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Feelings I Can’t Explain (L.D.H)

Part. 1

“Y/n just confess already” Mark said as he started to flip through the channels on your T.V.

“I can’t do that… he’s my best friend” Mark clears his throat and looks at you.

“Sorry” you raise your arms in defense “One of my best friends.” Mark nods in approval.

“All I’m saying is that you two are basically the same damn person.”

“I’ll confess tonight okay?” Mark nods and says “I’m sure he’s gonna like you back.”

You shrug and turn to your door as someone just knocked on it. “You never know Mark, come in!” you yell a little too loudly.

“Who’s at the door?” “I think it’s Donghyuk with the pizza” you say smiling.

As you say that Donghyuk walks in holding a box in his right hand. “I sense a great disturbance in this room…. oh it’s just Mark” you laugh and hit his shoulder.
“Don’t be mean to Mark” “Y/n, telling me to be nice to Mark is like throwing a fish on land and telling it to breathe, it’s unnatural” he throws the box onto your bed.

“God forbid you get sauce on that bed, or y/n will kill you” Mark says grabbing a piece of pizza while staring the show he turned to.

“She wouldn’t kill me, she loves me too much, right y/n?” He looks over at you smiling. Oh how you loved his smile. “It’s debatable.”

He pouts “At least say you love me more than Mark.” “Donghyuk I love you both equally, at times” you laugh and walk out of the room to get drinks.

Donghyuk sits next to Mark and hits his head “hey, what does she mean by ‘at times’ I’m supposed to be the favorite.”

“You are the favorite” Mark says not turning his head away from the T.V. “Really?” “Yeah…. at times” Mark breaks out laughing. You walk back into your room confused at all the laughter. “Is Mark laughing at himself again?” Donghyuk nods. “Thought so.”

Mark frowns while crossing his arms “Some people actually think I’m funny” You roll your eyes. “Your mother doesn’t count” Donghyuk exclaimed and then laughs.

“This is slanderous and I don’t deserve this treatment” He yells. “ You signed up for this when you took the oath of friendship” “Curse that oath.”

The next morning you and y/f/n are walking to class having your normal small talks about things like school work and the gossip going around school.

“Hey y/f/n I know we aren’t that close but can I ask you a personal question?” You ask stopping from walking.

She looks a little confused at first but complies “yeah, sure” she smiles. No wonder Donghyuk likes her, she’s so pretty.

“Do you like Donghyuk? Because he seems to like you a lot.” Y/f/n starts to blush. “Who told you that I liked him?”

“No one really? I was just asking a question” you shrug. “He likes me? I always thought he liked you” She smiles brightly.
“No, we’re only friends. I can assure you that” you laugh slightly and continue walking to class.

It was slowly killing you knowing that you would eventually have to give your best friend away to her but it was for his happiness.

“Well I think you should talk to him, you two would be cute together” you smiled giving her a reassuring smile.

She hugs you tightly “y/n thank you thank you thank you how could I ever repay you?”

“Oh no, don’t worry about it, you’re happiness is payment enough” but…. what about your own happiness.

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The Queen’s Favorite

A fic that I’ve gotten requests for, including from @jandsstark and @what-would-ww-do! The theme being: post season 8, Jon realizes he doesn’t deserve Sansa.

Oh, and fan cast Charlie Cox as Ser Patrek (not Stardust Charlie Cox, Daredevil Charlie Cox. But, you know, in a doublet… So… if Netflix did an adaptation of Marvel 1602?).

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Blind Guardian - Nightfall in Middle-earth [full album]
Nightfall in Middle-Earth is a concept album by Blind Guardian, released in 1998. It is Blind Guardian's sixth studio album. The album is based upon J. R. R....

