There is a little house somewhere, surrounded by green cedar boughs, where we are eating oatcakes with honey, dipping them in our tea three times for good luck. Somewhere I am sitting with you in stillness.
—  Phoebe Wahl
Donegal Oatcakes

This traditional Irish recipe of Donegal Oatcakes, makes the best oatcakes I’ve ever eaten or baked. And you can enjoy them at tea, with wine and cheese, and not even just today. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!!

Ingredients (makes 40):

  • 1 ½ cup oats
  • 1 ½ cup whole-wheat flour
  • 1 tablespoon caster sugar
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 4 tablespoons lard, cut into small chunks
  • ¾ cup boiling water

On a large flat stone, using a smooth, oval-shaped sort of stone, coarsely grind oats. You could use a food processor, but it’s less fun!

In a large bowl, combine coarsely ground oats, whole-wheat flour, sugar and salt. Rub in lard, until pea-size crumbles form. Using a wooden spoon, stir in boiling water, until dough comes together. Knead lightly and tip it out onto a parchment paper sheet. Press another parchment paper sheet on top and flatten. Using a rolling pin, roll dough out until a bit thicker than a pound coin.

Remove top parchment paper sheet, and cover rolled out dough with a tea towel. Let sit, an hour, to dry a bit.

Line a baking sheet with reserved parchment paper sheet. Preheat oven to 250°F/125°C. 

With a cookie cutter, cut out oatcakes and place on the baking sheet, re-rolling scraps until no dough remains.

Bake at 250°, for 1 hour and fifteen minutes, until golden brown and just crisp. The longer they bake, the more enhanced their flavour will be. Remove from the oven, and let cool slightly.

Serve Donegal Oatcakes with butter and Marmalade, cheese and craft beer or wine, or whatever else takes your fancy. Happy Saint Paddy’s!!

I’ve been playing around with making my own oatcakes (cause a lot of the ones you can buy in stores have been adulterated with wheat and potato starch and sodium fucking benzoate of all things) and I think I’ve finally hit on the right ratio for savory seasoning, but also I’ve managed to make a sweet version too and oh, oh it’s the first sweet thing I’ve had in weeks and it’s heaven. Crumbly, sweet heaven. 

In My Veins

Inspired my “In My Veins” by Andrew Belle

Otabek couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment Yuri had entered his mind and consumed his every thought, his eyes appearing in front of Otabek whenever he closed his eyes, the sound of Yuri’s voice the sweetest and most beautiful thing he’d ever heard.

Otabek couldn’t explain the feelings in his chest whenever he looked at Yuri, at the carefree smile that danced across his lips whenever he saw a cat or something he liked, a random sweater with a tiger on it that would look tacky on anyone but him. He couldn’t explain the ache he felt whenever they had to part ways, say goodbye at yet another airport in some city on the other end of the world, the miles between their homes ripping them apart. He couldn’t explain the longing that made him feel like he was drowning whenever they couldn’t talk because his wi-fi died once again or Yuri was too tired after Yakov and Lilia worked him to pieces.

Otabek couldn’t put the feelings he felt into words, ones he felt for Yuri like he was the center of his world, the only light in a starless night wrapping him in darkness, the lighthouse guiding him through harsh waters during a storm. There were no words that could explain the way he felt whenever they kissed or Yuri touched his skin, the way he felt when Yuri told him some kind of story, his voice cheerful and animated, sprinkled with more curse words Otabek had ever heard in a single paragraph before that still made it all sound like beautiful poetry.

Yuri was in his mind, his heart, the fire running through his veins. He was everything, anything, more than he could have ever hoped for, more than he would’ve ever dared to ask for. Yuri held his hearts in his hands like it was the most precious and delicate thing he’d ever seen, his eyes full of soft fondness, his words so painfully genuine they threatened to rip him to shreds.

Yuri was the beginning, the end, and everything in between, the sun, the moon and all the stars on the sky, the most beautiful melody and the finest piece of art worth more than any amount of money imaginable.

He was the one thing that would one day burn him, consume him in flames and leave nothing but ashes in its wake, but Otabek didn’t care. He would gladly risk the pain if it meant he could spend just a little more time with Yuri by his side, see him smile one more time, hear him say his name breathlessly, and run his fingers softly across his skin. 

