My introduction to American desserts has begun well.

The lovely @white-rainbowff sent me my first educational package which contained Twinkies, Oatmeal Creme Pies and HoHos, which apparently you should be familiar with if you’re from the US. Thank you so much!

Firstly: MY GODS THE AMOUNT OF SUGAR!!! My first bite into a HoHo was immediately followed by something that resembled a brain-freeze, but I ate it all because I love to eat and the taste was good. I only was able to eat three at once, then I had take a break.

When I had recovered the next day, I ate the local specialty candy recommended by @white-rainbowff : cactus candy! I didn’t even know you can eat it, but apparently with a little courage and a lot of sugar everything is eatable. In truth it was really delicious, it tasted a little like mango!

Thank you so much for sweetening my day and ruining my diet. ;) Everything was wonderful!

Fourth Time's the Charm

there were so many lovely v-day ficlet suggestions! I will definitely be writing more! Here’s the first one, inspired by vulcanfrecklesderek attempting multiple times to ask stiles out for valentine’s day but stiles bulldozing right over it because he’s clueless.

It starts because Derek overhears a conversation.

“Scott,” Stiles is saying, “It’s fine.”


“It’s fine. Ask Kira to go out with you this weekend.”

“We can go another time–”

“Okay, seriously? One of us has to get some action on Valentine’s Day, otherwise it’s just going to be sad. Don’t make me threaten you, dude.”

Derek can’t see their faces from where he is in the school parking lot, but he can imagine the way Stiles looks (eyebrows quirked, backpack slung over one shoulder, full lips stretched into a grin that’s just shy of self-deprecating). 


He tells himself he isn’t going to do anything about it. 

He tells himself that it doesn’t matter that Stiles will spend Valentine’s Day alone because hundreds of thousands of people do that every year. 

He does it every year. 

Then he thinks about Stiles’s scuffed up Adidas and the way his laundry detergent always lingers in the air; the rabbit-fast beat of his heart and the slope of his neck and the time Isaac asked were you lonely.


When he’s at Wal-Mart the next day, he spots Stiles standing in the middle of the Valentine’s Day aisle deliberating between two packs of chocolate. He stops abruptly and he grits his teeth so hard they hurt and even though this has to be some sort of cosmic joke, he turns his cart down the aisle. 

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I used to skip my bagged lunch in high school to buy one of these puppies. I’d always take an immediate post-lunch nap (or sugar crash) in my AP Euro class.

hm. I wonder why?


Pro-Tip: if a “friend” buys these for you for your 21st birthday because she knows about this confession, and you’re in a low point in life (read: 20 lbs overweight, depressed, drinking too much)… she’s not your real friend. she’s a frenemy.