The album retells the events in The Silmarillion, beginning with an episode at the end:

  1. In “War of Wrath”, Sauron advises his master Morgoth to flee the triumphant Valar in the War of Wrath. Morgoth sends him away and reflects on the events leading up to his defeat.
  2. In “Into the Storm”, Morgoth and Ungoliant, fleeing from Valinor after having destroyed the Two Trees, struggle for the possession of the Silmarils.
  3. “Lammoth” is the scream of Morgoth with which he fights off Ungoliant.
  4. In “Nightfall”, Fëanor and his seven sons mourn the destruction wrought by Morgoth, including the slaying of Finwë, Fëanor’s father, and swear to get revenge on him, in spite of the Valar’s disapproval.
  5. “The Minstrel” is most likely about Maglor, son of Fëanor, who composed the song “The Fall of the Noldor” based on the Kinslaying.
  6. In “The Curse of Fëanor”, Fëanor expresses his wrath and anger and relates the misdeeds he commits, especially the Kinslaying, in pursuit of Morgoth.
  7. In “Captured”, Morgoth addresses the captive Maedhros, Fëanor’s son, and chains him to the Thangorodrim mountains.
  8. In “Blood Tears”, Maedhros relates the horrors of his captivity and his deliverance by Fingon.
  9. “Mirror Mirror” recounts how Turgon, in view of inevitable defeat, builds the city of Gondolin, aided by Ulmo (“The Lord of Water”).
  10. In “Face the Truth”, Fingolfin reflects about the destiny of the Noldor.
  11. In “Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns)”, Fingolfin recounts his Noldor army’s passage from the icy waste of Helcaraxë and the prophecy by Mandos about the Noldor’s fate; he reflects on his own and his people’s guilt and foreshadows their ultimate defeat.
  12. “The Battle of Sudden Flame” refers to the battle in which Morgoth breaks the Siege of Angband using his Balrogs and dragons. The lyrics tell of how Barahir of the House of Bëor, with great loss to his own company, saved the life of the Elven king Finrod Felagund, and in return Finrod swore an oath of friendship to Barahir and all of his kin.
  13. “Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill)” is about Fingolfin riding to the gates of Angband to challenge Morgoth to a duel. Fingolfin wounds Morgoth seven times but is eventually killed.
  14. “The Dark Elf” refers to Eöl who seduced Turgon’s sister and fathered Maeglin, who would eventually betray Gondolin.
  15. In “Thorn”, Maeglin reflects on his situation and decides to betray Gondolin to Morgoth.
  16. “The Eldar” is Elven king Finrod Felagund’s farewell to his people, dying from wounds sustained by saving his human friend Beren from a werewolf, thereby fulfilling his oath to the House of Bëor.
  17. In “Nom the Wise”, Beren mourns his friend Finrod. Nóm means “wise” and was the name given to Finrod by Beren’s forefather Bëor.
  18. In “When Sorrow Sang”, Beren sings about his love to the Elven princess Lúthien and his death at the teeth of Morgoth’s wolf Carcharoth. Last part is about Mandos listening to Luthien song about their grief experienced by being different in kin.
  19. “Out on the Water” refers to the last dwelling-place of Beren and Lúthien.
  20. In “The Steadfast”, Morgoth curses his captive Húrin who steadfastly refused to reveal the secret of Gondolin.
  21. In “A Dark Passage”, Morgoth ponders his triumph in the fifth battle. The song also relates the origins of the kindred of men and Morgoth’s curse on Húrin to be witness to his children’s tragic fate.
  22. “Final Chapter (Thus ends …)” concludes the album, speaking of Morgoth’s victory by the “treachery of man” but also of the hope for a new day.
  23. “Harvest of Sorrow” is the bonustrack on the remastered version of the album. Túrin mourns the loss of his sister Niënor.

The cover art for the album features Lúthien dancing before Morgoth, from “The Tale of Beren and Lúthien”.

Oaths and Doom and all that: The Beren and Finrod Edition

I said I wanted to produce more Beren content, so here you go.

During my time in the tumblr Silm famdom, I’ve seen a lot of posts about Finrod’s oath and his decision to join Beren’s quest, and I think most of them have been pretty inconsistent with what actually happens in canon. So here’s my take on that, first with quotes, then with a little headcanon/speculation of my own. 

