oaxacan green


Matt Forbeck tweeted this yesterday, revealing the names of the stories and their authors in Halo: Fractures - which releases 10 days from now.

Lessons Learned - Matt Forbeck (31 pages)

What Remains - Morgan Lockhart (13 pages)

Breaking Strain - James Swallow (36 pages)

Promises to Keep - Christie Golden (45 pages)

Shadow of Intent - Joseph Staten (91 pages)

The Ballad of Hamish Beamish - Frank O’Connor (5 pages)

Defender of the Storm - John Jackson Miller (30 pages)

A Necessary Truth - Troy Denning (37 pages)

Into the Fire - Kelly Gay (27 pages)

Saint’s Testimony - Frank O’Connor (28 pages)

Rossbach’s World - Brian Reed (13 pages)

Oasis - Tobias Buckell (36 pages)

Anarosa - Kevin Grace (23 pages)

Oaxacan Green Dent Corn from the Zapotecs, indigenous people of southern Mexico. Used for hominy and ground into masa for tamales and tortillas. Excited to grow a few hundred plants of these beautiful and delicious cobs this year! #oaxacangreendent #oaxacangreencorn #oaxacangreendentcorn #zeamays #heirloomcorn #zapotec #oaxaca #dentcorn #roughwoodseedcollection #seedkeeping #cornseeds