THIS DAY IN HISTORY:  July 28th, 1540- King Henry VIII marries Katherine Howard

On the 28th, the same day that Master Secretary Thomas Cromwell was executed, Henry VIII married his “rose without a thorn”, young Katherine Howard, at Oatlands Palace. 

The historian Agnes Strickland writes of how “the king had exhausted his treasury when he married his Flemish bride [Anne of Cleves], so he could not honour Katharine Howard with either a coronation or a marriage festival.“

Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)

  • taken at the Oatland Island Wildlife Center near Savannah, Georgia.
  • status: least concern

I didn’t really take any animal photos at the Wildlife Center on this trip that I liked but fortunately one of the foxes was in a great spot for photographs! And curled up in the most adorable way!

Southern Black Racer

I’m pretty sure that’s what this guy here is. He and his lady friend were having a good time on the side of the path. I hardly ever see snakes at all and on this one trip I saw three separate wild ones.