On July 4th occupiers from around Texas convened at the Texas Capitol to share knowledge, make connections and find out the top priorities for the movement in Texas. We engaged in the same Visioning Process as the National Gathering as a show of solidarity and Support. Here is the current list. We can use this as a starting point and a gathering point for moving forward.

Top Issues

*Money out of Politics (End Corporate Person hood, End Citizens United)

*End War (on Nations, on Terror, on Drugs and Civil Liberties)

*A True Participatory Democracy

*A Sustainable Society (environmental stewardship)

*Basic Human Rights and Equality (Education, Healthcare, Housing, Nutrition)

*Fair and Transparent Financial Practices

Social/Civil Justice

*Right to Healthcare (single payer was the most popular approach)

*Right to Education

*Right to Affordable Housing

Freedom of Thought

Right to a Job

End Private Prisons

Declaration of Children’s Rights

Adherence to U.N. Declaration of Human Rights

Immigration Reform

End Anti-Homelessness Laws

Native American Justice

End Indoctrination

Make all Media Public

Repeal Patriot Act

Right to Nutrition

Public Transit Access

Separation of Church and State

Workers Bill of Rights

Consumer Bill of Rights

Decriminalize Hemp

Equality for All

Pay cap for executives to be the exponent of base employee pay

Economic Justice

*End Corporate Person hood

Prosecute Financial Crimes

End Oil Subsidies

End Corporate Welfare

Living Wage Laws

Reinstate Glass–Steagall

Return Coining of money to Treasury

Overturn Fed Reserve Act

Alternate Currencies

Financial Security

Preserve the Commons

Abolish Capitalism

Run Finance as regulated utility

Erase debt record

Financial transparency

Tax and Regulate Drugs

Fair TradeProtect Anti-Trust and Monopoly Laws

Regulate Big Business and Corporations

Fair Taxation

Free Market

End the Fed

No Bailouts

Less regulation on small business

End Insurance Mandates

Political Justice

No Law Restricting Health Science

Free Political Prisoners

Election Day Holiday

A People written Constitution

True Democracy (direct or otherwise)

End Electoral College

Easy Access to Voter Registration

Paper Ballots

Make recall of elected officials easier

Non-Partisan Redistricting

End Corporate Person hood

End Citizens United

Fair Elections

Publicly Funded Elections

End Super PAC’s and unlimited anonymous spending

Return to Fairness Doctrine and expand from just media to advertisements and Politics

Respect Term Limits

Investigate Misinformation Campaigns

Less Governmental Control

Run off Voting, preferably Instant Runoff Voting (IVR)

Reduce Financial & Legal barricades to running for office

Would like to see an annual citizen’s review panel to critique the policies of the current administration. The panel should be made up of respected intellectuals such as Chomsky, Hedges, Lessig, etc. It should also be as accessible as the presidential debates.

Open up the interpretation of the constitution to citizens. 5 people should not be able to write into law what millions disagree with.

Environmental Justice

Sustainable Society

Label GMO’s

Food Subsidy Transparency

Increase sustainable energy

Abolish Nukes

Recycle College Text Books


End Chemical and Biological Warfare

End use of Nuclear Weapons

End Abuse of security concerns as a way to curtail Civil Liberties

Create Dept. of Peace

Police Reform

No Police or Military

End Drug War

End All Wars

End Empire

Cut Military spending in half

Repeal Patriot Act

Peace in the Middle East

Alternative Society

Non-Governmental Community Councils

Greater Civic Involvement

Non-Oppressive Systems

Transition Communities

Better Communities

Right to Live to full potential

New Occupy Party

No Political Parties

Less Nationalism, more World Wide Focus

Should focus on cooperation over competition

Photo Via John Anderson of Austin Chronicle


An Evening with Occupy Austin (pt.1)

As part of my newly initiated “I probably need stop drinking beer everyday and do something productive” campaign, I decided to swing by Austin City Hall for the #f3 Eviction Potluck.


Things remained pretty low-key, despite a near constant police presence.  A high point for me was watching the reaction from both cops and Occupiers when the PA started blasting KRS One’s “Sound of da Police.”


Overall, it was great getting to talk to folks and seeing people taking the time to participate in direct action.  It’s way to easy to watch from the sidelines so far, but I’m excited about getting out, meeting more people, and continuing to learn how to use my camera.

"A New Declaration"

So here is where we stand with 9 days to go.  Our list of people coming seems to be growing, we are hoping for a good final surge, flyers are going up around Austin, TX.  Houston has made T-shirts to promote the event, I understand possibly Dallas is doing some flyering as well.  We have a rough outline, which should be and needs to be finalized on Wednesday.  

This wednesday we are doing an Event to help us raise some funds for potential Bail, last minute food/water at Hole in the Wall on Guadalupe, and we will be selling Raffle Tickets for the Tom Morello Signed Guitar.

We have Dedicated a catch phrase (so to speak) for the event, “A New Declaration,” cause let’s face it, not sure our Declaration of Independence is really up to par with the way we treat our world and those on it.  We must demand better!

Here is a rundown of the events as of now… this may change a bit, check here or at occupyaustin.org/OccupyJ4 for the final list which should be up this Thursday for sure, but for now…

July 3rd

6 pm Dinner

7 pm Statewide GA

This will be mainly announcments /report backs

Perhaps a proposal on where to sleep?

9 pm training for facilitation for the next day

July 4th

9 am Arrival / breakfast

10 am explanation of process

10 am Interfaith WG on site to start mediation, tai chi, and other faith options.

This can be moved up or shortened. Confirmed with & Contact Virginia Lu or Jack.

10:30 am -12: 30 pm Consensus Process for Declaration

11:30 am First Round of Teach Ins

12:30 pm Lunch

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm Consensus Process resumes

1:30 pm Second Round of Teach Ins

2:30 pm Third Round of Teach Ins

3:30 pm Snack Time!

4 pm Begin Amplified Sound

4:00 - First musician: Bill Oliver and Thom Poet. per Jack - confirmed both.

4:30 First speaker

5 pm Second Musician: Steve Brooks, per Jack via Dana McBride - confirmed.

5:30 Second Speaker - “Resistance” (person well known to OA) - confirmed by Jack.

6 pm Third Musician: Paula Maya confirmed per Jack

6:30 pm Reading of New Declaration

7 pm March to City Hall

8 pm Dinner at City Hall

Fireworks at City Hall

We have at 11:30am, July 4th teach-ins.  The OccuKripz (disabled individuals) leading a teach-in.  Occuqueers leading a teach-in on Direct Action in the State Legislature.  Ellen Friedman, doing a teach-in on “The Commons.”  Amy Price, leading a teach-in for Community Sings.  

At 1:30pm, Amanda Austin and OccupyAISD, doing a teach-in on Education.  Chas Moore, on the Austin East Side.  Mandalay or Theresa on the Seaway Pipeline.  Ronny Knape on Marginalization and Criminalization of the Occupy Movement, Police Tactics to intimidate and discredit opposition to government policy.  

At 3:30pm Mel from Beaumont, Money in Politics and Citizens United.  Antonio Buehler on the Peaceful Streets Project.  Dave Cortez on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  Concious Relationships WG from #OATX, Dependence and Independence in Relationships.  

I do believe more will be following, and there are groups requesting tables at this event as well, so if you want to join and add more to our discussions please email us at Occupyyourcapitol@gmail.com