It is told in the Lay of Leithian that Beren passed through Doriath unhindered, and came at length to the region of the Twilight Meres, and the Fens of Sirion; and leaving Thingol’s land he climbed the hills above the Falls of Sirion, where the river plunged underground with great noise. Thence he looked westward, and through the mist and rains that lay upon those hills he saw Talath Dirnen, the Guarded Plain, stretching between Sirion and Narog; and beyond he descried afar the highlands of Taur-en-Faroth that rose above Nargothrond. And being destitute, without hope or counsel, he turned his feet thither.

That’s it, folks. That’s Beren’s big plan when he goes to Nargothrond. He’s got nothing except for the clothes on his back and some ring he took off his dead dad’s severed hand so he would have something to remember Barahir by. With no other options, he decides to use the ring to get into Nargothrond, because at the very least he could use a good meal and maybe some better gear.

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Wherever you go just always remember,
that you’ve got a home for now and forever,
and if you get low just call me whenever.
Wherever you go just always remember,
you’re never alone we’re birds of a feather,
and we’ll never change no matter the weather

so I’m really far from being a member of Beren’s fan club (pointlessly. escalating. the. Dwarf-Sindar war. by ambushing and slaughtering fleeing people.) but I really disagree with the character interpretation that it was abusive or manipulative of him to recruit Finrod for the Silmaril quest.

Like, yes, if someone has taken an oath that forces them to do whatever you ask of them, asking them to betray their other obligations and walk to certain death is a deeply wrong thing to do. The fact you’re also planning to walk to certain death doesn’t make it okay. But that’s not at all what’s going on here.

Finrod’s oath to Barahir was an oath of “abiding friendship and aid in every need to Barahir and all his kin”. It did not obligate him to do whatever Beren asked. He could have chosen to, say, convince Thingol to let the marriage happen, or give the newlyweds land in Nargothrond, or talk Beren out of the quest, or aid and supply Beren on the quest while advising against it. Finrod chose to accept the quest and go with Beren, but the oath definitely didn’t oblige him to do that and so Beren can’t be said to have coerced him into it. Even if we go with an interpretation of Tolkien’s world where oaths are impossible to break, the idea that Beren has the balance of power in this relationship is wrong. 

But once Beren realized the magnitude of what Finrod was sacrificing to help him, shouldn’t he have reconsidered and come up with a plan that didn’t throw Finrod and Finrod’s loyalists’ lives away? No! Because he had absolutely no way of knowing that was what they were doing! He knows the enemy is scary, but he’s gone toe-to-toe with it a thousand times and is still alive. I don’t think he realizes that they’re walking into their graves for him. I actually expect Finrod would have tried to keep that from him. And Finrod has a plan that sounds plausible (what does Beren know about the capabilities of Elves?) 

Beren is new to having other people around, to having obligations, to the ways people interact with each other. He’s been through hell a dozen times over. It’s simply not plausible that he understood the dynamics of what happened in Nargothrond well enough for it to make any sense to blame him for worsening it, or for sticking with his plan once people told him what it would cost them. Does he have a bad understanding of the world? Yes. Is his continued adherence to the quest (especially later, when he runs away from Lúthien to finish it), at enormous risk to the lives of the people who keep trying to protect him, a major character flaw? Yes!

But he didn’t manipulate the people who died for him. They made their own terrible life choices all by themselves.

|| Imagine being James’ best friend since you two were born, growing up across the street from each other and falling in love with each other more and more with every year that passed ||

James ambled into Y/N’s room for what was possibly the millionth time, walking into her wardrobe and finding the clothes he kept there for occasions such as that night.

Upon seeing the underwear he had left there three days prior laundered, James smiled to himself like a git, he knew that Y/N washed their clothes together but it always made him unexplainably happy to think of his underwear in a washing machine with hers and how innocently intimate it was.

James started to pull his clothes from his body lazily, dropping them into Y/N’s laundry hamper, sighing with the knowledge that their clothes being washed together was the most intimate that the two would every get.

They were just best friends, after all.

For seventeen years James and Y/N had known each other, and for seventeen years they had been friends- nothing more.

They were born mere minutes apart, their parents living across the road from each other, them being the only children on their street resulting in their fast friendship which stuck.

