ob clones


This one’s for you @punk-rock-science ! Thanks so much for the prompt, hope you enjoy it!

hey friend! noticed you were taking prompts for OB! :) could you write a fic about cosima discovering that sarah rides a motorcycle? :D thanks!

“We need to get you out, Cosima. You’ve been way too cooped up with your head in the science. You must be batshit crazy by now.” Sarah mumbled into her cell phone, slumping down into the spinning chair in front of Felix’s array of unfinished canvases. She sat with her legs as far apart as possible, almost falling off the chair as she she relaxed into it. 

“I can’t, Sarah. I appreciate the concern for my mental health, at least I think that’s what that was, but I’m really close to a breakthrough right now and I’m sorry but I can’t just remove my head from the science. My head is the science.” Cosima rambled distractedly.
Sarah groaned, eating a stray biscuit from the table beside her.
“I’m coming to get you.” She said sternly.
“Sarah, no. Can’t you call Alison and get her to play with you instead? The whole point of clone club is that there are multiple options. Surely you can find at least one of us that isn’t insanely busy trying to save all of our lives as we speak.” Cosima muttered sarcastically, feeling slightly under appreciated.
“See you in a bit, Cos.” Sarah said with a smirk, throwing her leather jacket over her shoulders as she slid into her thick black boots before slamming Felix’s door excitedly.

The rumble of the engine between her legs was refreshing as Sarah repeatedly called Cosima’s cell, knowing that it would eventually pull her outside in a rage. 

“Sarah! Seriously, Sarah, where are you?” Cosima came stomping out from the building, pulling her long red coat tighter across her body. It was raining softly, not that Cosima had even noticed the weather. She’d been in the lab since dawn, the scent of fresh rain going completely unnoticed by her until she found herself rushing through it.
“Sarah - Oh my God.” Sarah removed her helmet swiftly, shaking her hair messily before gesturing to the bike between her legs.
“Eh? Whatdya think? Pretty snazzy, right?” Sarah did a little shimmy before climbing off of the seat and striding her way over to a very confused, yet excited Cosima.
“Sarah, what the hell? You ride a motorcycle? That’s totally badass.” Cosima said with a giggle, walking over to caress the leather seat.
“Thought you might like it. Wanna go for a ride?” Sarah offered, ushering her helmet in Cosima’s direction.
“Don’t worry, this will keep this brilliant brain of yours safe.” She said with a smile.
“Are you kidding? Of course I do. But there’s just one thing, can I drive?” Cosima asked deviously.
“Don’t push it, mate. Get on.” Sarah said with her brightest smile, the one that was reserved for her sisters only.
“God, this is awesome.” Cosima muttered into her helmet, wrapping her arms around Sarah’s waist and allowing the pressure of the wind against her body to distract her from her frantic thoughts. She linked her fingers as they rested against Sarah’s abs. It was impossible not to notice the incredible shape Sarah happened to be in, Cosima was often preoccupied - but she wasn’t blind. The breeze was intense as they sped through the city streets, Sarah’s harsh cackle warming Cosima’s insides every time she heard it. She was worried for Sarah’s head, considering she had practically stolen her helmet, but the way Sarah’s hair danced in the wind was enough to convince her not to complain. The ride was over all too quickly, Sarah helping Cosima’s fragile body off the vehicle. Cosima coughed, the rattle from inside her chest made Sarah cringe.
“C'mon, let’s sit you down.” She said, almost mothering.
“I’m not a child, Sarah.” Cosima bit, frustrated with her own body.
“Yeah, I get that, Cos. But adults can still sit down, especially sick ones. And besides, I brought us somewhere nice if you’d care to give it a look.” Cosima glanced around the trees, the sun trying its best to shine through the gray of the clouds. It took her a few moments to notice they were at the look out on the edge of town. The mix of the winter darkness and the hopeful beams of sunlight made the city sparkle, it was completely mesmerising.
“Wow, Sarah. This is..” Cosima started, too deep in awe to finish her sentence.
“I know, right? Fe and I used to sneak up here when S was giving us a hard time. I always thought it could be so much more romantic, especially without Fe talking my ear off. Thought maybe I’d appreciate it more with you.” Sarah stared at Cosima’s back, reaching her hand out to touch her shoulder.
“It’s beautiful.” Cosima beamed.
“Yeah well, it’s not the only beautiful view tonight.” Sarah said cockily.
“Did you just use a pick up line on me, seriously? And that one, of all the things you could have said. I don’t even get to be an angel fallen from heaven, I’m just the second most beautiful thing you can see.” Cosima said with a laugh, inching closer to a struggling Sarah.
“Nah, never said you were the second most beautiful now did I?” Cosima shook her head, unable to remove her eyes from Sarah’s.
“You are not good at this.” She whispered, close enough that Sarah could feel Cosima’s breath breezing over her lips. She smelt sweet, cherry like.
“Oh yeah? And like you’re much better. We’ve got the same genetics remember? If I’m shit at talking to women then so are you.” Sarah spoke with her eyes fixated on Cosima’s mouth. The way that her tongue came out to gently lick her chapped bottom lip had her spinning.
“Shut up, Sarah.” Cosima breathed.
“You shut up.” Sarah muttered before attaching her lips to Cosima’s. They explored each other’s mouths until the cold became too much for Cosima to bare.
“Alright, let’s get you home.” Sarah whispered against her lips.
“Maybe I don’t want to go home yet.” Cosima moaned, taking Sarah’s bottom lip in between her teeth.
“What about if I come with you?” Sarah said with a smirk.
“That’s more like it. Oh, and one more thing.” Cosima mumbled against Sarah’s moist lips.
“You’re not driving, shit head.” Sarah groaned kindly.
“I love it when women call me shit head, honestly nothing gets me more in the mood.” Cosima joked, snatching the keys out of Sarah’s pocket.
“I’m driving.” She said with a wink.