A quiet is here a calm is here a stillness is here. I was jumpy and I let it I was nervous and I let it I was angry and I let it. Then a way sat down in the rocker and looked at me, all haphazard and charming and silly.

Dear heart messy heart I will comfort you. I will console the ache and stone of it, I will pull you by the hand away and to.

The oatcakes nearly made themselves, so anxious for orderly so wanting to be soothed. These diamonds, they are widening diamonds. These minutes, they are the expanding kind, opening in, opening out, opening through.

its-a-goddamn-heartbreak  asked:

For Gang 3, favourite drink, favourite food, favourite place, favourite memory

Oooh hoo, I love these! 

Favourite Drink- (I’ve included both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks!)

Damian: Alcoholic: He likes red wine. Non-alcoholic: He is a coffee drinker, but he likes coca-cola too. 
Cain: Alcoholic: Cocktails - Mojito is his fav. Non-alcoholic: Either lemonade or tea.
Jenna: Alcoholic: She doesn’t really like alcohol. Non-alcoholic: Hot chocolate.
Jesse: Alcoholic: He likes a pale rum.  Non-alcoholic: Dr Pepper
Zara: Alcoholic: She’ll pretty much drink anything alcoholic. Non-alcoholic: Coffee, definitely. 
Aleksander: Alcoholic: Vodka, definitely.  Non-alcoholic: He has to avoid caffeine and most of the time, but he does like tea/herbal tea, and sparkling water.
Murray: Alcoholic: His fav is rose wine. Non-alcoholic: Orange cordial. 

Favourite Food -

Damian: He’s found these gluten free oatcakes that he absolutely loves. 
Cain: Pasta, pretty much any sort (he always felt guilty because of Damian). 
Jenna: Pretty much anything she can eat, food is more of a chore than anything for her
Jesse: Chocolate cake, without a doubt. 
Zara: Of all time, she loves pomegranate. 
Aleksander: He loves cheese but it pretty much always triggers his CVS so he can’t eat it very often. 
Murray: He’s got a proper sweet tooth, he loves jelly sweets and gummies (but he tries to be v good because of his dancing). 

Favourite place - (I wasn’t sure whether you meant like small scale or larger, so I’ve done both)

Damian: In small terms he loves being in the hospital on placement because its just where he has always wanted to be. On a larger scale, he once visited Wales as a child and he’s kinda thought he might move there after uni. 
Cain: The library is his fav small place… Actually Cain loves the city he currently lives, Edinburgh, he’s just really comfortable there. 
Jenna: She loves being in the fabric store at university. Apart from that she loves being out in the countryside in nature, it gives her ideas. 
Jesse: His fav place is his local skatepark, he just feels really free there. He loves his hometown too, cause it’s busy and bustling and the atmosphere is super. 
Zara: Her current favourite place is the gym cause it’s where she does her training. Her favourite anywhere place is Saudi Arabia where she lived for some of her childhood when her dad was posted out there. 
Aleksander: In the armchair in his bedroom. Overall, there is a church in Swidnica that is very special to him. 
Murray: Small scale, the dance studio where he works in. He has a very love/hate relationship with the isle of Orkney. 

Favourite memory - 

Damian: Ever since Damian was about four all he ever wanted to be was a doctor. He worked so hard all through school, and did everything he possibly could to achieve his goal. He was so incredibly nervous when he applied for university, and when he received an unconditional acceptance letter to study medicine he honestly couldn’t believe it. (He actually broke down a little bit and cried because he was just so happy). 
Cain: Cain’s happiest memory was when he was about six years old. Saturday mornings were the family’s lazy time - so he, four year old Eden and two year old Silas would get up and put the tv on. And he’d be able to hear his parents chatting as they woke up and got dressed, and they sounded really happy - and that’s what he remembers. 
Jenna: She was very quiet as a child and used to blend into the background a lot, one of her happiest memories was when she was in primary 5. She was adamant that she wanted to make her own costume for World Book Day, and her mum let her. She worked for nearly two weeks in the run up and stitched a dress like Violet Baudelaire’s from A Series of Unfortunate Events, and all of her class were astounded. She won best costume in her class and everyone wanted to know how she’d made it and thought she was so cool!
Jesse: Jesse’s happiest memory was when he was seven and his brother Callum was twelve. They were on holiday in Spain and their dad was teaching them to dive at the poolside, and Jesse managed to learn quicker than Callum. Perhaps it’s trivial but he really cherishes that memory. 
Zara: Receiving her Master Cadet Army Proficiency Certificate - she was so fucking proud of herself and all the hard work she’d put into it, and it was just one step closer to her intention to join the army. 
Aleksander: Aleksander is pretty sure his happiest memory is one he’s created in his head… He remembers going to the park when he was very young with Mykhail and his mum - he remembers holding his mum’s hand and it was warm. He recalls her tightening the scarf around his neck and putting on his mittens and then sending him off to play. 
Murray: He vividly remembers the first time that his dad came to one of his dance shows. He’d always felt like his dad disapproved and he was sad about not living up to his expectations, but after the show his dad said he was proud of him - and Murray thought his heart was about to burst.