When James and Y/N were three years old, they had traded their favourite stuffed toys because Euphemia had caught them about to make a blood oath to cement their friendship and trading their favourite stuffed toys was the next best thing in their eyes.

Merlin knows how two three year olds got their hands on a thumb tack anyway…

The two still had each other’s stuffed animal they exchanged that day, James’ teddy on the pillows of Y/N’s bed and hers on his.

When they were ten years old, they got married with a full ceremony in James’ bedroom with their parents bearing witness to the ‘marriage’, James would give anything for that wedding to have been real now that he was older.

When they were eleven years old, James and Y/N had their first practice kiss so that when they met their first girlfriends and boyfriends they wouldn’t be clueless, James had pretended to need a lot more practice than he did but Y/N didn’t complain.

When they were fifteen years old, Y/N ran up to the Dormitory James shared at Hogwarts in the middle of the night because she had a nightmare. They shared James’ bed, James realising that with her sleeping soundlessly on his chest that he felt something more for his best friend.

When they were sixteen years old, Sirius and Y/N snogged in truth or dare, James struggling to contain his anger as another boy kissed his Y/N. Later that night, James walked past Y/N teasing Sirius about the kiss and Sirius doing the same, it being obvious that they were just friends.

When they were seventeen years old, James found himself pulling on his pyjamas in Y/N’s wardrobe, her laying on her bed and flicking through her new seventh year textbooks that she and James had collected from Diagon Alley earlier that day.

James exited Y/N’s wardrobe, his chest imploding upon seeing Y/N cuddling his teddy in another set of his pyjamas that he had left on one of the many occasions he had stayed the night. Y/N looked up from her new Potions textbook, smiling upon seeing James.

“Come cuddle, I’m tired.” Y/N invited, putting the book of her nightstand and pulling back the covers, patting the space beside her.

James pounced on the bed, pulling the covers up over both of them before wrapping Y/N up in his arms tightly, her manoeuvring the two so that she could rest her head on his chest.

“I’m going to miss this.” Y/N whispered against James’ chest, her sighing as soon as the words finished rolling off of her tongue.

James furrowed his eyebrows, looking at Y/N the best he could with her on his chest.

“What’s going on in that head, Y/N?” James inquired, a frown cementing itself upon his features.

Y/N blew out a long breath, “After this year, you and Sirius are going to train to be Aurors and I’m going to begin work in St. Mungo’s, we’ll rarely see each other.” She explained, finally making James aware of the permanent upset mood she seemed to always be in lately.

James sighed, reaching up to run his hand through Y/N’s Y/C/H, him wanting nothing more than to stay as they were forever. He knew that they would never go beyond their friendship, this was just platonic cuddling, but he knew that he would always want it to be more.

Another thing James didn’t know, was that Y/N reciprocated those feelings, not wanting to ruin a perfectly good friendship but being unable to deny that there were feelings beyond what a platonic friendship should evoke.

“Y/N, that’s not going to tear us apart, I’ll always make time for you- we’re married remember?” James assured her light heartedly, referring to their ceremony when they were younger.

Y/N laughed lightly, the reverberations rolling around James’ body, it bringing a smile to the boy’s handsome features.

“Okay, James, but if we get a divorce I want Sirius on the weekends.” Y/N bargained jokingly but ever so seriously at the same time.

James chuckled softly before nodding, “Deal.” He agreed breathlessly.

It was silent for a few moments, nothing but the two teenagers light breathing filling the room that was lit by the moonlight flooding in through Y/N’s window, them both content with simply being in each other’s company.

“Y/N?” James asked out of nowhere, his voice shaky.

Y/N hummed in reply, turning her head on his chest to look up at him, curious to see what James had to say after such a long silence in which he was obviously thinking deeply about something.

James seemed hesitant for a second before Y/N saw his eyes soften and become the most serious she had ever seen them, him leaning down and connecting their lips as they had done dozens of times before.

The sensation of James’ warm chapped lips melding against Y/N’s soft but cold ones was magical, Y/N applying pressure back as she steadied herself on James’ chest. James reached a hand up from beneath the covers to rub his thumb over Y/N’s cheek softly, the feather-like-touch memorable.

