oaxaca coast


Huatulco, Oaxaca - Mexico 

A new month and a new adventure to my beloved homeland.
Taking a few days out from my new job I was able to escape to the beautiful city of Huatulco, located on the coastal area of Oaxaca, Mexico.

The city sits but a few hours from Mexico City via airplane or for an even more economical options, an overnight bus. This beautiful coastal town is one of the more developing towns in the recent decade who has gone through numerous change to establish itself as one of the top tourist towns in Oaxaca. The city contains various bays and nearly thirty six beaches, many yet unchanged by locals or businesses to offer a truly peaceful experience.

Having spent a few days exploring the city and its beaches was truly relaxing, clear water, delicious food and friendly locals.
Truly a great escape for those looking for something new and low-key and if you aren’t satisfied enough, the coastal area offers easy route up to explore Puerto Escondido, Puerto San Angel etc all beautiful beach town in their own rights.

Safe trip and fun exploration! - Len R. Cruz