Analysis of Politicians’ (supposed) Favourite Biscuits

David Cameron

What he said: Oatcakes with cheese

Analysis: Part of Tory policy to change party image. Trying to appeal to middle class “socially liberal but economically conservative” health conscious voter. Sort of person who shops in Waitrose.

Gordon Brown

What he said: Anything with chocolate, but answered 24 hours after being asked the question

Analysis: Cautious. Worried about effect of wrong answer on his image. Probably really does like chocolate biscuits though.

Owen Smith

What he said: Loves biscuits, especially custard creams. As a child liked garibaldis because they were named after a revolutionary.

Analysis: This is a carefully planned answer. Love of biscuits is relatable, and custard creams are used to portray him as a man of the people, since they are not too fancy or obscure. Name drops garibaldis to try and appeal to those disatisfied with his otherwise centrist stance without actually having to commit to any policies.

Jeremy Corbyn

What he said: Thinks sugar is bad, but enjoys shortbread if forced.

Analysis: Brief attempt at public relations (is it cool to hate sugar now? he wonders) followed by backpeddling. Choice of the easily home-baked shortbread is in keeping with Corbyn’s character.

Mhairi Black, Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond

What they said: Tunnock’s caramel wafer

Analysis: Party policy?

Sadiq Khan

What he said: Milk chocolate hobnobs

Analysis: Honestly I think he just likes hobnobs.

nerdyninjaprincess  asked:

No rice?! No cheese? You poor deprived thing you. (Obviously kidding but that does seriously suck hard core) I love rice man. I'll eat just straight up rice sometimes.

I actually react more violently to it than wheat, which is saying something. It’s not so bad, honestly. I mean it’s a pain in the ass and I can never eat out ever again, but I’m alive and I’ve got caramel coated oatcakes right now so I’m fucking dandy.

quinfirefrorefiddle replied to your post “darantei replied to your photoset “Salted caramel sauce ������ As…”

What are the laws in MN about straight-from-cow milk? Because it’s the processing that continually seems to mess with you. If necessary I might be able to scare up some contacts for you nearer to the Cities if you need access to more… direct… milk.

Sweet as your offer is I’m terrified my body wouldn’t be able to cope with raw milk and so are my doctors. Most people are healthy enough to fight off the small amounts of bacteria in raw milk but given how fragile my whole gut is, I’d rather not risk possible listeria or e-coli for the sake of being able to dunk my oatcakes in…tempting as it is >_>

I’m attempting organic only milk and butter right now, and so far it’s been going down better than previous attempts so…fingers crossed?

lisslynae replied to your photoset “Salted caramel sauce ������ As an added bonus I had just enough left…”

Pls pls pls give me your recipe for oat cakes. Cause at this point I’m assuming you have enough food issues that if you can eat it, I can, and the while sugar coma thing sounds fab

I’m getting ETD to film it for my next patreon recipe, which I will upload in a hurry for you <3 

(Don’t need to be a subscriber to see those, the ingredients for those posts are just bought via patreon funds, hence patreon recipes)

Can you eat dairy? I know some people with celiac struggle with dairy so if you do I will make a wheat/dairy free version too…which, actually never mind I’ll just do it anyway, then all my allergy friends can enjoy oatcakes with me. 


I’ve been tinkering with this recipe for a bit. I just wanted a simple mostly-oat based biscuit / cracker to have with cheese. This seems to work.

I did it in the food processor. Those who are processor-less will want to cut the butter into the flour mixture by hand. NB: The cups are normal US 8-fluid-ounce cups: I didn’t bother converting for metric while I was working. The proportions should theoretically work in either imperial or metric as long as you use the same size cup for everything.)

Recipe’s under the cut

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