The two pulled away from the sweet but short kiss, their eyelashes fluttering open and tickling each other’s cheeks. James barely looked at Y/N before he closed his eyes again, nudging his nose with hers softly before pecking her lips again and then moving to her jawline.

Slowly and sensually, James pressed his warm lips down the line of Y/N’s jaw and then from the curve of her ear where it met her neck down to her collar bone, him pressing one last kiss on her shoulder before he met the girl’s eyes again in the semi-dark room.

“James…” Y/N whispered, keeping eye contact, “Please don’t tell me that this means nothing…” she murmured, her voice shaky.

James furrowed his eyebrows, his eyes following his hand as his fingers tucked Y/N’s hair behind her ear, his eyes returning to Y/N’s.

“It means everything.” James assured her softly, pressing his lips to hers again as if she was air and he was fire, her fuelling him to catch ablaze- the fire consuming them both.

James moaned against her lips, the most innocent of kisses being more intimate than anything either of them had every experienced.

“Marry me, Y/N, for real.” James murmured against her lips, his own pulling up into a hopeful smile.

Y/N nodded without hesitation, “Okay.” She agreed, pressing a kiss to James’ exposed chest.

James and Y/N were seventeen years old when they got engaged, the ceremony taking place the day after they graduated Hogwarts.

No one was surprised in the slightest.

The two had always been married, their souls married together from the first moment they laid eyes upon each other, maybe even before that…

I have to admit that I do understand the hostility that is directed towards Firestar. Though it doesn’t mean that I really agreed with it. I could see a bit of myself in Firestar, which was one of the main reasons for why I decided to voice her for a bit. But the preview for #42 just gave me much better insight into Firestar.

And why both her and Nautica are both kind of social outliers.

We have Nautica here, who is the character we want to see and we’re supposed to see. We have been treated to her social awkwardness around others for long enough to understand it pretty well.

And then we see immediately that she did not really conform to cultural pressure and society’s norms. It is pretty clear that her shyness and awkwardness is what held her back, not some rebellious streak that would cause most people to lash out against society in that way.

But why would Firestar lash out at her for being picked into the team looking for Cybertron?

Firestar was also a social outlier, though it was for different reasons than Nautica is. Maybe she doesn’t quite know how to relate to others, or she developed some bad conversational habits. But it ended up that no one liked Firestar enough to form Amica Endura bond with her, though it does seem to be that she’s at least socially more successful than Nautica.

So, before both Firestar and Nautica could be declared officially lonely by social standards, it is very well possible that Firestar would have practically ambushed Nautica and pressured her into that Oath of Constancy. It would have been easy anyway, Nautica, being shy and awkward to begin with wouldn’t really speak up against it to begin with.

But still, Firestar still lashed out at Nautica, and it is clear in their conversation at the dancefloor, Firestar still wants to treat Nautica in the demeaning way like back on Caminus. Calling her the old nickname she had before she was chosen for the mission, trying to elevate the others above her, talk more about herself rather than listening to Nautica.

It comes down to the social awkwardness the two of them share. Nautica chose to deal with it by not actually dealing with it, staying on the sidelines, allowing her shyness to overtake her and not participate in what society expected of her.

Firestar on the other hand did everything that was expected of her. She did everything and more, and tried to get attention for it. Look at me, I’m normal! Accept me! Yet no one really did. Outwards she is confident and outgoing but her personality flaws make her push everyone away to the point where she has to basically ambush the shy and malleable person into friendship oaths if she isn’t to become an outcast.

It would have been a terrible blow to her that the person who didn’t even try to conform to society got the honor of being part of the team to locate their homeworld.

The Ring of Barahir

The Ring of Barahir actually has a really interesting history!  It starts way, way back in the First Age, with Finrod Felagund, King of Nargothrond.  The ring was originally his, and he gave it to Barahir, Lord of the House of Beor.  They had fought together in the Dagor Bragollach, and Finrod was surrounded by enemies, but:

Barahir came up with the bravest of his men and rescued him, and made a wall of spears about him; and they cut their way out of the battle with great loss.  Thus Felagund escaped, and returned to his deep fortress of Nargothrond; but he swore an oath of abiding friendship and aid in every need to Barahir and all his kin, and in token of his vow he gave to Barahir his ring.

