Have you ever felt a potential love for someone?

Like, you don’t actually love them and you know you don’t, but you know you could. You realise that you could easily fall in love with them. It’s almost like the bud of a flower, ready to blossom but it’s just not quite there yet. And you like them a lot, you really do. You think about them often, but you don’t love them. You could, though. You know you could.

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The Orphan!AU gang plays Risk. It goes about the same as the board game in the show expect that lil'Ruby keeps calling the country's on the map by foods that originate from them, and so smarty pants Rice has to translate.

Haha she only gets people’s name wrong other than that, she can pronounce it with no problem.

How do you tell a six-year-old
That we don’t live forever?
What do you reply with,
When she asks why Grandpa never came around
To fix her bike, when he said he would?

You tell her that Grandpa’s dead.
Just say it flat out.
Tell her that he was buried
At St. Peter’s Church down the road
Last Sunday,
And that there are a crowd of Magnolias
Sitting on his marble grave.
Tell her he was old and that he was never
Going to live any longer.

When she asks what being dead means,
Tell her Grandpa can’t fix her bike anymore,
Even if he promised.
Tell her that it is not his fault.
He would if he could.
If she asks why he didn’t die after
Her bike chain was fitted back into place,
Tell her that
Death couldn’t wait for that.

Don’t sugar-coat it.
Don’t let her think that Heaven
Is more beautiful than Earth.
She will end up hating life.
Subliminally, as she grows,
As she blooms into questioning a adolescent
And she feels that life just isn’t enough,
She will remember when you told her
That Grandpa is happier now.
She will search for peace within the soil,
Covered in Magnolias.

Just tell her that death is a beautiful thing.
But it isn’t any more pretty when you crush a bug
Than when you kick the bucket
Below the rope.
Tell her that life is what she is searching for.

And if Heaven exists,
And if it is as amazing as it seems,
It can only be filled with what she loved
Here on Earth.
Don’t dismiss breathing as a chore,
Because breathing helps you laugh,
And stops you from suffocating when you kiss,
And warms up your neck when you lie
Next to your lover,
And reminds you that one day,
You won’t breathe any longer.

Tell a six-year-old
That we don’t live forever
Because all good things will come to an end;
Whether we see them as good or not.
And tell her that Grandma will come around next Saturday
To fix the chain,
And she can ride up and down the road
Until late afternoon.

—  How To Tell a Six-Year-Old About Death - Warona J.

If someone has ever hurt you, and you have developed a certain hate towards them, lose it now. You see, love and hate are at opposite ends of the spectrum, right? They are two extremes. And both love and hate have one thing in common; taking over your head space. If you love someone, they are all you will think about. If you hate someone, the same goes, just in a negative way - which is much more self-destructive. You need to find the neutral balance in the middle of this spectrum. You need to become apathetic, so this person is nothing but a withering thought in your brain; something trivial, unimportant to your time and effort.

Don’t ever hate anybody, because that is just as bad as loving them.

—  Warona J.
I do not believe in the phrase, ‘Everything happens for a reason’. That’s a complete lie to me. Nobody hurts for a reason. Nobody gets hit by a car for a reason. Nobody gets cancer, raped, lives in poverty for a reason. Nobody even falls in love for a reason, or wins the lottery or is rewarded for a reason. It shouldn’t be like that. We are all just subatomic particles and moving atoms in a universe that doesn’t owe us anything. The galaxy doesn’t even have a pure reason for its existence. Fate was invented to reassure us of the unpredictability of time and space. Don’t feel as if you deserved any pain you ever felt. It was meant to be, just as much as it wasn’t.
—  W.J

Angelou was a close associate with Malcolm X prior to his assassination and had plans to start a new effort with him to advance African-American rights. According to Angelou, she planned to jump-start the Organization of African-American Unity with Malcolm X. The two intended to vocalize the issues plaguing black people in the U.S. to the United Nations, with the hope that the international body would assist in their struggle…

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–  Maya Angelou on Malcolm X