Ok, so everyone has been doing these lately so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon. Haha get it? (Sorry, that was the lamest thing I’ve ever said). Anyway, its been a crazy year for this blog and Ive been through some pretty drastic changes, but I would like to thank all of the AM fans who have welcomed me to this madness, I’ve never felt more welcome anywhere in my life. So, here’s a list of all the amazing people on this site, mostly mutuals, but I love you all! Ps, bold = babes.


505babeeyy, 505dancingshoes


ac-villager, alexanderdelturner, alexanderismybaby, alex-fricking-turner, alexhelders, alexsexualslave, alexturnah, all-myown-stunts, allyoupeoplearefuckingvampires, an0ther-fucking-shalalala, arcgifmonkeys, arctic-alex-t, arctic-alexturners, arcticcholos, arct1c-m0nkeyz, arcticmonkeysmileskane, arctic–paramore, babeyouresodark, bemyhumbug, berserk-asfuck, bigbooty-queen, blondosonichellcat, californiapollution, canopy1917, certify-mind-blower, cornerstonedancer, cornerstorm, cryingflourescentlightning, crying-lightning-, crying505


dancelittlearabella, dance-little-illusion-machine, dancelittlemonkey, disfordancefloorfake-tales-of–arabella, fat-nymph, fl-luorescent, fuckyeahthedeathramps


goinbacktofiveofive, h-eavenlywaystodie, hellacious-dystopia, hipstahgirll, his-way-or-no-way-totalitarian, iamdedrabbit, iamtoobusybeingyours, ierostorm, inf1nityonhigh, invoicemeforthemicrophone, insincerely-y0urs, iwantalexturnerhard


janicacoolbeans, justarctic, koenigofficial, linking-arms-sinking-hearts, littleillusion-machine, lolajot, loves-notwhatineed, love-wonderful-life, l505l


merrybum, mileskanevevo, milex-matching-leather, miiserablelittletyke, nerdsloveme, oauka, originalfabfour, orpneus


piledriverwaltzs, potionhasapproached, prettyfuckingvisitors, prettxvisitors, qualityturner, queenoasismonkeys, robot-from1984, rockingonthemoon, r-u-thunderstorms


satsumah, sebastian-my-stansexy-little-fuck, sheisjustoneintwentyfour, somardybum, sortafeelslikeimrunningoutoftime, squidwardia, strikestwo, sydkneesocks, tedddypickerrr, the-death-rampz, thhestrokes, thejewellerhands, the-young-0nes, turner-fever, u-dont-win-friends-with-salad


vestidosdeagua, viewfromthesecretdoor, watching-starwas-withturner , wellbutrin-y-yo, whenthezeros, wonderwall-arabella, xdoiwannaknowx, xsecretkey, yesalexturner, you-said-such-sweet-things

Thank you so much to all these wonderful people, you are all fantastic and never fail to make my day! If I have missed anyone, please contact me asap so I can put you on this list. I love you all, happy holidays!!!