Barahir wore the ring until he died (he was killed by orcs who actually cut off his had to get the ring as proof of his death to Morgoth, but Beren retrieved it and took the ring).  When Beren met Luthien and was assigned his quest by Thingol, he found Finrod and asked him to help him in his quest which Finrod agreed to, paying his debt to Barahir.  The ring then past to Beren’s son Dior, then to Elwing, then to Elros and the kings of Numenor.  Tar-Elendil gave the ring to his oldest daughter Silmarien (you can read about that more in this post) and eventually ended up with Elendil in Middle Earth.  The ring became an heirloom to the kings of Arnor.  

The last king of Arnor, Arvedui, was wearing the ring when his kingdom fell to the Witch King.  He fled north to Forochel, and gave the ring to the leader of the Lossoth in gratitude to their hospitality, saying: 

This is a thing of worth beyond your reckoning.  For its ancestry alone.  It has no power, save the esteem in which those hold it who love my house.  It will not help you, if ever you are need, my kin will ransom it with great store of all that you desire.

The ring eventually returned to the Dunedain, but Tolkien doesn’t write any more about that event.  Centuries later, when Elrond tell young Aragorn about his heritage, he gives him the ring.  Finally, Aragorn gave the ring to Arwen to seal their betrothal.  

SOURCES: The Silmarilion, LotR Appendices 

Neo-Assyrian Cuneiform Tablet Telling the Legend of King Etana, 7th Century BC

Part of the library of King Ashurbanipal (r. 669-631 BC) at Nineveh, Iraq.

The story told on this tablet centers on Etana, a legendary king of the southern Mesopotamian city of Kish. The story goes like this:

An eagle has its nest in the branches of a tree while a snake nests at its base. The two animals swear an oath of friendship by Shamash, god of the sun and justice. They both raise their young, but the eagle eats the young snakes. The snake cries to Shamash who tells it to hide in the carcass of a dead wild bull. The eagle flies down to eat from the bull, but is seized by the snake, who ties its wings and throws it into a pit.

Meanwhile, Etana, a pious man, prays to Shamash for a son and the plant of life. Shamash tells Etana where to find the eagle, so that it can help him to find the plant. For seven months Etana teaches the eagle how to fly again. But the eagle is unable to find the plant, and suggests that they fly up to heaven to speak with the goddess Ishtar. Etana is frightened by the height they fly and they have to make several attempts at the journey.

We do not know whether they were successful, as unfortunately the rest of the text is missing and the end of the story is unclear. Versions of the legend are known from as early as the seventeenth century BC, but the story is certainly much older.


MIDDLE-EARTH MEME: [4/5 locations] Rohan

“Situated in the great pasture of land between the Misty Mountains and the White Mountains, Rohan was a great kingdom of Men. The people of Rohan referred to themselves as the Eorlingas, while those from other regions called them the Rohirrum. They became Gondor’s greatest ally when the first king, Eorl, swore an oath of friendship to them. Known best for their cavalry, Rohan proved their military prowess in countless battles such as Hornburg and the Battle of Pelennor Fields.”


i loved the ot7 scenes in the I Need U MVs and the idea of surrounding yourself with people that make you happy so i made a BTS mock MV to cher lloyd’s Oath a song all about friendship and it made me have lots of ot7 feels it’s a happier version of the mv ig lol

((i also used windows movie maker so it’s choppy sorry lol i’m not a professional okAY i also reused a few scenes cause i was running out oops ignore that too lol))

beebeebee333  asked:

i demand everything you know about richard, asbel, flynn, and yuri from asteria please i'm begging you

There’s a lot more details than on just those four (since everything is so interconnected, I had to explain a little bit from other stories to get to them) so I’ll put everything under a cut ‘cause it got long.

(Spoilers for Tales of Asteria)

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