Dr. Cormier buys multiples of the same shirt. I’m sure that she can afford a diverse wardrobe of monochrome attire ensembles (psst, Delphine, invest in a fancy black/white bulletproof vest. k? Trust us on this. - love the fans).

However, I will provide a logistic production reasoning. It could be that OB wardrobe decided to use up leftover s3 shirts for the promos (leftover? wha? Well, Del was shot in this shirt and when one is filming messy bloody scenes, it can be *VERY* useful to have a supply of the same shirts on hand in case you need to do new takes).

But still - another reuse of the past season wardrobes… what ARE they up to?

TL;DR : ooooh a new Delphine post.

You’re welcome.


@kazliin of bright stars and burning hearts: chapter 4 moodboard

So Rachel’s clothes...

I think that Rachel’s clothes show us where her loyalties lie or at least where we’re supposed to think they lie. So far, she has worn pure white in episode 2 in her full oB zen mode when all she wanted was to appear like she wanted to help.

Then in episode 3, while she was talking to Kira, she wore black and white. White because Kira trusted her and black because we were still supposed to think that her intentions were rather shady.

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